How to get rid of mice and rats in the home and garden

While you suspect the presence of any kind of rodents in and around your accommodation, the most prior step comprises of the fully-fledged inspection of the premises to ascertain the most probable and targeted place of the rodents. On this inspection, the visible traits of nibbling food grains, eatables etc. is something carried by the species of mice, while on the other hand if we see the signs of crumbled food particles, it is something more often carried with the probable traits of rats inside the house. The nesting area of these rodents can be found surrounded by cardboard, rags and papers. While we ascertain the propensity of the pests to dwell in our immediate accommodation, there could be many of them who would choose to stay back in the area which could provide them with a ready source of food and shelter. Among which the probable species of Rats and mice is something threatening to human mankind especially with the loss they cause. The very destructive tendency of the rats to destroy the food items and other objects make the scenario even more concerning if the infestation of the rodents is not checked wisely under given timelines.

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Not only in the commercial areas but these Rodents are also found to cause deleterious effects on the commercial fields and food grains units as well. Besides, this major threat which is being posed by the rodents is of the hazardous effect on health. They readily lead to be one of the most prominent reasons for the spreading of communicable diseases. The fur and a salivary smear of the rats and mice contaminate the food and the surroundings immensely leading to worsening the health-related susceptibility to greater concerns. To mention, widespread adversity of the same is the incidence of plague, which happened to take place in as a huge pandemic and took the lives of many. One of the deleterious effects on these pests is found to be seen on the immune system with associated severe symptoms of headache, fever, sore throat and even chills.

While we discuss the varied rodents which could be possibly seen in and around our accommodation few of the rodent’s species are quite easily traceable too. Enlisted are a few of those species to mention:

  1. Norway rat: The Norway rat species is among one of the most commonly found rodent species to encounter. On average their life span ranges from 9 months to 1 year. This Rat species is highly active in its activities. While being good runners and diggers they readily can hide and disperse around. While talking about the innate characteristic of the Norway rat, they are generally omnivore in nature and can feed themselves upon both plant and animal matter.
  2. Roof rat: The commonly found Black rat in and around our accommodation is also another commonly found Species of rat which can be observed to be as the potential pests of the residential areas. Their life span is quite similar to that of the Norway rat. One of the most important facts of these rat species is their good climbing activity due to their well-equipped claws. As mentioned earlier the foremost reason for these rodents to reside in and around the human area is only for the search of food and shelter.

The life cycle of Rodents:

As rapid breeders, the rodents make it even more difficult to be addressed properly as in how they should be tackled with the best pest management practices. Round the year breeding of the rodents leads to their overpopulation is very less time. The male rats are highly attracted by the females due to the release of the specific pheromone by them, after the sensation of which the ultrasonic mating is being carried out as an important part of their reproduction process. The entire process of laying the rodent by the female counterpart takes approximately 7-8 weeks post which they reach the maturity stage. The overall duration in which the rats live is about 1 year or more

Well, having discussed all those probable factors which make these rodents capture our area, let’s now read about more as to with what ways and how could we make these rats and mice disappear from our area with probable means:

  • Peppermint oil: The usage of essential oils in pest control activity has always allowed us to take the upper edge advantage while it comes to pest control activities. The antibacterial action of peppermint oil makes it a duly actionable way to resist rodents in a very natural manner. The offending smell of the peppermint oil makes it difficult for the rodents to breathe in properly as a result of which they tend to leave the very space with immediate effects.
  • Mothballs: Mothballs have the characteristics of smell due to the phenolic constituents as a result of which the rodents are not able to respire in and duly perform their gnawing activities. The mothballs are highly equipped with the anti-astringent property as a result of which it becomes easy for us to eradicate the rats and mice much efficiently.
  • Mouse and rat baits: As a very nominal fact, the baits act as one of the most prominent modes of rodent capturing technique especially when it comes to targeted areas of their capture in a much efficient manner. These baits can be used to attract rats and mice in a much easy manner. Admixed with the eatable items, these baits can be used to exert a poisonous effect on the rodents and can allow you to expel these rodents effectively.
  • Clean out the source: Cleaning of the premised area is something which can lead to expelling the pests as well as also allow the pests to stay away from the specified area.
  • While we talk about the very fact of cleanliness and hygienic aspect allows the pest to stay away in an accordable manner.
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  • Create barrier: There could be various ways in which an efficient barrier can be created to keep the rodents away. Stainless steel trap, wire meshed net, hard cardboard walls etc. As suggested by the name itself these barriers would constrict the passage of the rodents inside the accommodation, as would make the rats refrain away from the very area.
  • Get help from your cat: Well, this step work likes more in a way where owning a pet can make you tackle in a much prompt manner with the pests of concern. As we all know to drive in the best of ecological balance, the cats can be opted to feed on the rats which can also work in a much better manner to keep a check on the hostile rats being getting dwelled in the accommodation.
  • Pest control: We all are aware of the fact, that despite taking into action all those do’s and don’ts of pest control still we might need the best of professional care only to tackle down these in a much-sought manner. For similar purposes scheduling the visit of the professional pest control services can make the procedure get accomplished without greater hassle. During which a series of steps can be taken into consideration namely, the inspection, correct identification of the pests, treatment, cleaning and much more. Another important aspect that plays a crucial role during this all is the chemical-based treatment which should only be brought into action with the help of professionals.

