A complete guide for ticks and fleas control

Ticks and fleas are some of the most typical and irritating insects. These ticks and flea cause various diseases to pets, animals, and humans in the garden or house. These fleas and ticks bit humans, pets, and birds for their survival. A small tick or feel bite can cause various serious health issues like redness, rashes, headaches, dizziness, difficult breathing, swelling, etc.  That’s why for many people in Melbourne these ticks are a serious problem. But don’t worry as here we Melbourne pest control provide you with a complete detail or guide for flea and tick prevention and control. We also provide some home-based DIY tricks for flea and tick treatment.

Understanding more about ticks and fleas:

The tick is a small parasitic insect that has eight legs. These ticks look similar to a spider. The ticks become large by eating lots of blood. For the blood, these ticks feed on dogs, cats, pets, and humans also. These ticks easily grow in large numbers and cause a great tick infestation.

On the other hand, fleas are also small insects that have six legs. These fleas are slightly similar to the ticks as they also feed on animals, pets, and birds, these fleas can easily jump from here and there and easily attack the pets. A single one flea can live up to 3-4 month on pets or human and can cause great damage. As these fleas can easily jump or hide it become difficult to kill or remove them as compared to the ticks. These ticks and fleas can easily hide in the hairs, fur, or dogs and other animals.

Most common types of ticks’ species:

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There are 2 main species of ticks that cause damages that are soft ticks and hard ticks. Both species of ticks don’t jump or fly they simply crawl on the host. These tick species have further flowing types of ticks.

  • Hard ticks: These ticks are not easy to remove. They can survive on their host’s body for much time like for many days. It involves
  • American dog ticks
  • Rocky Mountain wood ticks
  • Deer ticks
  • Lone star ticks
  •  Brown dog ticks
  • Cayenne ticks
  • Ixodes ticks, etc.
  • Soft ticks: As per the name soft ticks can feed or survive on their host for an hour or less. Under this species of ticks, African ticks are categorized.

Common Fleas Species that cause damages:

There are almost 2200 species of fleas in the world. Out of these are the main 3-4 types of fleas that cause great damage to pets and humans. Out of these all fleas species cat fleas and dog fleas are the most common fleas. These fleas don’t crawl on pets or humans they can easily jump from one host to other. These fleas can jump approximately 32 cm horizontally and 16-17 cm upwards. Common flea species are

  • Dog flea: These are the less common type of fleas.  These fleas attack few pets only. They widely cause damage to mammals. These types of fleas are reddish-brown and have a very flat body like a bed bug.
  • Cat flea: These are the most common fleas in Australia which can cause harm to pets and humans. These fleas normally harm dogs, cats, birds, mammals, and humans. These fleas have an oval shape and are very small in size.
  • Human flea: These are the most uncommon type of fleas.  These human fleas only cause damage to rats, mice, pigs, and dogs, etc.

Comparison between a tick and flea:

Due to similar types of damage done by both ticks and fleas most people mistakenly consider ticks and fleas as a similar pest. But in actuality, there is a difference between ticks and fleas. This difference is explained as follows

  1. Fleas have 6 legs while ticks have 6-8 legs.
  2. Fleas can jump from one place to another easily while ticks can’t jump from one place to other. Ticks can only crawl on the body of type animal or host.
  3. Mostly flea only attacks dogs and cat while ticks can attack multiple animals including humans.
  4. Fleas have a small life cycle they generally have a 2-3 month life span while ticks have a large life cycle. They can generally live for 3 years or have a 3-year life span.
  5.  Fleas can cause health issues like swine disease, tapeworms, allergies, etc. while ticks can cause health issues like Lyme disease, rocky mountain disease, etc.

Causes of ticks and fleas infestation?

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Ticks and fleas are small insects that like to live in a warm atmosphere and feed on the blood of the pets. Pets get these ticks and fleas mostly from the outdoor area when they go for walk outside. Following are the main causes through which the pets get these ticks or fleas and the ticks and fleas infestation occurs.

  1. Pets can get ticks or fleas transfer from the humans
  2. From the visit to the veterinary clinic
  3. From the  parks and garden area
  4. From the board pet homes
  5. From kennels
  6. From pet grooming parlours
  7. From other pets, etc.

What will attract ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas are mostly attracted toward the blood so that’s why they mostly attack the pets and animals to feed and survive on their blood. In turn, these ticks and fleas spread various harmful diseases on these pests and also grew in large numbers and start the chain of ticks and flea infestation. These ticks and fleas hide in the dark area and attack the pets for blood.  These ticks and fleas can easily hide in dark areas like curtains, woods, trees, brushes, carpets, and rugs, etc.

