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Signs of carpet beetles infestation in your home

Beetles are a common type of insect that can be found everywhere. There are large numbers of insect beetle species in the world. They can eat furniture, property, fabric, cloth, indoor food, pet food, etc., and cause a great level of damage. There are normally 3 types of house beetles that cause beetle infections. These are as follows:

  • Food product eating beetles
  • Wood destroying beetles
  • Fabric or cloth infesting beetles, etc.

Out of these, house beetles, fabric, and cloth infesting beetles are the ones that do damage to the cloths. These beetles can’t be easily found in the house. If people find their cloth infected they think that it might be due to the moths that eat the fabric. They don’t know that their house is infected from battles. These beetles have their own 4 stage life cycle that is

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  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupate
  • Adult

Out of these, the larva stage house battles are the most dangerous beetles which cause damage to the carpets and fabrics. The adult beetles simply feed on the outdoor plant and materials like seeds, plants, and flowers, etc. But larvae feed on animals and plant-based materials along with fabric.

The damage that insect beetle causes:

These beetles can easily destroy all the fabric, stored food, and wood-based things, etc. Beetles carpets damaging insects can do great damage to

  • Cloth
  • Woolen things
  • Fur
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Crops
  • Tiny plants
  • Rugs
  • Carpets
  • Décor
  • Furniture
  • Other fabric, etc.

Most people don’t know how to check whether there is a carpet beetle infection in their premises or not. Understanding these beetles is important to stop this carpet beetle infection. Hereby observing the following signs one can easily check whether their house is carpet beetle infected or not.

Begin by spotting if adult beetles surface near your home’s window and doors:

To see whether your house has a carpet beetle infection, simply find out the adult beetles in your house. Normally the adult beetles don’t feed on the fabric they feed on the seeds, plants, flowers, and other outdoor materials. That’s why these adult beetles can be easily found near the doors and windows of your premises. Simply carefully examine all the door and window areas of your house and see whether there is any adult beetle on your premises or not. Finding a flying beetle near a window or doors is also a sign of beetle infection.

Observe the holes caused in your fabric or cloths:

Another way to find the beetles is to observe the small holes or damages done to the carpet. Carpet beetle’s larvae staged beetles attack on the carpets, fabrics, and cloth, etc. If you find unexpected small holes in the carpet and rugs then it can be due to the carpet beetle infection. Sometimes these larvae beetles also cause damages to other things, like furniture, clothes, wooden material, etc. So if you see this type of damage then your house needs serious pest control services to remove these beetles.

Check for shed skin, near or under the furniture and other things:

Like other insects, the beetles also shed their external skin at different stages of their life cycle. So simply properly examine the corners and other areas of your house and look for the shaded skin of beetles. Examine those areas where clothes are kept like wardrobe, near or under the carpet and rug, below the furniture, etc. If you find any small furry skin near all these places then it’s a sign of beetle infection.

Larvae are shy, but you can lure them into showing themselves:

Beetle’s larvae are mostly active at night times. They attack the clothes or other things for food in the nighttime. Due to which it becomes difficult to spot them. But one can still find these beetles by observing these larvae beetles while cleaning the house. One can also make their room dark by drawing the curtains to pretend like its night time and can easily look for these carpet beetle’s larvae.

Look for droppings:

Droppings are one of the big signs of the beetle’s presence. The beetles dropping are usually black or brown and are of small size. Beetle’s dropping can be easily found under the carpet, or in the wardrobe below your clothes, and on the floor.

Finding carpet beetles at different places:

If you saw even a single carpet beetle on any of the following palace or thing then there can be many more carpet beetles on your premises. These battles can be on

  • Carpet
  • Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Bird nests
  • Animal or pet beds
  • Bedding
  • Soft furnishings
  • Curtains
  • Cloths
  • Small plants and flowers
  • Pet foods
  • Flour and other food material, etc.

If you find beetle at these places then it’s a sign of carpet beetle infestation in your house.

Other signs of carpet beetle infestation:

  1. Flying insect in the home: If you observe any strange flying insects in your home then this can be beetle. Carefully observe the flying insect and see where they are going. If they are causing damage to cloths and carpet, etc. then it can be a beetle infestation.
  2. Finding small eggs in the corners: if you find small eggs under the carpet, cloths and near the carpet or in the corners of your premises then it can be beetle’s eggs. This can be a signal of a serious beetle pest infestation that needs emergency pest control treatment to stop further damages.
  3. Finding damaged cloth daily: if you daily find your cloth and carpet unexpectedly damages like having holes in the carpet then it can be either due to moths or beetles. Even if your new carpet fabric is getting damaged without any external reasons then it can be due to the beetles.
  4. Seeing alive or dead beetle in the home: Finding dead or alive beetle in the corners, under the carpet, near cloths, etc. of your house is also a sign of beetle infection.
beetles pest control

Thus, as soon as you find out all these signs which ensure the presence of these carpet beetles then simply call professional help. These bottles cannot be easily tackled on your own. So to avoid the worst situation call the beetle removal experts as soon as possible otherwise these beetles will slowly damage your whole premises. But don’t worry experts like us Melbourne Pest Control Services provide the best beetle control and carpet beetle removal services in Melbourne. Our professional experts use various types of tools and techniques to kill and remove these beetles from your premises. Melbourne Pest Control uses the following chemical and non-chemical methods to remove or kill the beetles.

Chemical methods:

  • Beetle removal trap: The beetle infection can be very dangerous the beetle removal trap is used by professionals. Our experts first prefer beetle trap because this trap attract and kill most of the beetles. The beetle removal trap has a sticky surface where the beetle gets stuck in and then easily dies.
  • Beetle killer poisonous bait: Beetle killer poisonous bait use by our professional is a mixture of food, cloth fabric, and some toxicants and other beetle food type material. These are placed at different places and corners like under the carpet, near the cloths, etc. to kill the beetles.
  • Use of essential oil to kill beetles: Some time our professionals also use essential oils to kill the beetles and to make your house beetle-free. For this different essential oils like citronella oil, tea oil, catnip oil, cinnamon oil, neem oil, cedarwood oil, etc.
  • Using mothball: Beetle doesn’t like the smell of mothballs soo our experts also use these mothballs to get rid of these beetles. They use various tools and place these mothballs near these beetle-infected areas to remove these beetles. Due to these mothballs placed in different areas of the house battles leave that place and it becomes easy for experts to kill them.
  • Boric acid: This chemical is commonly used to kill various pests. Our professional uses it in the form of powder for beetle killing and beetle removal.

Non-chemical method: In addition to all these chemical methods Melbourne Pest Control Services uses various non-chemical methods to remove beetles like doing vacuum cleaning, manual exclusion, sanitization of carpets, etc.

We Beetle Pest Control Melbourne ensure 100% guaranteed removal of these beetle insects and also purify your carpet by removing all the beetle’s droppings. For further information, one can easily contact our experts at any time.

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