The bottom line:

Pest control measures have always played an important role to assure that the pest of concern are being always are being kept in control and due check. Melbourne pest control is one such professional pest control unit that helps one to achieve all those possible ways of Rodent Pest Control Services Melbourne. The teams of professionals are just a call away and when they reach out to your specified premises, all your worries indeed ends there. The assertive steps being taken by the professional team will indeed suffice altogether to give away a pest-free arena as much needed by one. Moreover, the follow-up session being carried out post the treatment session would work in more like assuring your very accommodation would be pest free and would not get subjected to the visit of these rodents ever again. So wait no more and let your space be entirely yours now! Stress-free and relaxing as you always look towards it to be.


How to Remove Dead Rat from the Roof:

Rat infestation or rat in the house or office premises creates great problems for everyone. These rats or mice in the home or office can cause great damage to the property and health of the people. Further, these rats are also difficult to find in the home or premises as they hide in the most difficult area which cannot be easily found in home or premises. Further, dealing with the dead rat or mice in the home or office becomes more difficult and frustrating for the people. Most people don’t understand how to treat or remove these dead rats from the roof or another area of the home or office. Like a living rat, dead rats can cause various diseases and health issues to the people living in the home or office premises.

Mostly People want to know about the easiest way through which they can easily remove dead rats from their roof or home and can easily get rid of this dead rat problem. Thus here we Melbourne Pest Control provide you with the best and effective rat control services through which one can easily remove dead and alive rats or mice from their premises. Before removing these rats one should know how to identify whether there is any dead rat in your home or home’s roof, or what to do when you smell a dead rat. Thus here our experts provide a complete detail about dead rats along with DIY tips for eliminating dead rat smell.

How to identify a dead rat on the roof:

Having a dead rat on your premises is a serious problem as it can spread various harmful diseases and can become a great disaster for your premises or home. But don’t worry by considering or observing the following points one can easily identify whether there is any dead rat at the roof of their house or premises or not.

  • If you find the smell of a dead rat in the corners or any other area of your home or premises.
  • Finding any other unwanted insect or pest in the home.
  • Seeing properly or food damages in the premises.
  • Finding a large number of flies flying in the particular area of your house or premises.
  • Finding small paws or footprints of rats.

What to do when you smell a dead rat:

The dirty odor or smell of a dead rat is very ugly and worst. This dead rat odor is the mixture of the chemicals produced from the dead body of a rat when the rat’s dead body decomposes. Further the larger the size of the rat or mice stronger will be the smell of a dead rat. When you find a dead rat or mice in your home or odor of dead rat or mice then do the following things.

  • Locate a dead rat: The dead rat in the roof area of your home or premises doesn’t look much effective. But when your smell the bad odor of a dead rat then first find or locate the dead body of the rat or mice. For this simply start looking for a dead body of the rat by following the bad odor of the dead rat. The dead body of eat further attracts maggots, other flies, etc. So by following their path one can also find out the location of the dead rat on the roof.
  • Removal of the rat: once you find out the clause of bad dead rat odor or once your find the dead rat body then the next step is to immediately remove the dead rat from that place. The dead rat removal process can be either easy or difficult depending upon the area of the home or premises where the rat died. Some time these rats go into the wall or ceiling of roofs where that die and the rat removal process become more difficult.
  • Removal of things: As rodents destroy or live inside various objects in your home or premises. It becomes essential to remove or disinfect all these things as these things will further create various health problems by spreading dangerous germs and bacteria, etc.

What things are used to dispose of dead rats from the roof?

Rodent especially dead rats are very dangerous and one needs to take serious action to get rid of these dead rodents from the home or office premises. For this one can appoint the pest control rat removal services of the experts. But if one wants to get rid of these rats at home on their own then for them here our Melbourne Pest Control provides the following ways through which one can easily remove these termites. For this first, one needs to have the following material.

