How to get rid of silverfish without hiring professionals

Silverfish is a nasty pest that you come across all the time. Most of the time you will find them near your old newspapers or in bookshelves as they feed on paper very often. These pests don’t look harmful at first but if they are present in a large no. they can cause a lot of damage to your home as they can eat anything that comprises starch, sugar, or protein, and most of the things present in your home are made up of these things. They can survive for so long without food and can destroy books by chewing through the glue and pages of books.

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Why do I have silver fishes in my house?

Before Melbourne Pest Control tells you how to get rid of silverfish, let’s first inform you about the facts that contribute towards the appearance of silverfish in your home. Silverfish requires a moist and dark surrounding to survive so you will mostly find silver fishes in those areas where there is a source of water. Silverfish need to keep themselves hydrated all the time that’s why they are mostly found in and near sinks, dustbins, bathrooms, washrooms, etc. where there’s plenty of water present to keep them hydrated. Also if you don’t have proper ventilation in your home then you will find silverfish all over your home as humidity will stay in your home all the time. So keep your windows open for proper ventilation.

How to get rid of silverfish (home remedies)

Silverfish is a sneaky pest that can’t be easily seen as it is very fast and always stays in dark. As soon as it gets detected by someone, it runs away and hides in shady places. That’s why it becomes quite difficult for people to get rid of them. But Melbourne Pest Control is here to help you get rid of silverfish in no time. You can use any of the following methods to get rid of silverfish in no time. Adopt any one of the following methods:

  1. Wet newspaper: it’s one of the oldest techniques used for getting rid of silverfish. You just need a newspaper for this method. First of all, get a piece of newspaper and put it in water to make it wet. Now wrap that wet piece of newspaper in a dry newspaper. Put this newspaper in a dark place and let it stay there overnight. The next day you will find silverfishes crawling inside the newspaper. Pick the newspaper and throw it away in the garbage.
  2. Orange peels: silverfish can’t stand the fragrance of citrus fruits. They stay away from those places where citrus fruits are there. So you can place orange peels in the corners where you have spotted silverfish in your home. Within days you will see that silverfish movement will be very low. Just keep replacing dried-out peels with fresh peals.
  3. Diatomaceous earth: if you want to dehydrate silverfish and make them die, then this white substance will be your best choice. Just sprinkle diatomaceous earth near the infested areas and as a result, the silverfish will start dying due to dehydration after coming in contact with the powder.
  4. Salt: Salt works just like diatomaceous earth as it also dehydrated the exoskeleton of silverfish. Sprinkle salt over the places where you find silver fishes or directly over the silverfish. Salt takes time to show results but you won’t be disappointed with the results.
  5. Sticky traps: you can find sticky traps at your local store for catching silverfish. All you need to do is place some sugar or bread in the center of the trap and in no time all the silver fishes will be attracted towards it. Sticky traps are most prominent pest control technique as it traps not just a single type of pest but all types of pests.
  6. Camphor tree or plant: camphor trees can be grown in your front yard to get rid of any pests in your yard. Pests do not like the smell of camphor and as a result about coming near this tree. You can place your garbage cans near the tree and there won’t be any pests or silverfish near it.
  7. Cucumber peels: it’s another natural silverfish repellant on our list. Silverfish hates the smell of cucumber and can’t stand it. You can keep cucumber peels in those places where you find silverfish and within days they will disappear. Remember to replace dried-out cucumber peels from time to time.
  8. Boric acid: it’s a harmful poison for silverfish as it kills them if they eat it. All you need to do is sprinkle some boric acid or borax in moist and dark areas. It will work in both ways as it will kill silverfish along with their eggs.
  9. Essential oils: there are so many essential oils present in the stores that you can use to get rid of silverfish. Essential oils are usually used to make your home smell fresh but the same fragrance works as a repellant for silverfish as it can’t survive in the presence of strong fragrances.
  10. Silica gel: it’s also a dehydrating agent in our list. You have to scatter some silica gel in the shady areas. When a silverfish comes in contact with the gel, the gel gets attached to the skin of the silverfish and starts removing all the waxy coating of silverfish.

All these simple tricks and techniques help get rid of silverfish in your home but still if you see silverfish in your home then call Melbourne Pest Control for help. Melbourne Pest Control will provide you the best silverfish pest control in Melbourne and that also at a reasonable price. Before the infestation reaches its peak, act wisely and call us for fixing your appointment for silverfish pest control.

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