Insects Nests: How to Identify and Remove?

Here are some of the most common pests and their nests that can be found in and near your home, along with simple instructions on how to remove them.

  • Honey Bee Hives:

Honey bees are not so friendly and having them near your home can be quite dangerous for kids, pets, and even for you. Mostly you will find honey beehive to be white or yellow but they are covered by bees so it appears to be black or brown. Mostly honeycombs are found in cracks and cervices rather than hanging on walls or tree branches as bees

wasp pest control

Nest removal: bees have a very strong smelling sense, which means you can use strong-smelling substances like garlic, cinnamon, peppermint, citronella, etc. which can be sprayed over the bee nest for removing them safely. Before doing so be sure to wear a protective suit otherwise bees may sting you. Another well-known method of bee removal is smoke as bees think that there’s a forest fire and fly away, never returning to the nest. For getting the best bees pest control in Sydney you can call Melbourne Pest Control.

  • Carpenter Bee Nests:

Carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees in size but they have a shiny and black abdomen rather than a hairy one. As the name suggests, Carpenter bees build their nests inside anything made of wood like table, floor, walls, beam, doors, and even in dead tree trunks. Just like honey bees, only female carpenter bees can sting and that’s what makes them dangerous. But what’s more harmful is the amount of damage that these bees can cause to your property and that’s why you need to get rid of them.

Nest removal: usually you won’t find big colonies or nests of carpenter bees so it is easy to get rid of them. For this, you can use a bee trap and hang it in front of the nest. You can buy them or build them whichever suits you. You can use things like peppermint or cinnamon sprays directly on their nest holes or play loud music near the nest to disturb them and get rid of them.

  • Wasp Nests:

no matter what kind of wasps you are dealing with, one thing is for sure: the wasp nests are grey and look paper-like and dry. Many people confuse wasp nests with beehives due to their nest shape but they aren’t the same. Unlike bees, wasps don’t pollinate and they can sting multiple times. So overall having them in or near your home is not good. Also, their nests are usually hanging on walls or branches of trees and can be of different shapes and sizes but commonly oval.

Nest removal: wasp control can be tough so we recommend you calling professionals like Melbourne Pest Control but still if you think you can handle them on your own then please try to do it safely. Firstly, wear a protective suit to protect your body from getting stung. Do the wasp extermination at night as they are not active at night. You can use dish soap solution, pesticides spray, or insecticidal dust to get rid of them easily. Just make sure that you must go inside your home after spraying the nest and stay there until all the wasps are gone.

  • Ant Nests and Colonies:

if you see small balls of soil near a crack inside your home then it can be there because of ants, living inside that crack. Usually, you won’t spot these nests as they aren’t spottable that easily. If there’s an ant colony in your garden then you will see an anthill, where all the ants will be coming to the surface. But in the case of carpenter ants, you will find their nest in the form of holes in wood.

ant pest control

Nest removal: ant nest removal is not so tough. You can simply add some essential oils in water and spray it on their nest and they’ll be gone in no time. You can use borax, vinegar, diatomaceous earth, or baking soda to make a mixture in water and spray it directly on their nest. Or to effectively and remove bugs you can call Melbourne Pest Control.

  • Termite Nests:

their nests are not always visible as they eat wood and make their colonies inside the wood. Sometimes you might see mud tunnels on the surface of the wall or furniture. These tunnels are made by termites, that might be present anywhere in your home. Follow the tunnel and you will reach the place from where these termites are coming. If there’s a termite colony in your yard then it will be easier to spot it as termites living underground make a mound above ground or sometimes on trees also.

Nest removal: you can put some poisoned baits near the termite colony and wait for them to carry it inside their nest and spread the poison themselves oy you can simply use poisonous foam or dust and apply it all over the nest to speed up the termite killing process. In case your home is under serious termite attack, call Melbourne Pest Control for total termite control in Melbourne.

These were some common insect nests that you will find in and near your home, along with simple ways to remove them. But these methods are only applicable when the infestation is at the primary stage. If you have large nests or bees, wasps, ants, termites etc. then it will be better for you if you call Melbourne Pest Control for pest control in Sydney. Melbourne Pest Control is a team of professionals, having professional and technical expertise in pest removal. So remember your safety is more important than your personal belongings and for protecting both, you can count on Melbourne Pest Control.


