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Wasp Pest Control Melbourne

Wasp infestation:

A wasp is an insect of Hymenoptera order which includes more than 150,000 species of insects. Wasps have 2 wings and biting mouthparts and also one or two antennae on their top. They attack in the day time and at night go back to their nests. In Australia there are more than 10,000 species of wasp are found out of which most of the wasps are dangerous. Melbourne Pest Control are here to protect your family from wasp infection.

wasp pest control

There are 4 types of wasps that cause wasps infestation. These are

  1. European wasps
  2. Paper wasps
  3. Yellow jackets wasps

Out of these European wasps are more aggressive and dangerous.

Wasp life cycle:

It includes 4 stages:

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupate
  4. Adult

Wasp nest:

It is the small home of wasp which is made by them and then lives in it. It is mostly found in the summertime. Slowly these nests become huge and the number of wasps increases in the nest and these wasps can become very dangerous. These wasp nests can be easily found

  • In sheds
  • In roof
  • In garages
  • Behind shutters
  • Near windows, etc..

Wasp sting:

A single wasp string can be very harmful as it carries poisonous material or substance which enters into the human body through the string. Normally wasp sting is not much harmful but sometimes it can result in serious illness.

wasp pest control

Normal damage that wasp sting can cause are:

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Pain, etc.

Serious harmful damage that wasp sting can cause are:

  • Skin infection
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing difficulty, etc.

Signs of wasp infestation in your home or premises:

One can find that whether their home or office premises are infected by the wasps or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

  • Seeing flying wasps in your home or premises
  • Seeing or finding a wasp nest
  • Spotting larvae crawling in the room
  • Wasp string on human or family member
  • Observing the flying path of returning wasp
  • Saw sand-like particles in home corners and other places

Services offered by Melbourne Pest Control Services:

Melbourne Pest Control Services provides easy and the best expert services to control and eliminate the wasp infestation. Melbourne pest control Services experts offer following different expertise pest control services.

  • Wasp nest removal services
  • Wasp removal services
  • Wasp exterminators services
  • Wasp control services
  • Wasp pest control services, etc.

Methods use by Melbourne Pest Control Services:

Our experts use chemical and non- chemical methods for wasp and wasp infestation control. Melbourne Pest Control Services use every effective and the best method to make your home and office premises wasp-free.

Chemical methods

Our experts try each possible effective method to make your home wasp infestation-free.

  1. Wasp trap: As the nest of the wasp can be very dangerous. Wasp trap is used by professionals. For wasp removal our experts first prefer wasp trap. Wasp traps attract and kill most of the wasp. It has a sticky surface where the wasp gets stuck in and then dies.
  2. Soda bottle trap: This method can be used to distract the wasp from their nest. So that their nest can be removed by our expert easily without any harm. Under this method a soda bottle that carries some sweet substance is changed near the nest to attract the wasps.
  3. Boric acid: This chemical is used to kill pests. It is one of the most common methods which are used for various pest removals. Our professional uses it in the form of powder for a wasp control and wasp nest removal.
  4. Wasp killer and wasp nest removal kit: We also provide wasp killer and wasp nest removal kit with proper instruction and guidelines to stop future wasp infestation.
  5. Essential oil for wasp removal: Some time our professionals also use essential oils to kill wasp and to make your premises wasp-free.

Non-chemical methods:

In addition to all these chemical methods Melbourne Pest Control Services uses various non-chemical methods to improve the appearance of your house and make it more infestation free.

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Carrying out regular maintenance
  • Steam cleaning
  • Airtight packing wasp nest removal
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of the house, etc.

Why choose us:

Melbourne Pest Control Services provide a 100% guaranteed wasp control and wasp removal services. Our experts not only kill the wasps but also ensure that in future they do not cause or spread any damage. Melbourne Pest Control Services also provide 24×7 hours of services at affordable rates even as per according to customers requirement.