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Why Call Professional Pest Control Service to Get Rid of Bull Ants?

Although there are multiple dangerous species of ants in Australia, the ones that you must look for are the bull ants. They get their name from their size as well as their ruthless behavior. Bull ants are dangerous for humans as well as other animals as they are equipped with large mandibles, which they use to bite their prey, and have a tremendously high amount of bite force too. But their mandibles are not the only arsenal they’ve got, another thing that they pack with them is their stinger that can sting multiple times and administers a huge amount of venom every time they sting.

So if you have a beautiful garden and there are lots of flowers there, then before you grab your cup of lemonade or tea and lie down in the garden, thoroughly check the area and make sure that there are no bull ants there, as they can turn your world upside down in merely seconds. Look properly over the leaves of plants and the flowers as those are the places where their favorite prey, bees, come for feeding and get attacked by bull ants. As soon as you find these ants in your garden, you must grab your phone and call Melbourne Pest Control for ant pest control, as soon as possible. But first, you must know what do they look like, to detect them in the first place.


Bull ants are very big. They can range from around the size of a nail up to 2 inches.They have an elongated and thin thorax, brown in color andblack abdomen, pointy at the rear end. They have huge eyes that can spot enemies from a far distance. Their mandibles are long and have tremendous biting power. Their legs are also quite long for their size.

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Places of infestation

Unlike other ants, bull ants will not penetrate your house in search of food as they only prefer living in open areas, where they can easily dig through the ground and build their nest without any disturbance. They have no problem finding food. Due to their big size, they can easily kill other insects and arrange their food so they will never get inside your home. So the question arises, where to look for these stubborn ants. These ants will be found in the areas :

  • Garden
  • Backyard
  • Old tree trunk
  • Rotten wood
  • Patio, etc.

How to get rid

You might think that it’s quite easy to get rid of ants on your own, but not in the case of bull ants. Many people tend to look for DIY techniques but you will be surprised to know that bull ants cant be killed by using the home remedies, that you will find on the internet. There are multiple reasons for that but the most prominent reason is that their nest is very huge and is scattered in different directions. So you make kill ants in one part of the nest but all the other parts are intact. Using DIY techniques will only waste your time and sometimes it may also damage your property. Overall this will be harmful to you to make these ants disappear from your property. The only thing that you could and should do is call Melbourne Pest Control for ant lest control in Melbourne.

Why Call Professional Pest Control Service to Get Rid of Bull Ants?

You must be thinking what’s so special about hiring professionals or why they are your best shot against bull ants. Many are of opinion that instead of hiring professionals they will use traditional methods or lay some traps for killing ants. But they are unaware of the fact that how dangerous these bull ants are and how much damage they can cause if not controlled in time.

Melbourne Pest Control is among those ant control companies that have made their name by hard work and skill full work. The chemicals and other substances, that are being used for ant extermination are properly tested and approved by the government. The products that Melbourne Pest Control professionals use are top-notch and do not affect the surrounding area or other creatures in your backyard. Within a few hours they will be done and by the end of that each n every bull ant will be taken care of properly. Here are some additional benefits that you will get by hiring Melbourne Pest Control for the extermination of bull ants:

  • It will be time-saving for you as the workers know exactly what to do and they do it in a systematic way which ensures the work is completed in the shortest time possible.
  • They will take care of only those pests that will be harmful to either you or your property. Other microbes and organisms that are essential for your garden and backyard won’t be affected.
  • The overall cost of doing the extermination will be higher if you try doing it on your own as you would have to get every chemical and equipment separately, whereas Melbourne Pest Control workers have access to all that stuff in advance.
  • In the end, they will thoroughly check and clean every corner so that no trace of chemicals used are left, as they could be harmful if not cleaned properly.
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So overall, you will agree that to get rid of ants, Melbourne Pest Control is your best shot and you must get in touch with them as soon as you find any sort of infestation taking place at your property. No matter what kind of pests you have at your property or whats the extent of the infestation is, Melbourne Pest Control workers will thoroughly check the property and then take the appropriate corrective measures to make your property pest-free. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal in this company and for delivering that Melbourne Pest Control does whatever needs to be done.

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