A complete guide for ticks and fleas control

Ticks and fleas are some of the most typical and irritating insects. These ticks and flea cause various diseases to pets, animals, and humans in the garden or house. These fleas and ticks bit humans, pets, and birds for their survival. A small tick or feel bite can cause various serious health issues like redness, rashes, headaches, dizziness, difficult breathing, swelling, etc.  That’s why for many people in Melbourne these ticks are a serious problem. But don’t worry as here we Melbourne pest control provide you with a complete detail or guide for flea and tick prevention and control. We also provide some home-based DIY tricks for flea and tick treatment.

Understanding more about ticks and fleas:

The tick is a small parasitic insect that has eight legs. These ticks look similar to a spider. The ticks become large by eating lots of blood. For the blood, these ticks feed on dogs, cats, pets, and humans also. These ticks easily grow in large numbers and cause a great tick infestation.

On the other hand, fleas are also small insects that have six legs. These fleas are slightly similar to the ticks as they also feed on animals, pets, and birds, these fleas can easily jump from here and there and easily attack the pets. A single one flea can live up to 3-4 month on pets or human and can cause great damage. As these fleas can easily jump or hide it become difficult to kill or remove them as compared to the ticks. These ticks and fleas can easily hide in the hairs, fur, or dogs and other animals.

Most common types of ticks’ species:

tick pest control

There are 2 main species of ticks that cause damages that are soft ticks and hard ticks. Both species of ticks don’t jump or fly they simply crawl on the host. These tick species have further flowing types of ticks.

  • Hard ticks: These ticks are not easy to remove. They can survive on their host’s body for much time like for many days. It involves
  • American dog ticks
  • Rocky Mountain wood ticks
  • Deer ticks
  • Lone star ticks
  •  Brown dog ticks
  • Cayenne ticks
  • Ixodes ticks, etc.
  • Soft ticks: As per the name soft ticks can feed or survive on their host for an hour or less. Under this species of ticks, African ticks are categorized.

Common Fleas Species that cause damages:

There are almost 2200 species of fleas in the world. Out of these are the main 3-4 types of fleas that cause great damage to pets and humans. Out of these all fleas species cat fleas and dog fleas are the most common fleas. These fleas don’t crawl on pets or humans they can easily jump from one host to other. These fleas can jump approximately 32 cm horizontally and 16-17 cm upwards. Common flea species are

  • Dog flea: These are the less common type of fleas.  These fleas attack few pets only. They widely cause damage to mammals. These types of fleas are reddish-brown and have a very flat body like a bed bug.
  • Cat flea: These are the most common fleas in Australia which can cause harm to pets and humans. These fleas normally harm dogs, cats, birds, mammals, and humans. These fleas have an oval shape and are very small in size.
  • Human flea: These are the most uncommon type of fleas.  These human fleas only cause damage to rats, mice, pigs, and dogs, etc.

Comparison between a tick and flea:

Due to similar types of damage done by both ticks and fleas most people mistakenly consider ticks and fleas as a similar pest. But in actuality, there is a difference between ticks and fleas. This difference is explained as follows

  1. Fleas have 6 legs while ticks have 6-8 legs.
  2. Fleas can jump from one place to another easily while ticks can’t jump from one place to other. Ticks can only crawl on the body of type animal or host.
  3. Mostly flea only attacks dogs and cat while ticks can attack multiple animals including humans.
  4. Fleas have a small life cycle they generally have a 2-3 month life span while ticks have a large life cycle. They can generally live for 3 years or have a 3-year life span.
  5.  Fleas can cause health issues like swine disease, tapeworms, allergies, etc. while ticks can cause health issues like Lyme disease, rocky mountain disease, etc.

Causes of ticks and fleas infestation?

flea pest control

Ticks and fleas are small insects that like to live in a warm atmosphere and feed on the blood of the pets. Pets get these ticks and fleas mostly from the outdoor area when they go for walk outside. Following are the main causes through which the pets get these ticks or fleas and the ticks and fleas infestation occurs.

  1. Pets can get ticks or fleas transfer from the humans
  2. From the visit to the veterinary clinic
  3. From the  parks and garden area
  4. From the board pet homes
  5. From kennels
  6. From pet grooming parlours
  7. From other pets, etc.

What will attract ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas are mostly attracted toward the blood so that’s why they mostly attack the pets and animals to feed and survive on their blood. In turn, these ticks and fleas spread various harmful diseases on these pests and also grew in large numbers and start the chain of ticks and flea infestation. These ticks and fleas hide in the dark area and attack the pets for blood.  These ticks and fleas can easily hide in dark areas like curtains, woods, trees, brushes, carpets, and rugs, etc.

