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Flies Pest Control Melbourne

Flies Infestation

Flies are the insect of the Diptera order family. Flies are the small unpleasant insects that sometimes also cause serious health risks to humans. A female fly can lay 400-600 eggs at once and can cause a great level of fly infestation in your home or premises. to protect your home take the Flies Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

Types of Flies

There are different types of flies that cause a fly infestation. These are:

• Drain fly
• Fruit fly
• Flesh fly
• Housefly
• Bluebottle fly, etc.

Flies life cycle:

It includes 4 stages:

flies pest control

1. Egg
2. Larva
3. Pupate
4. Adult

The damage they cause

The flies can be very harmful as it carries poisonous material or a bacterium which enters into the human body through eating the food which contains flies. Flies are rarely dangerous for humans. Normally they only cause

• Swelling
• Burning sensations
• Pain and tenderness, etc.

But sometimes Flies can cause

• Bleeding and infection
• Fever
• Swollen lymph
• Other allergic reactions
• Bacterial infection, etc.

Signs of a fly infestation

One can find that whether their home or office premises are infected by these fly or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

• Finding small dark clusters of spots in the home
• Seeing fly in the house regularly
• Founding inching marks on the body
• Founding flies dirt near the house
• Seeing adult flies
• Finding flies eggs on carpet or upholstery
• Small eggs found in the corners
• Skin rashes, etc.

Fly infestation controlling factors which make us different

The following are the different methods that make Melbourne Pest Control Services different from the other professionals.

• Emergency services provider according to need
• Adopt safe chemical and non-chemical treatments
• Affordable fly killer and removal services
• Regular periodic inspection and post check sessions
• Certified and listed work

Services offered by Melbourne Pest Control Services

Melbourne Pest Control Services provides the best expert services to control and eliminate Fly infestation. Melbourne pest control Services experts offer the following different expertise pest control services.

flies pest control service

• Fly removal services
• Outdoor fly removal services
• Fly exterminators services
• Fly insecticide services
• Fly infestation control services
• Fly pest control services, etc.

Methods use by Melbourne Pest Control Services

Our experts use chemical and non-chemical methods for Fly infestation control. Melbourne Pest Control Services use every effective and the best method to make your home and office premises Fly-free.

Chemical methods

Our experts try each possible effective method to make your home Fly infestation-free.

Boric acid

This is desiccant which is used for the pest control treatment. It is normally used by our professionals in the form of powder or spray which results in eliminating a fly infestation.

Flies killer sprays

Our trained experts also use different chemical spray to remove and kill flies and make your home or premises flies-free.

Poisonous bait

Poisonous bait use by our professional is the mixture of food and some toxic ants and other flies food type material. These are placed at different places and corners to kill the flies.

Flies killer trap

The flies can be very dangerous so the flies trap is used by professionals. Flies killer traps attract and kill most of the flies. It has a sticky surface where the flies get stuck in and then dies.
Non-chemical method: In addition to all these chemical methods Melbourne Pest Control Services uses various non-chemical methods to improve the appearance of your house and make it more Flies infestation free.

• Vacuum cleaning
• Deep cleaning
• Proper sanitization
• Cleanliness and hygiene
• Regular cleaning of the house
• Deep cleaning of the house, etc.

Why choose us:

Melbourne Pest Control Services provides effective flies control and flies removal services. Our experts not only kill the flies but also ensure that in future they do not cause or spread any damage. Melbourne Pest Control Services also provide 24×7 hours of services at affordable rates even according to customers requirement to remove these flies from your house or premises.