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Natural Pest Control Home Remedies: Keeping the Spiders Away

Spiders are common pests that are beneficial for the garden area. These spiders work as pest control in the garden area and protect the plants from various insects, mosquitoes, and flies. But these spiders in indoor areas like home become a great problem. Some house spiders are very harmful and dangerous. They can cause various health issues like muscle pain, flu, swelling, difficulty breathing, etc. The spiders are mostly attracted to the dark area and dust. The house spider can be easily seen in the corners of your premises.

Signs of spiders in the house:

One can easily found that whether their home is infected by these spiders or not by observing the following signs.

  • Finding flying or crawling insects in the home
  • Seeing spider web in the corners of the rooms.
  • Finding spider web on the roofs of the house.
  • Seeing small eggs in the corners, etc.

Thus these house spiders become a great problem for most people. By using various home reminders one can easily keep the spiders away from home. Melbourne Pest Control provides the following natural past control ways through which one can easily remove the spider and spider web from their home. These home remedies for spiders are as following:

spider removal treatment
Big hairy spider isolated on white
  1. Using lemon juice and vinegar: Vinegar is one of the best DIY ingredients that can be used to get rid of spiders and other pests. Under this method, simply take one and a half cup vinegar and 10-12 tablespoons lemon juice. Mix them well and put them into a spray bottle. Spray this solution in the corners of the dark area of your house where you can find spiders. One can simply spray this natural pesticide directly on the spiders also. Repeat this spraying process 2-3 times to get better results. It naturally kills the spiders and removes them from your house. Here one can also use vinegar and water solution to get rid of spiders.
  2. Proper indoor and outdoor cleaning: To prevent your home from spiders one of the best home-based solutions is to properly clean both indoor and outdoor areas of your house. These spiders hide in the dark area like under the bed, in the yard, corners, roofs, etc. And by doing proper cleaning of the house at regular intervals, one can prevent their house from the spiders easily. In the outdoor garden area also trim all the overgrown vegetables and plants to avoid spiders.
  3. Using dishwashing liquid soap spray: liquid dishwashing liquid can also be used to remove the spiders from the house. Take 3-4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap and 1-2 cups of water and make a mixture of them. Put this solution into the spray bottle and directly spray it in the corners and other areas of the premises. One can also spray these solutions in the corners of the roof directly on the spider and spider webs. Repeat this process 3-4 times for better results.
  4. Use of garlic and olive oil spray: Garlic oil spray is another home-based method to get rid of spiders. Garlic has a very strong smell and spiders and other pests can’t handle this strong smell. They simply leave the place or die due to this smell. That’s why garlic can be used as home remedies for spiders. For this take 10-12 garlic cloves and crush them properly. Then put these garlic cloves in a bottle and add 1 and a half cups of olive oil. Mix this solution properly and put it into a spray bottle. Place this bottle in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2-3 days. After 2-3 days spray this solution in different areas of the house where you find spider or spider web.
  5. Using peppermint leaves and oil: One can also use peppermint oil or leaves to remove the spiders from your home. Peppermint leaves work as a natural repellent that helps in getting rid of various pests including spiders. Take a small amount of peppermint oil and some water and put it into the spray bottle. Now spray this solution in every corner or dark area of your house where a spider can be found. One can also use peppermint leaves instead of peppermint oil. Simply place the peppermint leaves in the various area of the house to prevent the home from spiders.
  6. Using neem or bay leaves and oil: Like peppermint oil, Neem oil can also be used to get rid of spiders. This oil is very bitter and strong due to which it can kill many species of pests or flies and also doesn’t cause any damage to humans and pets. Simply spray neem oil in the various corners of your home. One can also directly spray this neem oil on spiders or spider web. Like bay oil, dried neem or bay leaf also work effectively to remove the spiders and
  7. Using honey spray: Under this method simply honey-based solution is made to get rid of spiders. Take one and half cup honey and 2-3 cup water and mix them well. Now, put this mixture into the spray bottle and directly spray it on the spiders and spider’s web. One can also spray this solution on plants and in different corners of the house to avoid spiders. Because the pests like spiders don’t like the sticky surface and so they avoid those areas.
  8. Using essential oils to kill or remove spiders: There are various essential oils, which work as a pest replicate and are also used to remove spiders and other insects. In place of various chemical pesticides, one can use these essential oils to kill and remove spiders and other insects. There are different essential oils, like
  9. Lavender oil
  10. Cinnamon oil
  11. Cedarwood oil
  12. Citronella oil
  13. Tea tree oil
  14. Catnip oil
  15. Lemon oil, etc.

Simply take a small amount of any of these oils and mix them with some water. Then put them into a spray bottle and directly spray them in the various corners of your house or directly on the spiders.

spider pest control
Beautiful macro shot of spider in grass.
  • Using boric acid: Boric acid is a natural pesticide that is easily available in markets. Spiders and many pests hate the smell of boric acid. Boric acid is a powder-based solution that is used to get rid of various pests like spiders, termites, rats, moths, wasps, etc. Boric acid acts as a poison against all these pests and help in removing these pests from the indoor and outdoor area of the home. So under this method take some boric acid powder and sprinkle it into the various places of your house. But while spraying boric acid be careful. Keep it away from the reach of children for their safety.
  •  Using diatomaceous earth (DE): Like boric acid diatomaceous earth is also a normal pesticide that is easily available in the market or online through different websites. It can be used in both liquid and powder forms for removing spiders. Sprinkle or spray some diatomaceous earth (DE) in different areas or things where you find spiders and then wait for some time. After that, you will see the spiders hide in the corners will be dead. It is one of the effective ways to kill spiders and other indoor insects like cockroaches, termites, etc.
  • Using mothball: Spiders don’t like the smell of mothballs. Mothballs are easily available in the market. So take some mothballs and place them or hang them near the places where you find the spiders. Due to these mothball spiders will leave that place.  This method doesn’t cause any damage to the spiders also. Spiders simply avoid the smell of mothballs and leave that place. Mothballs also ensure that in the future these spiders don’t come into your home.

These were all the home remedies for spiders that can be used as natural pesticides against the spiders. But if one doesn’t get effective results from these natural pest control methods then they can facilitate professional pest control services. Experts like Melbourne Pest Control provide the best pest control services. Their experts use various non-chemical and chemical methods to remove different types of pests including spiders. Experts also provide residential pest control services to eliminate all indoor pests. For more detail, you can contact file pest control Melbourne as they are 24×7 hours available with their natural pest control services.

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