Natural way to kill root maggot in the garden

Root maggots are insects that exist in home and garden areas. These root maggots are the larvae stage of flies. These root maggots are mostly gray and have a conical shape. But as per according to the type of plant these root maggots can be black, white, or brown. These maggots cause great damage to various vegetable crops like carrots, potatoes, radish, onions, etc. These root maggots feed on the underground roots of these plants and slowly destroy all the plants. These root maggots are mostly harmful to seasonal plants and crops. Most people in Melbourne want to get rid of these maggots. But most of the time they fail. Further many people have various doubt and questions like

  • How to get rid of maggots?
  • How kill maggots?
  • How to kill root maggots?
  • How to kill maggots in soil?
  • How to get rid of the root maggots?
  • How do I kill maggots?
  • What will kill root maggots?
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But don’t worry here we Melbourne pest control experts provide you with the answer to all these questions. Our experts have deep knowledge about root maggots and how to kill root maggots. Here you will get complete knowledge about the root maggots and natural ways to get rid of maggots.

1. Where Do These Root Maggots Come From?

Mostly the dead plants and crops in the garden area attract these root maggots which will further damage the other plants and crops. These root maggots or fly mostly laid their eggs in the garden soil or mud. And further, these roots maggot’s egg can easily survive in the soil due to which it becomes difficult to remove these root maggots from the garden once they start feeding on plants or crops. When these root maggots come out of the eggs these again start feeding on other plants in your garden and this cycle continually repeats. One needs to take immediate action as soon as they find any dead plant in their garden area.

2. How to Identify Root Maggot Infestation?

These root maggots mostly do damage in the winter or cool seasons. One can easily find that whether their home garden area is infected by the root maggot or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

  • Seeing maggot or maggot’s type files near the plants.
  • Finding live or dead maggot in the garden area
  • Seeing maggots larvae in the garden soil
  • If you find a plant or crop that unexplainably starts dying or wilting.
  • Finding dead plants in the garden area
  • Small eggs found in the garden
  • Finding a maggot in the garbage area of the garden, etc.

One can further simply lift a plant from the soil and can inspect the roots of a plant to see whether the plant is root maggot infected or not.

3. Life Cycle of Root Maggots

The life cycle of root maggots normally includes 4 stages that are

  1. Egg: The adult food maggots lay their eggs in the soil of the garden. These maggot’s eggs can easily survive in the winter season. One adult maggot can give 50-200 eggs at once due to which these root maggots start increasing fast.
  2. Larva: When the maggot eggs hatched in a few days maggot larvae come into existence. These larvae mostly get attracted to the plant‘s roots and feed on these plant’s roots, root hairs, and seeds.
  3. Pupate: After feeding on the plant’s root for 1-4 weeks these maggots larvae become pupate and start doing damages to crops. After that these pupates convert into an adult.
  4. Adult: Adult root maggots are 1/5 inch in size and are gray. These adult maggots look like the common housefly. These adults lay their eggs in the soil again and repeat the whole life cycle.

4. Are Maggots Suitable For The Garden?

Not all maggots are suitable for the garden. Big or adult root maggots are a great problem for the crops and plants in your garden as these root maggots eat the plant’s roots and cause damage to the plants. Further, the flies born from these maggots can easily enter your home and can spread various germs in your home. These maggot flies can also spread various skin-related problems and infections. Thus, these maggots are not at all suitable and good for your garden as they can destroy your garden by damaging the crops and plant of your garden

5. How to Get Rid Of the Root Maggots In The Garden Area?

These root maggots are very dangerous for the plants and crops in your garden. Once your garden gets infected from these maggots then there is no going back. These root maggots will then destroy almost all the plants and crops in your garden. But don’t worry as one can easily get rid of these maggots. When you find a dead plant in your garden remove it as soon as possible to stop this root maggot infestation. The reason behind doing so is that the dead or dry plants and crops attract these maggots. One can dispose of these dead plants or van burn them to control these maggots. Try not to compose the dead plants as they will attract more maggots to your garden.

6. How to Get Rid of Root Maggots in Garden area’s soil?

Root maggot in garden soil arises due to the dead plants. These maggots from dead plants grew in numbers and spread in the garden soil and cause damage to the fresh and new crops. Sometimes dead insects in the garden can also become a great source of a maggot infestation in your garden. There is only one way to get rid of these root maggots in your garden soil. That is simply destroyed all the trash and dead plants from your garden regularly. Further, one should always try to maintain a clean garden so that there can be no source for maggots to feed on.