What do ticks eat?

As we already know ticks and fleas feed on the blood of the human and animals. They work in the same way as bedbugs and mosquitoes do. But they spread a large number of disease to the human and animal by feed on their blood.

Signs of ticks and fleas infestation:

Following are the main signs and symptoms through which one can easily determine whether there is any need for flea treatment or flea and tick treatment or not.

  •  Finding the pets scratching their  body more often than usual, they do
  •  If pets or human in the premises has allergic reactions
  •  Finding ticks on the carpet or rug
  • Spotting small and rug Mark’s of tick and flea bites
  • Finding ticks and flea on cloths or socks
  •  Having itching problems
  • Finding pet losing their hairs more often
  • If pets feel irritating all the time
  • Finding a flea and flea larvae
  • Redness on the skin, etc.

Thus these are the signs through which one can find out what their pets are infected from ticks and fleas or not and according to that, they can adopt various ticks and flea control treatments to get rid of these insects.

What diseases do ticks and fleas transmit?

Ticks and fleas can cause a large no of diseases or health problems in pets and humans also if the bit the human and animals. Following are the main diseases that can be caused by ticks and fleas.

  • Disease transmitted by ticks: Ticks can spread the following diseases.
  • Rocky mountain fever
  • Lyme disease
  • Canine Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Typhus
  • Tick paralysis, etc.
  • Disease transmitted by fleas: fleas can spread the following diseases.
  • Anemia
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Tapeworm infections
  • Cat scratch disease

How to get rid of ticks?

One can use the following DIY treatments or methods at home to get rid of ticks and fleas on your own.

  1. Using need oil: Ticks and fleas hate the smell of neem oil and further neem oil doesn’t cause any damage to the pets also. Simply take a few amounts of neem oil and water and spray it on the pet’s body or on the area of the house where you saw the ticks and flea.
  2. Using vinegar:  One can use the vinegar spray on their clothes, carpets, curtains, and rugs, etc. to remove ticks and flea. Vinegar spray act as a pest repellent and helps in getting rid of ticks and fleas. Simply mix some vinegar and water with some drops of lemon to make this vinegar spray.
  3. Using peppermint oil: Like neem oil peppermint oil also works as a tick and flea repellent. Simply mix the peppermint oil and water and make a peppermint oil spray. Now, spray this solution in the corners and other areas of the house where you saw or find ticks or flea.
  4. Using salt: salt is the best flea and tick repellent. It is one of the easiest methods to get rid of ticks and fleas. Simply take some water and salt and make a spray solution. One can spray this solution directly on the ticks and fleas for best results.
  5. Using essential oils: Like peppermint oil, many essential oils can be used to get rid of ticks and fleas. These essential oils are
  6. Oil of lemon eucalyptus
  7. Tea tree oil
  8. Lavender oil
  9. Cinnamon oil
  10. Citronella oil
  11. Cedarwood oil
  12. Catnip oil, etc.

Thus, these were all the home-based methods through which one can easily get rid of ticks and fleas at home on your own.

Pest control for ticks and fleas:

If the above mention home methods or flea and tick prevention treatment doesn’t work well then don’t worry as you can easily hire the services of pest control experts. The experts like us Melbourne pest control provide the best and effective flea and tick control treatments through which one can easily get rid of these fleas and ticks. We Tick Pest Control Melbourne uses various chemical and non-chemical treatments to kill and remove these ticks from your pet’s body. Further, Flea Pest Control Melbourne also provide 24×7 hour flea and tick control service as per according to the customer’s need. Our experts further assure that these chemical and non-chemical fleas and tick treatments don’t cause any harm to your pets and humans. For more detail, you can contact us at any time.

Pest control price for tick’s treatment:

professional pest control service

We Melbourne Pest Control provide our flea and tick prevention services at very affordable rates. The price of our pest control services simply depends on a few things or factors.  Some of these factors are

  • Type of the pest control services needed
  • Type of equipment to be used.
  •  Level of pest infestation
  • Type of services that customers want
  • After-sale services
  • Type of chemical to be used, etc.

Useful ticks prevention tips to adopt:

For future flea and tick control, one can follow or adopt a few of the following flea and tick prevention tips.

