Bed Bugs: Do I Need To Hire An Exterminator?

At the end of the day, when you’ve completed all your daily tasks and now you’re finally ready to rest, you take refuge in your bedroom. But what if you go to your bed knowing that unwanted creatures are crawling all over you and sucking your blood while you are asleep. This can be happening to you and you might not even know about it. Sometimes your house can be infested by bedbugs, and you might not even notice them at first glance as they are tiny and able to hide easily in small cracks. They only come out at night when everything stops moving and you are deep into your sleep. They can enter your home from outside in many ways. Sometimes you may get them from a public place or any public transport, or from your friend’s home, which has also been infested by bed bugs. So for the sake of your family and yourself, you need to take care of these pests as soon as possible as this problem only keeps growing, until it is too late and you end up throwing your mattress and bed into the garbage.

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs on your own?

get rid of bed bugs

If your house has been infested by bed bugs then the first thing that pops up into your head is how can you get rid of these pesky bugs from your home on your own. For that, you can implement several methods of bed bug extermination by yourself. You can look up some ways of handling this situation on your own. You will find plenty of bed bug killer recipes online and some of those will claim that it’s the best way to kill bed bugs but in actuality, only a few of them are effective. Most of them are just ineffective or less effective. So if you are trying to take care of this situation on your own then you have to properly analyze all those methods and then accordingly choose the one that suits you best. Even after doing all this, there’s no such guarantee that it will take care of these pests completely. So it is not a good idea to go for home remedies in case of bed bugs, especially when the infestation is at its peak.

Using pesticides for killing bed bugs

Many people are of opinion that they can easily take care of any pests by using a pesticide. But they don’t know one thing that using pesticides on your own is not so easy. The first problem in this approach is that you have to choose from a variety of pesticides, the one that will be sufficient for the job. After that, you need to properly apply it in places where you have spotted or you suspect to be infested by bed bugs. If you leave pesticides for too long on a surface then it becomes difficult to remove and if you remove them too early, then it won’t kill the bugs. And at last, after you have completely removed pesticides and bed bugs, you need to clean the area as any residue of pesticides can be harmful to your children and even your pets. On the other hand professionals like Melbourne Pest Control are experienced in this field and have so much experience that they can easily take care of these situations. So you should prefer calling professionals for bedbug pest control in Melbourne.

Why hire an exterminator?

This is a question that always pops up into every Australian’s mind whenever they have a bed bug infestation, and its reason for that is quite simple. Because hiring an exterminator can be costly for some people but if you look at the facts and figures properly then you will see that hiring professional bed bug exterminators is economic. By hiring a professional like Melbourne Pest Control, you will not just be making your property free from bed bugs but along with that, there will be so many more benefits attached to it. Here are some of these benefits mentioned, that might make you know the benefits of hiring an exterminator:

  • They are trained professionals who have proper knowledge of hiding places as well as feeding habits, which will help them in doing their work in the best way possible and using the correct measures.
  • Although there are so many species of bed bugs and you might not be able to identify them at first glance but professionals know exactly what they are dealing with and accordingly use the most appropriate tools for that.
  • After a thorough inspection, they can even tell you the reason for the Infestation and suggest measures for any future infestations.
  • They will help you in cutting the cost of buying a new mattress as the bed bug Infestation sometimes leads to mattress replacement because these bugs can be so deeply embedded inside your mattress that it becomes impossible to remove them completely.
  • They save your most precious thing, and that is time, by taking care of the situation as fast as possible.
  • After they have finished their work, they make sure that your premises are properly cleaned so that there’s not a single trace of chemicals that were used to take care of the bugs problem.
  • And at the end of the session, they will recommend to you what you should and should not do if the same problem arrives shortly.
hire an exterminator

Preventive measures

Keeping bed bugs out of your home is not an easy job but it’s also not impossible. If you take care of some things then you will definitely be able to decrease the chances of bed bug infestation by 90%. Do as suggested below by Melbourne Pest Control and your property will be free from bed bugs:

  • Try to avoid sitting on public transport seats that look unclean.
  • After coming back from a vacation or a visit toa hotel, take a bath before doing anything else.
  • After you’ve visited any place, toss your clothes into the washing machine and wash them as soon as possible.
  • Bathe your pets once every month.
  • If your neighbors have bed bug infestation then look for any cracks or openings in your home and then fix them properly.
  • Take a bath regularly and always do the laundry once or twice a week.
  • Keep changing the bed sheets and pillow covers after 1-2 months.

