Why are mosquitoes so dangerous?

The little fly mosquitoes are the most dangerous pest among the household pests which tends to pose a serious threat of all times. Mosquitoes act as kind of reservoirs for various disease-causing pathogens. Once they become the carrier of some disease even a single bite from them can lead to transfer it into other beings including humans. For instance, the West Nile virus disease has become one of the deadliest diseases in the world being spread across by these mosquito vectors. It was in the year 1999 that this disease variant was detected among the population in the US. Another major concern which gets associated while dealing with the mosquito ‘related diseases is that majority of the disease being spread by the mosquitoes does not have medication and are found to only rely on the vaccination terms. With the increasing threat, it poses to the community as a whole “World mosquito day” is also commemorated on August, 20th to bring awareness about the vector and the deadly disease reservoir it acts for.

Well, while we say that mosquitoes are dangerous few facts which could suffice the same are:

  1. As per WHO, mosquitoes are the primary carrier for various life-threatening disease including malaria. Over on average in one-year mosquitoes infects about 300-600 million people.
  2. The number of death associated with malaria and dengue respectively are over 400,000 to 22,000 across the world
  3. The mosquitoes infecting people is the most threatening organism to cause a similar disease-causing tendency to any other organism
  4. According to WHO, almost 50% of the world population is at the risk of being infected by malaria

Where are mosquitoes found?

Mosquitoes are one of the most common insects which can be easily spotted in our immediate surroundings. The nuisance and the distress which is being created by the mosquitoes are indeed numerous. The mosquitoes are usually found to thrive more in warm, dampen environment. The breeding tendency of mosquitoes results in a cumbersome procedure to tackle them constructively. On average, a female mosquito is capable of laying about 3000 eggs in a week. Moreover, be it any stagnant water near your backyards or lawn, those can be easily converted into the potential breeding grounds by the mosquitoes.

Concerns associated with mosquitoes

Mosquito’s bites: The widespread Dangers of a mosquito bite are many. The bite of the mosquito poses one of the greatest threats to human life. Mosquitoes on biting are found to pierce the skin through the sharp needle-like tube. The insertion in the skin releases a blood-clotting enzyme and helps the mosquito to suck the blood thereby also contributing to the advent of fatal disease-causing pathogens.

Allergic manifestation: One of the greatest manifestations of the mosquito bite is the development of allergic reactions. The bite is generally accompanied by loss of sensation, itching as well as burning sensation in severe cases. Not only has this, in case of the hypersensitive patient this phenomenon can lead develop into more exaggerate formed leads to the severity and even death.

Mosquitoes transmit dreadful diseases

As been already mentioned, Mosquitoes are one of the most common carriers of the varied deadly disease. It includes a wide range of bacterial, protozoa disease and many more. The wide set of species of mosquito allows it to feed on the host and carry the pathogens to severe diseases; with this, the immediate question arises. What disease do mosquitoes carry? Scroll down more to learn about few such dreadful diseases which the mosquitos contribute to spreading:

 Malaria: Malaria comprises to be the most frequent disease associated with the mosquitoes. Though this disease is caused by a protozoa pathogen the mosquito (Female anopheles) vector plays a huge role to amplify the effect. In severe cases, it includes fever, headache and recurring episodes of fever and chills. The protozoa Plasmodium viva gets highly multiplied in the infectious person that could lead to having an effect on the vital organs including the death of the patient.

Dengue fever: Once cited among the most dreadful disease worldwide. This disease remains to be mosquito vector-borne in nature as well. Starting from the hemorrhagic fever and then resulting in joint pains the disease is highly developing in nature with a high incidence of death rates too.

Zika virus: This highly and recently developed a strain of the vector mosquitoes is even more potential in its effect as competing to any other infectious disease. The disease is generally characterized by the severe brain damage it causes to the infectious patients. Early symptoms of the disease are generally accompanied with joint pain, rashes, redness of eyes and sore throat. The virus also got up thrust due to the severe condition it created in Brazil in the late 1950s where the outbreak caused death to a wide population.

Yellow fever. The yellow fever strain is also a mosquito-transmitted disease. The symptoms of the disease are generally found to occur nearly in one week. Each year this dreadful disease is found to lead a devastating effect to the lives of about 60,000 people and counting.

 Having cited the various diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, to name a few more would include Chikanguniya, Lymphatic filariasis, encephalitis and many more. Last but not the least having learnt about all these serious threats being posed by the mosquitoes it becomes important to also look towards the preventive and remedial measure associated with the same.

Effective prevention:

While it comes to the remedial action plan against the mosquitoes, the most prominent to devise is the efficient usage of pesticides to be used especially upon the larva of the mosquitoes. This shall directly target the outnumbering of the adult mosquitoes and also preventing them from any kind of serious outbreak. In another situation, one can always seek the best of professional assistance on pest control. Mosquito pest control Melbourne service is one of them is highly recommended to get rid of mosquitoes with pre and post-treatment session as well. Let your surroundings be pest free for a healthy environment in and around.

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