silverfish pest control melbourne

Silverfish Pest Control Melbourne

Silverfish pest control

Silverfish is a kind of pest that is found basically in each n every house. It may be found in any corner of your house. They seem very harmless as they don’t carry any disease nor they cause any harm to you or your pets. But one thing you should know about them is that their source of food is present everywhere. They consume all the things that comprise of sugar or starch to stop these things, today hire Silverfish Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

silverfish pest control
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These pests can chew through most of the stuff that you can see around you. That’s why when they are present in a large amount, then they become a huge problem for you. That’s why always call for professionals like Melbourne Pest Control Service.

Signs of a silverfish infestation

Look for the signs to know that your house has been infested by silverfish. Look carefully for these signs mentioned below:

  • Spotting of live silverfish
  • Skin sheddings on the floor
  • Droppings or feces
  • Yellow stains of shredded skin that remains undisturbed for a while
  • Small chew marks on books, pages, wood, etc


The problem of silverfish might seem easy to handle at first but in actual it may become very difficult for you to handle if the infestation is at its peak. The main reason which makes it tough to get rid of silverfish is their ability to move fast. It can run and hide very quickly due to its very small size. That’s the reason due to which you have to call for professional pest control services to take care of this problem. You should call Melbourne Pest Control Service for effective silverfish pest control. Following are mentioned some of the techniques used by Melbourne Pest Control Service to take care of silverfish infestation:

  • Pest traps

Special silverfish traps are built by Melbourne Pest Control Service and placed near the openings or cracks as well as near their food source ie; most likely the books and newspapers.

  • Insecticide dust

Dust is a dehydrating substance that is sprayed in the cracks and openings where silverfish are supposed to be present. The dust destroys the layer of oil from the skin of silverfish and kills it eventually

  • Pyrethrin and pyrethroid synergized sprays

Sprays that are concentrated in chemicals are used by Melbourne Pest Control Service. The spray is the most effective method of silverfish termination as there remains no chance of their survival after this.

  • Cypermethrin

Cypermethrin is the most used chemical by all the leading pest controllers as it is not just used for killing silverfish but along with that, it kills many other species of pests.

  • Other chemicals used:
  1. Bifenthrin
  2. Borox
  3. Tetramenthrin
  4. Phenothrin
  5. Silica gel
  6. Cyfluthrin
  7. Diatomaceous

Why choose us:

There are many pest control service providers out there but not all of them are effective as well as efficient in the work as Melbourne Pest Control Service is. We are your best choice when it comes to silverfish termination as our team of workers are professionally trained in the work of pest control. We are always there for your help so you should contact our team of professionals in your tough times so they can help you in getting rid of these pests.