flea pest control melbourne

Flea Pest Control Melbourne

Flea infestation

Fleas are 6 legged parasitic insects, that can transport by jumping here and there. They can be found hiding in the fur of pets like dogs and cats. A single flea can stay for 2-3 months on a single host until it dies. Fleas are comparatively tougher than ticks and not that easy to kill due to their ability to move quickly. Melbourne Pest Control Services is the best choice for you to get rid of fleas with there Flea Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

They are similar to ticks as they also dine on their host for their survival. They multiply rapidly in the presence of favorable conditions and a good supply of healthy blood of your pets. So always call for professionals to get flea removal services. To get the best pest control services in Melbourne you must call us for help.

Fleas are not just bad for your pets but also for you and the damages they can cause to you are stated below :

flea pest control melbourne
  • Allergic reactions
  • Redness
  • Boils
  • Rashes
  • Itching
  • Irritation on skin

Signs and symptoms

Here are some symptoms stated that will help you identify fleas’ presence.

  • Pets scratching irritating all the time
  • Pets losing their hair more often
  • Fleabites from time to time
  • Skin allergies on your body
  • Spotting of fleas and larvae
  • Itching skin with redness


Melbourne Pest Control Services workers are professionals that use the best techniques and methods to control fleas problem. Only the best of all the methods are used by our flea killers for the yard. Both of these methods are explained below. Mainly 2 methods are used by us which are namely chemical and non-chemical methods :

Non-chemical methods

These methods are used when the infestation is at its beginning as at the beginning its easy to control without the involvement of chemicals. Following are some non-chemical techniques used by Melbourne Pest Control Services:

  • Vacuum cleaning:

An industrial use vacuum cleaner I used by our flea terminators to completely remove all fleas along with their eggs from your premise.

  • Steam cleaning:

As it is well known that fleas cant withstand high temperature so steam kills them and removal of steam helps in removing the corpses of fleas along with water.

  • Natural oils:

The fragrance of these oils are good for us but very lethal for pests and it forces them to go out of your home.

  • Deep cleaning of pets

Pets are the place that fleas feed on and spend their whole life on them. So deep cleaning of pets helps in killing them very easily.

  • High/low temperature

By increasing the temperature above 35° C it becomes very easy to kill them as it becomes unbearable for them to survive.

flea pest control

Chemical methods

If the non-chemical methods are not effective in killing the pests at that point chemical methods are used to kill and get rid of fleas. The chemical methods are the last resort for making your home pest free.

The chemical-based techniques and methods used by Melbourne Pest Control Services are:

  • Granular liquid concentrate
  • Repellant powders, shampoos, and creams
  • Diatomite or borax
  • Aerosol flea control
  • Fogging

Why call us for help

There are many flea terminators present in Melbourne but Melbourne Pest Control Services is one of those who not only concentrate on killing fleas but in addition to that look at the satisfaction level of our customers as your well-being and satisfaction are our main objective. The methods used by us as well as the amount that we charge are best for you and your pocket so next time is you wanna get pest control services in Melbourne call us.