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Mosquito Pest Control Melbourne

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are the most annoying pests without a doubt but along with that, they are carriers of many diseases, most of which are deadly. So you must look forward and in case if there is a mosquito infestation taking place then call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control Services to terminate these mosquitos take Mosquitoes Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

Mosquito’s are most active in summers so that’s the time when you need to worry about mosquito control. The mosquito lays its eggs in freshwater from where they hatch into larvae and become adults in no time. So always get rid of open water sources to stay safe from mosquitoes.

Disease caused by mosquitoes

Not many people know that a single mosquito can spread a no. of life-threatening disease and some of the major disease, recognized by WHO are mentioned below:

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  • Chikungunya
  • Zika virus
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever

Preventive steps

Do the following things to stay safe in the situation of mosquito infestation:

  • Cover open water sources.
  • Remove puddles of water
  • Fix leakages
  • Apply mosquito repellent
  • Use of net while sleeping

Methods used for mosquito control

To take care of I creasing mosquito population in or near your home, a no. of techniques are used by Melbourne Pest Control Service. All of these methods are proven methods of home mosquito control. The methods are generally chemical and non-chemical but we prefer non-chemical methods over the other one. All of these techniques are as follows:

  • Non-chemical methods:

These are the widely used methods that are used to get rid of mosquito’s without the involvement of any chemical substances. These ways of mosquito control are organic.all of these are mentioned here:

  1. Source reduction

Mosquitoes bread in water so the best way to take care of mosquito’s is by getting rid of all the unwanted water sources and cover the water tanks so that no mosquitoes can lay eggs in those areas.

  1. Bio-control

By introducing some natural predators of mosquito’s, like lizards, geckos, frogs, etc. mosquitoes can be easily killed and the problem can be taken care of by these predators.

  1. Ovie trap

In this technique, an artificial breading area is built so that mosquitoes lay their eggs there and then those eggs are trapped there and when they hatch, they can’t get out of there.

  1. Oil drip

A layer of oil is placed on any open water source and as a result, mosquito’s are unable to get to the water and so they go away in search of new breeding area.

  1. Mosquito traps

To catch adult mosquitoes, a special trap is placed that has perfect conditions to lure the mosquitoes and trap them.

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  • Chemical methods

Some of the chemicals are also used to kill mosquitoes by Melbourne Pest Control Service. These chemicals are listed below:

  1. duet,
  2. DEET,
  3. citronella,
  4. DDT,
  5. Synthetic Pyrethroid Pesticides
  6. Resmethrin
  7. Adulticides

Why choose us

The ways adopted by Melbourne Pest Control Service are the best ways to control mosquitoes. The technique used is not always the same as it can be done as per the requirements of the customer or as per the surrounding. Now some people prefer natural ways so we use natural mosquito control techniques and if they have no problem with chemicals then we use mosquito insecticides. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes in the house then just give us a call and give us a chance to help you.