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Termite Pest Control Melbourne

Termites Infestation:

Termites are the pest that causes great damage to your home or premises. These creepy pests are the social insects as they live in a group and also raise their young as a group. Termites are also known as silent destroyers as they can easily destroy the wood and the wood-based structure. hire our Termite Pest Control Service in Melbourn

termite pest control

Types of Termites:

In Melbourne, there are normally four types of termites that cause great damage to the home or office infrastructure, etc. These are

  1. Dry wood termites
  2. Damp wood termites
  3. Formosan termites
  4. Subterranean termites

Signs of Termite Infestation:

One can easily find out whether their house or premises is infested by termites or not by inspecting the following signs in the home or office premises.

  • Seeing damaged wood of doors or windows
  • Finding wood-based material damaged
  • Finding mud tubes near the home’s foundation
  • Presence of flying termites in the home or premises
  • Discoloured or drooping drywall
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Damaged stored items like books, etc.

Damages they cause:

Termites do great damage to wood and cellulose-based materials as they survive on these materials. They cause damage to

  • Boxes
  • Wood
  • Books
  • Plants
  • Paper products
  • Fabric
  • Carpet and rugs, etc.
professional termite pest control

Why professional pest control services:  

Normally termites are not an easy pest and can’t be removed easily. But hiring the professional services makes it easy to remove these pests as they

  • Provide 100% guaranteed services
  • Have effective tools and equipment
  • Have proper knowledge about termites and termite infestation
  • Also, offer post-inspection services
  • Ensure proper removal of termites

Effective services Melbourne Pest Control provides:

Melbourne Pest Control Services provides the best expert services to control and eliminate the termite infestation. There are various effective services that our professional experts offered to our customers to make their home termites infestation-free. Some of these expert services are

  • Termite treatments
  • Termite control services
  • Termite inspection services in Melbourne
  • Termite prevention services
  • Termite removal services
  • Termite pillar services, etc.

The method we use:

Our experts use chemical and non-chemical methods for termite control. Melbourne Pest Control Services use every effective method to make your home termite-free.

Chemical methods

Our experts try each possible effective method to make your home termite infestation-free. They use the following different chemical method:

  • Termite baits: Under this method, the professionals use termite bait contains wood or cellulose-based materials that attract all the termites and kill the termite. It is one of the effective methods of killing and removing termites.
  • Termite traps: Our professionals use Termite traps or termites monitoring stations at different places to attract and kill the termites. Termites normally live in nests underground and are difficult to track that’s why our experts use termite traps.
  • Termite spray: Our trained experts also use different chemical spray to remove termites from the wood or wood base material of home or premises.
  • Liquid termiticide: Our trained experts use various liquid termiticides to remove and kill the termites. There are various liquid termiticides that our professional experts to kill termites. These all diffrent chemical solutions are properly safe and do not harm to things and house.

Non-chemical methods

In addition to all these chemical methods Melbourne Pest Control Services uses various non-chemical methods to improve the appearance of your house and make it more termites infestation-free.

  • Eliminating wood contract with the ground
  • Wood prevention treatments
  • Vacuum cleaning of the home or office premises
  • Sunlight to stock moisture, etc.

Why choose us:

Melbourne Pest Control Services provide the best termite control services in Melbourne. Our experts not only kill the termites but also ensure that in future they do not cause or spread any damage in your home or premises. Melbourne Pest Control Services also provide 24×7 hours of services at affordable rates according to the convince of the customers.