How To Get Rid Of Maggot Infestation

Out of all pests, maggots are one of the most typical and weird insects which cause health damage to animals and people. These maggots are attracted to food and also infect the animals and pests. Generally, maggots lay their small eggs on the food material and cause various illnesses and diseases. These maggots carry poisonous material which can be proving very dangerous for people and animals. Many people find it difficult as to how to handle and get rid of these maggots as they spread their infestation at a large number. Further, these maggots also bite the animals like cats, birds, dogs, cows, etc. And feed on their blood.  Due to all this, it is very necessary to handle and remove these maggots from the premises. Further people have various questions as

maggot infestation
  • How to get rid of maggot infestation?
  • Will bleach kill maggot?
  • How do you kill maggots carpet solutions?
  • How to kill maggots?
  • What kills maggots?

Don’t worry as here we Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide you with simple and most effective methods through which one can easily get rid of these maggots at home on their own. These are the natural and home ingredients-based methods that can easily kill these maggots at home. These all maggot remover methods are given as follows.

How to identify maggots?

By seeing or observing any of the following signs one can identify the maggots

Sign of maggot infestation:

One can easily find that whether their home or premises are infected from maggot infestation or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

  • Finding maggot on the food or eatable material
  • Seeing live or dead maggot crawling in the home
  • Finding maggot around the window opening or in small holes
  • Seeing flying maggots in the home
  • Finding small eggs of maggot in the corners of the premises
  • Seeing a maggot in garbage or trash
  •  Having health issues like skin rashes, etc.

How to get rid of maggot?

Following are the methods by using which one can easily get rid of maggot.

  1.  Use of vinegar: Vinegar is a very effective DIY trick that can be used to get rid of these various insects including maggots. If you found any maggots on your dog or cat or in your home then you can use this vinegar spray on the pets or in your home to get rid of these maggots. For this simply take 1 or half cup vinegar, 5-6 tablespoons lemons, and a half cup of water. Now make a mixture of them and put it into a spray bottle. After this simply spray this solution directly on the home maggot infected area or on the maggots you find on your pet.
  2. Use of maggot killer shampoo: In the case of pets, one can also use maggot killer shampoo to remove maggots from pets. To protect your pet from these maggots one can buy these maggots killer shampoo easily from the market. These shampoos don’t include any harsh chemicals and protect the pets from maggots. It will kill the maggot living on the pets and also protect your pets from these maggots in the future.
  3. Use of bleach: Under this method take a small amount of water and bleach and make a thin paste of it. Now pour this bleach paste directly on the maggots. These maggots will die with this spray solution. One can also use this bleach solution for different places like in various corners of the house, inside the trash, etc. to get rid of these maggots.
  4. Use of boiled water: Using boiled water is also an effective way through which maggot can be removed. But don’t try this method on pests or people as it can harm their skin.  Under this method boiled some water and then pour this hot water on the maggot infected area of your home. One can also use hot water to clean the pet shelter or your pet area to make your pet’s home also maggot-free. It further also kills other different germs and bacteria.
  5. Use of vehicle chemicals: Various vehicle chemicals like motor oil, carbonator cleaner, motor oil, petrol, diesel, etc. can be used along with boil water to kill maggots. Just make a spray of any of these oils with some water and then spray these oil or chemical near the pet area or other house area to protect your pet from these maggots.
  6. Use of essential oils: Various essential oil like Cinnamon oil, neem oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera oil, olive oil, etc. can be used to kill these maggots. Simply take a small amount of any of the above essential oils and some water and spray it in the various area of your home and an outdoor area where you saw the maggots. One can also spray this solution in the pet shelter area to remove maggots and other pests. One can further directly apply this oil to pets to prevent your pets from these maggot insects.
get rid of maggot

Thus, these were all the various natural methods through which one can easily kill and remove these maggots from their premises. But in case, even after using these homes based methods, one is unable to get rid of these maggots, or if one doesn’t have much time to apply these methods or if one finds these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as one can easily facilitate the assistance of professional pest control experts. Moreover, these maggots are also very dangerous for human and animal so one need pest control services to kill these maggots. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove these maggots and other insects from your premises. We provide the best Maggot Pest Control Melbourne services. Our experts provide various maggot pest control services by using various non-chemical treatments as per the customer’s needs. Our experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these maggots and remove them completely. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed maggot control and maggot removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.