  • Gloves
  • Plastic bags
  • Protective clothes
  • Respiratory makes or face mask
  • Disposable garbage bag or poly thane, etc.

Step followed for removal of dead rats from the roof:

  • Step 1: To remove the dead rat first wear a gloves and respirator or face mask to prevent infections from the dead rat.
  • Step 2:  If the rat dies due to a rodent trap then first, separate the dead rat from the traps.
  • Step 3: Now, take out the dead rat and put it into the disposable garbage poly thin or bag.
  • Step 4: After that take all the rat food, that’s nesting things or objects, and droppings and also put them into the disposable bag.
  • Step 5: Now, that properly seal the plastic garbage bag of a dead rat and throw it into the outdoor area’s garbage bin.
  • Step 6: Then properly wash off your gloves and face mask and safely dispose of them.
  • Step 7: After that properly wash off your hands with hand wash or sanitize your hand with hand sanitizer.

Thus, these were all the steps through which one can easily get rid of these dead rat problems at home or premises on their own. Further one can easily find the dead rat at a different place and prefer the above steps to remove the rat from the roof. The dead rat can be found by seeing the

• Poisoned bait, trap, or pesticide place: See the place where you last placed a poisoned bait, trap, or pesticide.

• Follow rats droppings: By following the rat’s droppings or insects flying in a different area of the house.

• Dead rat smell: By following the dead rat’s strong smell.

• Between ceiling the roof: By finding a dead rat between the ceilings of the roof area of your home or office premises.

DIY tips to overcome the smell of dead rats: By following one or more of the following tips one can easily remove the smell or bad odor of the dead rat from their home or office premises. These tips are as following:

  • Using an air purifier: One can easily eliminate the smell of a dead rat by simply using the air purifier for the whole home or office premises. It can act as the best dead rat smell eliminator. For this simply place the air purifier near the area of dead rat odor.
  • Using odor-removing bags: Though this method, one can remove the bad odors of dead rodents up to some extent only. Under this method simply place the dead rat odor removal bags in the different areas of your premises from where you are getting the strong odor of dead rat. Further, this process can also take 2-3 days for better results.
  • Using an ozone machine: Another way to remove the bad smell of dead rats is using an ozone machine. First, buy an ozone machine and simply turn on this machine. It purifies the odor from the air and removes all the odor and smell from your premises.
  • Using soy candles: Soy candles are the best dead rat smell eliminator. Simply buy these soy candles and burn them in the different areas of your house or premises. It will not only remove the odor but also make the home atmosphere fresh with a sweet-smelling fragrance.
  • Using coffee ground: Under this method simply take a bag of coffee ground and then place it in the corner or place of your premises or home from where you get most of the dead rat smell. Let it there for at least 1-2 days for better results.

Next steps after dead rat elimination:

Removing the dead rat from the roof of your home or premises is not the one solution. Rat is social pests. Once you find one alive or dead rat then there will be more rats in the house or nearby premises. So, one needs to take effective steps to stop this rat infestation. One needs to take the following preventative measures or tips to remove it eliminate these rats.

  • Properly do the repairing of your house or office premises to eliminate all the entry points of rat
  • Block or seal all the rain gutter with a proper wire so that rats can’t enter from there.
  •  If you had a garden and various trees near your home or premises then trim all the tree’s branches so that they don’t touch your home or premise’s building.
  • Properly clean or maintain your kitchen or food area so that it can’t attract the rats.
  •  Do properly disposal of your trash so that rats cannot get any hiding place.
  • Don’t trough food material outside or near your home premises area.
  • Seal all the holes of your home or premises.
  • Secure all your food in airtight containers
  • Maintain a proper garbage bin system on your premises.

Pro tips to get professional help:Thus these were all the ways through which one can easily get rid of dead rats from the roof on their own. But if you find these rats removal tips or steps difficult or if you don’t get any solution from them then you need to get professional rat control services. It’s more effective to do so as these rodents or dead rats if not disposed of as soon as possible then they can spread various diseases and further can infect the health of the people. Further removing the dead rat on your own can also prove dangerous if these steps are  not properly followed so it’s more effective to use the pest control rat removal services of professional experts.

Final thought: The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove both dead or alive rats and rodents from your home or office premises. Further, we provide the best Rodent Pest Control Melbourne services in Melbourne. Our experts use various chemical and non-chemical treatments to remove these rodents from your home permanently according to the customer’s needs. Our trained professionals also ensure no damage to the people and the atmosphere of your premises. Our professionally trained experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these dead rodents and remove them completely without spreading any infection. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts further also provide 100% guaranteed rodent control and dead rodent removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance