Best ways to detect and treat carpet beetles

Insects and pests like beetles, bugs, etc. in the home create a great problem for most people in Melbourne. There has a large variety of indoor pests which can easily enter our home and premises and can cause various health and material or property damage. There are small tiny flying insects in a house like wasps, beetles, bed bugs, ticks, flies, termites, etc. which spread a great level of damage in the house. Out of all these beetles are very common and irritating pests in the house. These beetles are of various species and cause damage to the cloths, carpets, food, property, wood, woolen clothes, crops, furniture, and fabric, etc. many people found it difficult to remove these beetles from home or the residential area. The carpet beetle bites mostly harm the carpets and cloth.

But don’t worry as here Melbourne pest control will provide you with the best ways to get rid of the beetles. One can easily detect and kill these beetles through our method and can easily do beetle residential pest control.  Before knowing the methods of beetle control one should know all about beetles as how they look, how to find them, etc. Here our experts provide you with all this information about beetles.

How the carpet beetle looks:

Beetles are one of the most common types of pest that can be easily found everywhere on your premises. These beetles can eat carpets, furniture, cloth, property, fabric, food, pet food, etc., and cause a great level of damage in the house. 3 types of house beetles can cause carpet beetle infections in Melbourne. These are as follows:

  • Fabric or cloth infesting beetles
  • Wood destroying beetles
  • Food products eating beetles, etc.

Out of all these, beetles fabric and cloth infesting beetles are some of the most damaging pests. These beetles can’t be easily found in the house and they can easily destroy the carpet and cloth materials. Most people think it’s the moth that does damage to their clothes but most of the time it is the beetles that cause damages. The beetles have a proper 4 stage life cycle that is

beetles pest infection
  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupate
  • Adult

Out of these, the carpet beetle larvae are the most dangerous beetles which cause damage to the carpets and fabrics. The adult beetles simply feed on the plant and outdoor materials like seeds, plants, and flowers, etc. But carpet beetle larvae feed on animals and other materials along with fabric.

The damage that insect beetle causes:

These beetles can easily destroy all the fabric-based material, food, and wood-based things, etc. Beetles can do great damage to

  • Cloth
  • Carpet
  • Fur
  • Woollen things
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Small plants
  • Crops
  • Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Other fabric, etc.

Most people don’t know how to detect whether there is a carpet beetle or carpet beetle bites on cloths and materials in their premises or not. Detecting these beetles is important to stop this carpet beetle infection. So hereby observing the following given signs one can easily find whether their house is carpet beetle infected or not.

How to detect the beetles:

  1. Flying insects and beetles in the home: If you find any strange flying pest and insect in your home then this can be beetle. Here in this case one needed to carefully observe the flying insect and has to find out where the insect is going. If the insect is causing damage to clothes furniture and carpet, etc. then it can be a beetle.
  2. Finding small eggs in the corners of the house: If you find small eggs in different places of your house like under the cloths, carpets and near the furniture or in the corners of your home then it can be beetle’s eggs. This can be a sign of a serious beetle infestation for which one needs emergency pest control treatment to stop them.
  3. Finding a hole in the cloth daily: If you daily find an unexpected hole in your cloth and carpet then it can be either due to beetles or cloth moths. Even if your new carpet or cloth is getting damaged without any reason then it can be due to the beetles.
  4. Finding alive or dead beetle in the home: Randomly seeing dead or alive beetle in the corners, under the cloths, carpet, furniture, etc. of your house is also a big sign that indicates beetle infection.
  5. Finding adult beetles flying near the window or outdoor area: As we know, the adult beetles don’t feed on the fabric and carpet they feed on the seeds, plants, and other outdoor materials, etc. That’s why to look for these adult beetles near the doors and windows outside your house. If you find a flying beetle in the outdoor area then it is also a sign of beetle infection.
  6. Observing beetle droppings: Beetle dropping is one of the big signs which help in detecting beetle infestation. The beetle droppings normally are of brown or black colour. One can look under the carpets, furniture, clothes, etc. for beetle detection.

Find out carpet beetles infection:

By observing the above signs if you find even a single carpet beetle on any of the following palaces, then it indicates that there can be many more carpet beetles on your premises. These carpet battles can be found on

  • Cloths
  • Carpet
  • Wood material
  • Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Bird nests
  • Curtains
  • Animal or pet beds
  • Bedding
  • Small plants and flowers
  • Pet foods
  • Flour and other food material, etc.

If you find beetle at these places then it’s a sign of serious carpet beetle infestation in your house.

beetle pest control melbourne

How to treat them:

By using the following methods one can easily get rid of carpet beetles at home on their own.

  1. Use of the dish soap spray: This is one of the simplest methods under which dish soap or detergent is used to get rid of beetles. Under this method, take 2 or 4 cups of water and 4-5 tablespoons of dish soap and make a mixture of them. Now take an empty spray bottle and put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray this solution in various corners of the house where you find beetles.
  2. Use of the vinegar spray: If you saw beetles in your house on the carpet or furniture or other places then one can use this effective natural vinegar spray to get rid of beetles without killing them. Under this method, take2 cups of water and 4-5 tablespoons vinegar. Now make a proper solution of them and put this in a spray bottle and shake it well. Now spray this solution in various corners, areas of your home or premises. Beetles don’t like the smell of vinegar and that’s why they leave that place.
  3. Use of the herbal beetle spray: One can also use a DIY herbal beetle killer spray to get rid of these beetles. For this herbal spray take 3 cups of vinegar, 2 cups of water, 4-5 tablespoons lemon juice and 2 tablespoons witch hazel and make a mixture of it. Now put this mixture in a 1-2 litre spray bottle. Spray this solution everywhere in your home. This herbal spray will kill and remove the beetles from your home easily.
  4. Use of Neem or bay leaves and oil: Like herbal spray, Neem or bay oil can also be used to get rid of beetles. This oil is very powerful as it can kill many species of pests and also doesn’t cause any damage to house members and pets. For this simply directly spray neem oil in the house. One can spray a mixture of water and neem oil also. Like neem oil, one can also use dried neem or bay to remove these beetles and other insects.
  5. Use of peppermint leaves and oil: Like neem oil, you can use peppermint oil and leaves to remove these beetles. Peppermint oil work as a natural beetle repellent that helps in getting rid of various pests including beetles. Under this method make a mixture of a small amount of peppermint oil in some water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution in various corners, on the carpets, cloths, around doorways, and windows. One can also place dried peppermint leaves in all these areas of the residential house to get rid of these beetles.
  6. Use of garlic spray: Like other pest beetles are very sensitive to the strong smell. We all know that garlic has a very strong smell so one can use garlic spray to remove these beetles from the house. For this first, take garlic and make garlic juice. Then mix it with some water. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray this solution near the beetles or places where beetles were seen. From this garlic solution’s smell, the beetles will automatically leave that place due to its strong unbearable smell.
  7. Use of poisonous bait: If all the above homemade method doesn’t work then one can use the poisonous bait can be used to kill these beetles. Poisonous baits are a mixture of food and some toxicants and other food-type material. Simply purchase some poisonous bait from the near market and place them at different places and corners to kill the beetles.
  8. Use of mothball: Beetles doesn’t like the smell of mothballs. So simply buy some mothballs from the near market.  Place these mothballs or hang them near the places where you saw the beetles. Due to these mothball beetles will immediately leave that place. Mothballs also ensure that in the future these beetles can’t come near your house if these mothballs are placed in a different area of your house.

Thus, this was all about the carpet beetle, how these beetles look, how they can be easily detected, and how one can easily remove these beetles at home on their own. But due to any reason if you find these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as they can easily facilitate the services of professional experts. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective methods and techniques to remove these beetles and other pests from your home. Our experts provide the best commercial pest control services and residential pest control services in Melbourne. Our experts using various non-chemical methods according to the customer’s need and also protect your carpet and other properties from damage. Beetles pest controlMelbourne’s experts provide 100% guaranteed beetle killing and beetle removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.