Why am I getting maggots in my house?

Some people think of maggots as an insect that starts emerging out of thin air as they are unknown to the fact that maggots are nothing more than a larva of flies. A single fly can produce about 2000 eggs, so you can visualize why there suddenly are so many maggot spotting’s around your home. These maggots have to eat continuously to develop and for that reason flies lay their eggs on things like rotting food, flesh, or garbage, where the maggots can have a steady source of food for proper nourishment.

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Do maggots come out at night?

There’s a big misconception about maggots and it’s that maggots come out at night. No, maggots can come out at any time no matter if it’s day or night as flies lay eggs throughout the day but the eggs hatch the next day so people think that maggots came to their home during night time. Those maggots were already there in your surrounding but you can’t see them as they were in egg form. Another fact is that maggots are very tiny at first, mostly 2-5 mm but with time they grow up to 18 mm. And that’s when you start to notice them in your surroundings.

What causes maggots in the house?

There’s not just a single thing that causes maggots at your home. There are so many things due to which there will be maggots in your home. Melbourne Pest Control is listing here major things that you should look forward to if you want to prevent them from appearing in your home:

  • Cracks and holes: most important thing is to keep flies away from your home as they are the origin of maggots. Seal away any king of holes or cracks from where flies can enter your home.
  • Uncovered food: if you leave food outside and uncovered, then flies will lay their eggs in them. Store your food in containers with lids on or place your food inside the fridge, so that no flies can reach your food and that’s how you will prevent maggots from appearing in your home.
  • Pet food: Don’t let your pet’s food sit around overnight in their dish, otherwise you might find larvae in it. Always empty their dish before serving them fresh food. Cover their dishes whenever they are not in use.
  • Garbage: Remove trash regularly as flies most often go there in search of food. If garbage is not emptied and flies lay eggs in them, then maggots will appear in the garbage and as a result, they will scatter in search of food.
  • Pet droppings: your pet’s poop also serves as a decent breeding area for maggots so always clean your pet’s mess after they’ve finished their job.
  • Dead animals: the corpse of rodents might also serve as a breeding ground for flies as the rotting meat serves as the best source of food for maggots. Sometimes rodents die in your attics or garages and your nose is unable to spot their rotting smell and as a result, flies lay their eggs on them and eventually maggots take over that area.
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What kills maggots instantly?

Flies and maggots are known to disseminate a no. of diseases and that’s why you need to get rid of them. Melbourne Pest Control will help you in making your home maggot-free in no time. You can get rid of maggots by adopting any one of the following treatments suggested by Melbourne Pest Control:

  • Permethrin: it’s one of the active ingredients that you find in lice shampoos or any of the pet shampoos. Just put some drops of permethrin-rich liquid in water and spray the solution over the infested area. It will kill all the maggots instantly.
  • Bleach: Mix water and bleach in equal proportions and then directly pour it over the maggots to make sure they are dead. You can also pour the bleach solution inside the trash can and close the lid to suffocate any maggots that did not come in direct contact with bleach.
  • Vehicle chemicals: vehicle chemicals like motor oil or carbonator cleaner can be mixed with hot water to kill maggots inside a trash can. Pour the mixture inside the trash can and then cover it with a lid. Be careful and don’t inhale the fumes as they are harmful.
  • Boiled water: it’s a very effective way of killing maggots. Heat water until it starts boiling and then put the rotting food or infested food inside water. Or simply pour hot water over the infested area like a garbage can.
  • Diatomaceous earth: It is a common thing that is used to get rid of a large no. of pests like roaches, ants, and many others. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth directly on the maggots to kill them. It dries out the exoskeleton of maggots and due to dehydration, they die.
  • Salt: salt is the substitute for diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle of salt kill maggots slowly as it causes water pressure deficiency in them.
  • Essential oils: a spray of essential oils can make your surroundings smell good and at the same time it kills maggots. Maggots can’t stand the smell of essential oils and as a result, die due to suffocation.

If maggot infestation is not controlled within the time then the problem can become very difficult to handle on your own. In that case, you might have to call professionals. Getting maggot pest control in Melbourne is very easy for you as you only have to pick up your phone and call Melbourne Pest Control for getting our services. Melbourne Pest Control is among the best pest controllers in Australia and is always ready to be at your service. So if you want your house to be pest-proof then without any reluctance call Melbourne Pest Control for help.

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