How to remove moth from your home:

Moths in the house are a serious problem. These moths look similar to the other flying insects and cause great damage to food and cloth material. These moths can easily enter our premises and can cause great destruction. There are normally two types of moths, that is

  • Pantry moths
  • Clothes moth

Pantry moths damage the food material and spread a large no. of diseases. These pantry moths can fly in the whole house and can cause damage to the food material. Clothes moth damages the cloth fabric. These clothes moth do not cause any damage to individuals. A cloth moth can damage the feather, coats, wools, silk, cotton, pillow, leather, carpets, fur, floor mats, etc. other cloth materials.

Here we will mostly talk about the pantry moths. Most people simply want to know how to get rid of a moth problem in the house. So here we provide all the detail about pantry moths and how to get rid of moths.

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Why moth as a problem:

Moths are the main pest which looks small in size but causes great damage to food material in the premises and also spread large no. of diseases. These moths are big problems as they can easily grow in numbers and can become more harmful. One adult moth can give 200-300 moth eggs at once. Further, these types of insects damage the different type of food materials like:

  • Rice
  • Bird seeds
  • Spices
  • Dry pet food
  • Sweets
  • Flours
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Candy
  • Cereals
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Powder milk
  • Pasta
  • Dried herbs, etc.

How to tell if you have a moth infection:

By observing the following signs one can easily find out whether their house has a moth infection or not. These signs are as follows

  1. Finding flying moths in house
  2. Spotting moth larvae crawling on food material or in the kitchen.
  3. Seeing moth cocoons in the corners and another tiny area of your house
  4. Finding sand-like particles in the corners of the kitchen or another area
  5. Finding a hole in the cloths
  6. Finding food items that are stocked together or look sticky.
  7.  Bad smell from the food items
  8. Finding moth eggs on the food items, etc.

Thus, these are the signs by observing which one can find whether their house is moth infected or not. If you find any of the above signs of moth presence then one needs to take immediate action to get rid of the moth.

How to get rid of a moth problem in the house:

Getting rid of moth in house is not a big problem. One can easily get rid of these moths in house by doing song homemade DIY solutions. But if you don’t find these DIY tricks effective then you can simply contact professional experts like Melbourne Pest Control.

Getting rid of the moth with mothballs:

Along with DIY home tricks, one can also use this chemical solution at home on their own to get rid of moths and moth eggs. Moths don’t like the smell of mothballs so one can use these mothballs to remove the moths. Mothballs are easily available in the market. Simply place these mothballs in the corners of the kitchen and house to get rid of moths.

6 DIY remedies for getting rid of moths:

Following are the different DIY remedies through which one can get rid of moths on their own.

  • Throw away all the infested food and wash your clothes: One of the best ways to remove the moth is to simply throw away the infected food on which you saw the moths. Further, if you find a moth on the clothes then simply wash the clothes properly to remove these moths. Whenever you find that any food material in your kitchen is infected by a moth then don’t try to save it. Simply remove or throw the food in the outside garbage bin as soon as possible. If one doesn’t do so then it can increase the problem of a moth infestation and these moths will further cause damages to other uninfected food materials.
  • Seal up any cracks and crevices: Another way to get rid of moths is to properly seal up all the cracks and crevices to stop moth infestation. After proper sealing, there will be no place for the moth to hide and one can easily kill the moths. Simple seal up all the cracks in the back of the pantry, spaces between the walls, shelves, and cabinets, etc.
  • Ventilation and humidity: Moths get attracted to food and cloth, etc. in warm and humid temperatures. So one can also control these moth and moth infestations by simply controlling the temperature and humidity level in the house and kitchen. For this one need to maintain proper ventilation in the premises.
  • Proper storage and cleaning: Another best way to remove moths is to properly store all the food items in the kitchen. Along with proper storage one also need to maintain pretty hygiene and a clean atmosphere in the kitchen to avoid the moths.
  • Lavender essential oils: There are various essential oils like lavender, citronella oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon wood oil, etc. which work as a moth replicate. Out of these all lavender oil work best on the moths.
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  • Cedar chips: cedar chips or cedarwood is also an effective moth replicate that can be used to get rid of moths. Under this technique simply purchase some cedar chips from the market and place them in the various corners of your house. One can also place them in the closet or kitchen areas. The moths will run away from the smell of these cedar chips and will get died.

Thus, these were the different solutions to get rid of moths fast and naturally. But, if these solutions don’t provide any effective results, or you find them difficult to use then don’t worry as you can easily get the assistance of professional pest control experts. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove these moths and other pests from your home. We provide the best moth pest control Melbourne services. Our experts prevent your home from these moths by using various non-chemical and chemical treatments according to the customer’s needs. Our experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these moths and remove them completely. For more detail, you can contact us at any time.