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Tick Pest Control Melbourne

Tick infestation

Ticks are parasitic insects that just like any other parasite relies on a host to feed and survive. A few can be of no harm at the start but over time, they can be a real pain. They can multiply very quickly so it becomes very important to eliminate them as soon as possible. To protect them hire our tick pest control service in Melbourne.

When it comes to their feeding habits, they can consume up to 8x more than their body size and imagine hundreds of ticks feeding all together on a pet, it can be very harmful to you and your pets. That’s why pest control becomes very important to get rid of these ticks.

Signs and symptoms

Following are mentioned some of the signs and symptoms that will help you in determining whether there’s a need to get tick pest control services in Melbourne:

  • Pets scratching themselves more often than usual
  • Allergic reactions
  • Spotting ticks on carpet or clothes
  • Small and red marks of bites
  • Itching on the body of people in the home
  • Pets losing their hair


There are so many methods to get rid of ticks from your premise but Melbourne Pest Control Services use the best out of all the methods available to take care of tick’s infestation. The methods are divided into two parts which are discussed below:

  1. Chemical methods
  2. Non-chemical methods
  • Non-Chemical methods

The most used methods of ticks killing are non-chemical methods. These methods are the ones that take care of ticks’ problems without the use of any synthetic chemical substances. Following are mentioned some of the non-chemical methods:

  1. Natural oils: the smell of these oils work as a repellant for ticks
  2. Steam cleaning: it instantly kills all the ticks due to high heat
  3. Cleaning the pets: pets are the carrier of ticks so they are cleaned to kill ticks
  4. Vacuum cleaning: it is used to remove ticks by sucking them off the surface using vacuum
  5. Changing temperature: high temperature kills the ticks instantly
  6. Cleaning of lawn: lawns and bushes are the places where many species of tics stay hidden
  • Chemical methods

These methods are used when an infestation is really out of hand and it becomes difficult to terminate ticks using non-chemical methods. Chemical methods are the last resort to kill ticks

  1. Granular liquid concentrate:

It is a very thick substance that is applied on the surface and when removed, it takes away ticks with it.

  1. Diatomaceous earth:

This substance is applied on the infected surface and as it dries out the surface of ticks, which removes moisture from the surface of their skin and ends up killing them.

  1. Repellent, powders, creams, etc.:

Special creams and repellents are used to clean the infected area as a result it cleans the area and also kills the ticks along with other pests.

  1. Fogging:

It is spraying poisonous smoke inside the home. When ticks inhale these chemicals, they end up dying. It is the most effective method of tics termination.

Why choose us

Melbourne Pest Control Services are the best in providing tic control services. If you want to get the best pest control services in Melbourne then you should call us. The non-chemical and chemical methods used by Melbourne Pest Control Services always ensure that you get satisfaction by killing each pest present in your home. Our main aim is to give you satisfaction by giving you a tick’s free premise at the lowest prices possible. Call us now if you have a pest problem in your home.