What to do before and after pest control treatment

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There are so many things that have to be done before as well as after pest control. Pest controllers like Melbourne Pest Control are professionals trained to help you make your property pest-proof but there are some things that you have to take care of before they start their job. By doing those things you improve the efficiency of pest control and it also helps us in doing the job within the least time possible. This blog intends to help you properly prepare the interior and exterior of your house for general pest applications. Proper preparation is an essential step for ensuring the best results.

One important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should vacate your home for 3-4 hours, for safety reasons. If you wish to stay at your home during the pest control then we would have to work accordingly and it would be more time-consuming. That’s why we recommend that if you want faster service then please stay out of your house for the prescribed time.

Firstly here are some of the interior service preparations that you have to do before the arrival of the Melbourne Pest Control worker:

  • The very first thing that you must focus on is furniture. You should move the furniture 7-8 inches away from the walls so that Melbourne Pest Control technicians can get behind them and ensure that pests in every corner get eliminated.
  • Dust and debris should be cleaned properly by vacuuming the areas under the furniture and shady places. If dust is not removed in time then the efficiency of pesticides will be reduced and those areas will work as a shelter for any future infestations.
  • If there are any decorative items on shelves or floor then please remove them and keep them somewhere safe otherwise they can get damaged during the termination process.
  •  Items in closets and cabinets to be treated, then remove any loose items from there. All these small items will only delay the work of our technicians as they would have to remove them on their own. No need to remove hanging clothes as they don’t cause any trouble.
  • In bathrooms and dressing rooms also secure your toiletry and grooming items. Keep them locked away so that no chemicals used for pest control can get in touch with them. If by any chance you don’t do this, then it might cause harm to your health so be sure to secure these items properly.
  • In the case of the kitchen, you should pack all the food items in containers and put them inside the closets or fridge. Food items get contaminated very easily so more care should be taken in the case of the kitchen. Don’t let soiled kitchenware in the sink. Clean them or put them in the dishwasher and don’t let any of your kitchenware lying around in open.
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Now to prepare your house exterior follow these steps:

  • Removal of pet waste from the yard is the first thing that you should do before pest control work starts. If there’s pet waste lying around in the yard then it will firstly get the workers dirty and secondly, it will serve as shelter for many pests and as a result, they will survive and infest your home again when the sprays wear off.
  • All the pet accessories like their chew toys, dishes, leash, etc should be removed from the yard otherwise if the pets chew on the toys that came in direct contact with pest sprays, it can make them very sick, and eventually, you might have to take them to doctor
  • Trim away the overgrown grass and any type of shrubs present in your yard for getting the best results. If you won’t do this then the chemical used in your yard won’t reach the surface and as a result, many insects like ants will not be killed.

Now once Melbourne Pest Control technicians are finished with their work, there are some things that you are supposed to do. By doing these things you will achieve full efficiency and a healthy environment for your loved ones. Melbourne Pest Control recommends you to do the following tips for cleaning your house after a pest control spray:

  • Try to stay away for 5-6 hours after the pest control takes place at your home. If you go inside your home straight after the pest control has been done, the effectiveness of pest control decreases and your chances of getting affected by pest sprays also increase.
  • The first thing that needs to be done is rearranging the furniture. By doing that you will reveal the dead insects beneath your furniture and will be able to clean them properly.
  • For cleaning, purposes use a vacuum cleaner or broom for at least 2-3 days. Try to avoid using a mop or any wet cloth to clean your floors as it will remove the layer of pest control spray from the floor. After 3 days you can use wet mops to clean the area.
  • Use dish soap and water to clean the cabinets, drawers, trollies, and shelves after the pest control is done in your home. After doing this you can re-arrange the things that were previously placed on them.
  • Sometimes the pest control sprays may stick to your kitchenware and if you use them then you can get sick. So properly clean the dishes, plates, and silverware to be double sure.

Melbourne Pest Control is your best choice for getting pest control in Melbourne as we are a team of professionals who have been there in the industry of pest control for quite a while. We aim towards giving you such services that you call us every time you require pest control. We work for customer satisfaction and for that we never intend to compromise on our quality of work.

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