What do ticks eat?

As we already know ticks and fleas feed on the blood of the human and animals. They work in the same way as bedbugs and mosquitoes do. But they spread a large number of disease to the human and animal by feed on their blood.

Signs of ticks and fleas infestation:

Following are the main signs and symptoms through which one can easily determine whether there is any need for flea treatment or flea and tick treatment or not.

  •  Finding the pets scratching their  body more often than usual, they do
  •  If pets or human in the premises has allergic reactions
  •  Finding ticks on the carpet or rug
  • Spotting small and rug Mark’s of tick and flea bites
  • Finding ticks and flea on cloths or socks
  •  Having itching problems
  • Finding pet losing their hairs more often
  • If pets feel irritating all the time
  • Finding a flea and flea larvae
  • Redness on the skin, etc.

Thus these are the signs through which one can find out what their pets are infected from ticks and fleas or not and according to that, they can adopt various ticks and flea control treatments to get rid of these insects.

What diseases do ticks and fleas transmit?

Ticks and fleas can cause a large no of diseases or health problems in pets and humans also if the bit the human and animals. Following are the main diseases that can be caused by ticks and fleas.

  • Disease transmitted by ticks: Ticks can spread the following diseases.
  • Rocky mountain fever
  • Lyme disease
  • Canine Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Typhus
  • Tick paralysis, etc.
  • Disease transmitted by fleas: fleas can spread the following diseases.
  • Anemia
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Tapeworm infections
  • Cat scratch disease

How to get rid of ticks?

One can use the following DIY treatments or methods at home to get rid of ticks and fleas on your own.

  1. Using need oil: Ticks and fleas hate the smell of neem oil and further neem oil doesn’t cause any damage to the pets also. Simply take a few amounts of neem oil and water and spray it on the pet’s body or on the area of the house where you saw the ticks and flea.
  2. Using vinegar:  One can use the vinegar spray on their clothes, carpets, curtains, and rugs, etc. to remove ticks and flea. Vinegar spray act as a pest repellent and helps in getting rid of ticks and fleas. Simply mix some vinegar and water with some drops of lemon to make this vinegar spray.
  3. Using peppermint oil: Like neem oil peppermint oil also works as a tick and flea repellent. Simply mix the peppermint oil and water and make a peppermint oil spray. Now, spray this solution in the corners and other areas of the house where you saw or find ticks or flea.
  4. Using salt: salt is the best flea and tick repellent. It is one of the easiest methods to get rid of ticks and fleas. Simply take some water and salt and make a spray solution. One can spray this solution directly on the ticks and fleas for best results.
  5. Using essential oils: Like peppermint oil, many essential oils can be used to get rid of ticks and fleas. These essential oils are
  6. Oil of lemon eucalyptus
  7. Tea tree oil
  8. Lavender oil
  9. Cinnamon oil
  10. Citronella oil
  11. Cedarwood oil
  12. Catnip oil, etc.

Thus, these were all the home-based methods through which one can easily get rid of ticks and fleas at home on your own.

Pest control for ticks and fleas:

If the above mention home methods or flea and tick prevention treatment doesn’t work well then don’t worry as you can easily hire the services of pest control experts. The experts like us Melbourne pest control provide the best and effective flea and tick control treatments through which one can easily get rid of these fleas and ticks. We Tick Pest Control Melbourne uses various chemical and non-chemical treatments to kill and remove these ticks from your pet’s body. Further, Flea Pest Control Melbourne also provide 24×7 hour flea and tick control service as per according to the customer’s need. Our experts further assure that these chemical and non-chemical fleas and tick treatments don’t cause any harm to your pets and humans. For more detail, you can contact us at any time.

Pest control price for tick’s treatment:

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We Melbourne Pest Control provide our flea and tick prevention services at very affordable rates. The price of our pest control services simply depends on a few things or factors.  Some of these factors are

  • Type of the pest control services needed
  • Type of equipment to be used.
  •  Level of pest infestation
  • Type of services that customers want
  • After-sale services
  • Type of chemical to be used, etc.

Useful ticks prevention tips to adopt:

For future flea and tick control, one can follow or adopt a few of the following flea and tick prevention tips.

  1. To protect house members or children from ticks and flea infections use insect repellent before stepping outside or outdoor.
  2.  Remove the excess moisture from your pet’s home area to prevent them from ticks and fleas.
  3. Regularly inspect and comb your pets and see whether there is any tick or flea attached to their body or not.
  4. Properly clean all those where you can find ticks and fleas. Like curtains, rugs, dark floor areas, carpets, etc.
  5.  Use small tiny comb for your pets
  6.  Take proper care of pets if they suffer from want health issues take immediate steps.
  7. Use non-chemical DIY sprays to prevent your pets from ticks and fleas.
  8. Do steam cleaning to eliminate extra moisture in your premises, etc.