By following these simple and easy instructions, you can make sure that your house is protected from bed bug Infestation. But if your property has already been attacked by these bugs or you are under suspicion that there may be bed bugs in your home then call Melbourne Pest Control as soon as possible. We will dispatch our team of professionals to your location as soon as possible. The problem of bed bugs can increase within days and it becomes quite tough to take care of them when their infestation is at its peak. So without giving it a second thought, always call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control whenever you are looking for the best bed bug exterminators in the town. You, the customers, are our priority, and making sure that your property is not harmed is our foremost duty and for that, we do our best. Our workers are trained professionals who have years of experience in the field of bed bug extermination, and they also have access to the latest technology and chemicals, which help them in taking care of these pesky insects in the least time possible. So call our service providers and book your extermination session right now.


How to identify and remove bed bugs

Bedbugs are tiny blood-sucking pests that are commonly found in or near beds and couches. They live in places that are near to a host, from which they can easily get blood to feed. Bed bugs are brown oval-shaped insects, having a size similar to that of a grain of wheat. They are flat before they start feeding and gradually become rounded in shape and become reddish-brown with time.

You need to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible as they reproduce at an alarming rate. They reproduce up to 4 times a year and lay hundreds of eggs each time. Their eggs hatch within months and after that start searching for food. They feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal and humans are also one of their favorite hosts. Another fact that you should know about bed bugs is that they are very difficult to detect at first so as soon as you spot any bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs, without wasting any time call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control to take care of these pests.

Now first things first, you should know about what are the things that you have to keep your eyes open for in case of bed bug infestation. Melbourne Pest Control is going to mention some of the things that will help you in identifying whether your house has been infested by bed bugs or not. Following are some of the signs of bed bugs in your home.

  • If you get sudden itching in the morning after you wake up then this can be due to bed bugs.
  • Visible bite marks that can be anywhere on your body will also confirm your doubt of having bed bugs in your home.
  • Pets scratching themselves can also be an obvious sign of beg bugs infestation as dogs are also a potential source of food for bed bugs.
  • Now if there are bed bugs in your bed then they will bite you and as a result, you may have blood spots on your bedsheets.
  • Having dark or brown stains on your walls, carpets, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. can be the waste secreted by these bugs. Their waste is not visible to the eyes but with time it leaves spots on the surface, it was secreted.
  • Eggshells or shredded skin of their nymphs can also be an obvious sign of bed bug infestation.

Once you have completed your inspection and found evidence of bed bugs in your home, your next thought would be the best bedbug removal treatment that you can use to make your home bedbug free. That’s what Melbourne Pest Control is here for, our team of workers has tested many different methods of bedbug treatment and made a list of the best methods that can be used by you to remove bed bugs from your home. If you are also interested in knowing about how to get rid of bedbugs permanently then go through the following list and select the method that suits you best:

  1. Heat and cold treatment: it’s the very first method on our list as it is the most common one. Bed bugs are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, which means they can’t withstand very high or very low temperatures. You just need to get all the infested stuff and pack it up inside a plastic bag and then either toss it inside the freezer or inside your car during a sunny day, this will kill all the pests in no time.
  2. Vacuum cleaning: firstly, get a brush to scrub your beds, cushions, sofa, etc. to loosen the grip of bed bugs. After that get a vacuum cleaner and clean every area on and around your bed, couch, cracks, paintings, carpets, pet’s bed, etc. where there’s a chance of having bed bugs. Once you’re done, you’ll be amazed by the number of bedbugs you might have collected in your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Natural ingredients: there are many ingredients available in your home that you can use to kill bed bugs very easily and Melbourne Pest Control will be mentioning them here. All you need to do is directly spray or sprinkle any one of these things over the infested area to kill the pests in no time:
  4. Baking soda
  5. Diatomaceous earth
  6. Rubbing alcohol
  7. Essential oils
  8. Cayenne pepper
  9. Baking powder
  10. Tea tree oil

All these are equally effective in killing bed bugs but only if the infestation is in the primary stage. After you have sprayed or sprinkles them over your affected area, let them stay there for an hour and then remove them with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Steam cleaner: it’s the most direct approach to get rid of bed bugs hiding inside the mattresses and cushions. Steam is so hot that it instantly kills any bedbugs that come in direct contact with it. Another thing, it goes deep inside fibers and ensures killing them as well as their nymphs and eggs too.
  • Getting professional help: when the infestation is at its peak and you can’t handle the situation on your own then it’s wise to call professional bedbug killers like Melbourne Pest Control. Professionals are trained workers who have experience and equipment that help them in getting rid of these pests in no time.

Melbourne Pest Control is an emerging name in the field of pest control and next time you need to get bedbug pest control in Melbourne then call us and our workers will be at your service. We work to make your lives better by making your house pest-free, so consider contacting Melbourne Pest Control next time you require pest control.