7. Vegetable Root Maggots:

Maggots or root maggots mostly feed on vegetable and crop’s root-like

  • Turnips
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Radishes
  • Broccoli
  • Rutabagas
  • Cauliflower
  • Mustards
  • Cabbage, etc.

One can easily get rid of these vegetable root maggots by doing the following few tricks.

  • Place water in cups near these crops in your garden. After a few minutes, you will see these maggots will fall in the water and will die.
  • By using the electric net one can easily kill the adult maggot on leaves.
  • One can also manually remove these maggots to get rid of them.
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8. White Maggots In Soil:

White maggots of small size can be a maggot’s larva in your garden area. These small white maggots feed on dead plants and then easily reach the other plants and start doing damage to the plants and crops in your garden. These white maggots are found in the moisture area of your garden. Simply a forceful water spray can easily destroy these white maggots from your plants.

9. Appling Neem Pesticides On Root Maggots:

Most people have questions as

  • How do I kill maggots?
  • What will kill root maggots?

The simple and the best answer to this is using neem-based pesticides or homemade solutions to kill these root maggots. One can use the homemade neem solution to get rid of these maggots easily. Neem has various medical and antiseptic properties due to which easily kill the root maggots and further don’t cause any damage to the plants or crops. Simply spray neem-based liquid on the soil and root maggot infected plants and it will easily kill the root maggots from the plant.

10. Are Maggots Good For Soil?

Maggots at the larvae stage are quite good for the soil but when they get converted into the adult stage they start doing damages to the crops and plants. It provides nutrients to the soil but causes damages to plant by eating the plants.

11. How To Get Rid of the Maggots In Compost?

Maggots enter your garden compost when any plant in your garden decomposes or dies.  These flies feed on these dead plants. So, one needs to do proper treatment of the trash or dead plants to get rid of these maggots in the compost. For this properly clean your compost at regular intervals and do spray plant-friendly pesticides to get rid of these maggots in compost.

12. How to Get Rid of the Maggots In Kitchen Compost Bin?

If you find maggots in your kitchen area then don’t worry as one can easily get rid of these maggots in the kitchen compost bin by using some natural homemade sprays. Most of these maggots live under the plant leaves to protect themselves one can simply use these sprays to get rid of these maggots from there. For this simply take some vinegar, water, and baking soda and make a mixture of it. Now put this mixture into the spray bottle and spray it in the kitchen compost bin and on the plants. This spray doesn’t cause any damage to the plant and easily kills these maggots.

13. How To Get Rid of the Maggots In The Garden area?

  • Using beneficial nematodes: Nematodes are small micro insects or worms which live naturally in the soil. They don’t harm the plants and plant’s roots and eat these maggots’ type insects. So, one can use these Nematodes to kill the maggots.
  • Properly clean the garden area: Another method of getting rid of these maggots is maintaining a proper hygienic environment in the garden area. For this one need to properly clean the garden area at regular interval to remove all the dead plant from the garden which attracts these maggots.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is a common pest killer that is used to get rid of a large no. of pests like bees, cockroaches, ticks, maggots, ants, etc. Simply take diatomaceous earth in powder form and sprinkle it near the plants or garden area to kill these maggots. One can also sprinkle this diatomaceous in the trash or other area but keep it away from the pet and children.
  • Using salt: salt is the natural substitute for diatomaceous earth which can be sprinkled on the plants and plant leaves and it doesn’t cause any harm to plants. For this just take a small amount of salt and mix it into the water then spray it on the plants and garden areas.
  • Using Sticky traps: sticky traps can be used to protect your garden from these maggots and other insects. One can easily purchase small sticky trap pads from the market. Simply hang these pads near the plant area. Maggots and other flies will get caught in these pads and will die.
  • Using cleaning solution: One can also use various marketable garden cleaning solutions to get rid of the various garden insects. These cleaning solutions are not harmful to the plants and normal are the best regular solution to clean the garden area and to make them maggot and insect free.

Thus, these were all the various ways through which one can easily kill root maggot in the garden. But if one finds these methods difficult to use then don’t worry you can easily get the professional expert’s services. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to kill these root maggots and other insects from your garden area. We provide the best Maggot Pest Control Services. We Maggot Pest Control Melbourne experts provide the best pest control services by using various non-chemical and chemicals treatments. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed root maggot control and root maggot removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.

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