Thus, this was the complete guide for ticks and fleas control. For further more inquiry, contact our experts right now.


How long after pest control do fleas die?

Fleas are blood-sucking parasite-like insects that can be found almost anywhere on this planet. These creatures can stay hidden for many days and silently attack you and your loved one from the dark. It’s very tough to detect them and that’s exactly what makes them dangerous. Now the first thing that pops up in your mind must be how do fleas get into your home and the simple and well-known answer to this is your pets.

They can easily stick to their host and keep their grip until they find another source of food. They are not always inside your home due to your pets but also due to other things like rodents that come and go inside your home through cracks and sinks or maybe any friend of yours who might be infested by fleas can also bring fleas to your home. There are hundreds of places from where fleas can attach to your body and reach your home.

flea pest control melbourne

Now that you know that how do fleas get into your home, let’s get to the methods by which you can get rid of them. There’s always confusion on what to do if you have fleas in your home as some say you can use methods commonly used for killing insects and some say there are special methods to kill fleas. Well, somehow both are correct as there are some ways of killing fleas that can also be used to kill other pests as well. Melbourne Pest Control is stating here some of the ways by which you can get rid of fleas:

  • Baking soda: sprinkle baking soda all over the places where you spot fleas. After that use a brush to scrub the surface of the carpet, mattress, couch, arc. Where you sprinkled baking soda so that the baking soda can go deep inside the fibers and not just kill fleas but also kill their larvae and eggs also.
  • Salt: it’s a dehydrating agent that is used to kill several pests. It affects the outer shell of fleas and ends up killing them. All you need to do is sprinkle it on rugs and carpets for killing fleas. Let it sit overnight and then use a vacuum cleaner to clear away salt along with dead fleas.
  • Citrus spray: you can make a citrus spray with the help of any sour fruit or lemon easily. The easiest way to make it is by squeezing some lemons in a spray bottle and adding water to it. After that spray, the solution in all the infested areas and will end up killing fleas.
  • Diatomaceous earth: its application is similar to that of salt as it also dehydrated the exoskeleton of fleas. It’s a better choice as compared to salt because it also disinfects the surface over which it is sprinkled.
  • Steam cleaner: you can use a steam cleaner along with a vacuum cleaner to kill fleas easily. Fleas can’t withstand high temperatures and die instantly due to dramatic changes in their surrounding temperature.
  • Essential oils: there are many essential oils available on the market that can be used to get rid of fleas. Fleas cant bear the strong fragrance of these oils and eventually either die or come out of their hiding place. Then you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove them.
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How to get rid of fleas on a dog:

As mentioned before by Melbourne Pest Control, pets are the main source of fleas in your home, and amount pets, dogs are especially the main source as cats don’t go out that often but dogs do. Do the following things to get rid of dog fleas:

  • The first thing to do is always keep your dog immune from fleas by taking some preventive measures. There are many preventive pills and gels available on the market that will help you prevent your dog from being infested by fleas.
  • Use flea shampoos to kill the fleas that are present on your dogs.
  • Flea pills are also an effective measure to kill fleas instantly.
  • Apply essential oils on their bed so that any fleas present near their beds also die instantly.

That’s all that you can do to prevent and kill fleas in your home but still, if you aren’t able to handle the situation then call Melbourne Pest Control as we are a team of trained professionals who have expertise in flea pest control in Melbourne. Many people often ask us how long after the pest control fleas die and our answer to it is quite simple. The time depends on the method used by the Melbourne Pest Control technician. The time corresponding to the method is being explained here briefly for your convenience:

  • Spraying: sprays are the most effective and fastest method used by Melbourne Pest Control to make your premise flea-free. The spray used in this method is quite poisonous for your pets also so you will be advised to vacate your premise for 3-4 hours or until the whole area is treated. The spray will be applied to all the corners and places near your couch and bed, where fleas are most likes to be found. Any fleas that get in contact with spray die instantly. But you need to get 2-3 appointments for ensuring there are no fleas left.
  • Fogging: it’s the second method of killing fleas used by Melbourne Pest Control but this is comparatively more time-consuming. In this, a fogging machine is used to secret poisonous gas that reaches every corner of your home. All the windows and doors have to be locked and then smoke or fog is released. But here you need to stay out of your home for at least 6 hours. After the fogging is done, all the fleas and their eggs will die instantly. After that, all windows are opened to let fresh air in. In just a single appointment your home will be free of fleas.