  1. To protect house members or children from ticks and flea infections use insect repellent before stepping outside or outdoor.
  2.  Remove the excess moisture from your pet’s home area to prevent them from ticks and fleas.
  3. Regularly inspect and comb your pets and see whether there is any tick or flea attached to their body or not.
  4. Properly clean all those where you can find ticks and fleas. Like curtains, rugs, dark floor areas, carpets, etc.
  5.  Use small tiny comb for your pets
  6.  Take proper care of pets if they suffer from want health issues take immediate steps.
  7. Use non-chemical DIY sprays to prevent your pets from ticks and fleas.
  8. Do steam cleaning to eliminate extra moisture in your premises, etc.

Thus, this was the complete guide for ticks and fleas control. For further more inquiry, contact our experts right now.


Identifying and Eliminating Cockroach Eggs

There are different type’s pests and insects that are known for their ability to cause damage. Cockroaches are the ones them. The cockroaches are one of the creepiest and disgusting insects which can be found everywhere on your premises. Seeing a single cockroach in the kitchen or house area is a sign that there will be more cockroaches in the house. These cockroaches lay their egg in large numbers which in turn cause cockroach infestation. There are different cockroach types or species which cause cockroach infestation. So due to all this, it becomes important as how to do cockroach pest control to remove these cockroaches and cockroach’s eggs.

The main cause of cockroach infestation is the large number of cockroach eggs which further develop new cockroaches. But don’t worry as here Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide you with the best and effective ways to identify and eliminate cockroach eggs.

cockroach pest control

What do cockroach eggs look like?

Cockroaches lay multiple eggs at one time which increase the cockroach infestation. These large numbers of cockroach eggs are warped in one single casing which is known as oothecae. These oothecae are produced by a female cockroach. This single cockroach eggs case is hard and protects the cockroach eggs. There can be a large number of eggs in cockroach oothecae. The oothecae have a reddish-brown color and their size also varies depending upon the numbers of eggs inside the oothecae or cockroach type that produce eggs.  Its size can vary between 5mm to 10 mm.

How fast do roaches reproduce?

The numbers of cockroaches in oothecae depend upon the species of the cockroaches. Some cockroach species have high reproduction level while other have slow reproduction rate. One cockroach species is German roaches which produce large numbers of eggs. There can be a maximum of 25 to 45 eggs inside single oothecae in case of German roaches. While on the other hand, some cockroach species produce only a few eggs. Like the American cockroach, they can only produce 12-15 eggs in a single case. Along with this the reproduction cycle or rates of cockroach also depends upon how fast the cockroach egg hatch. The German roach hatch in 25-28 days while the other cockroach eggs hatch in 50-60 days. Thus, if by cleaning and removing cockroaches once you think you have done proper cockroach control then you are wrong. As in one month, new cockroach eggs will hatch and your house will again suffer from cockroach-type problems.

Where are roach egg cases found?

The cockroaches use different ways to hide and protect their eggs.  To do cockroaches control or cockroach pest control one needs to find all the cockroaches eggs to remove them completely out of their premises. One can find the cockroach’s eggs by seeing or considering the following ways.

  1. Cockroaches can hide their egg case under various surfaces by sticking the egg case with the surface.
  2. They can also carry their egg case with themself to protect them.
  3.  Cockroaches normally hide their eggs near the dark and warm places which are close to their food source.
  4.  Cockroaches mostly prefer those areas which are ideally hidden from the human site and can not be easily detected or find.
  5.  The cockroach’s eggs can be found in pantries, kitchen, cracks, cupboards, drawers, corners, and closets, etc.
cockroach pest control service

One needs to use a proper torch or flashlights to find out the cockroach’s eggs in all these places.

Cockroach Control:

  1. Use of dishwashing liquid soap spray: The dishwashing liquid can also be used to remove the cockroach and cockroach’s eggs from the premises. Under this method, take 5-6 of tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap and 2-3 cups of water and mix them well. Put this into the spray bottle and spray it in the corners and other areas of the house where you saw cockroaches and their eggs. Repeat this process 3-4 times for effective results.
  2. Use of boric acid: Boric acid is a natural pesticide that can be easily purchased from any market. Cockroaches and many other pests hate the smell of boric acid. Further, boric acid is a powder-based solution that can be used to get rid of various pests like cockroaches, spiders, flies, wasps, termites, bed bugs, rats, and, moths, etc. Boric acid acts as a poison against the pests and help in removing the pests from the indoor and outdoor area of the premises. So under this method take some boric acid in powder foam and sprinkle it into the various places of your house where you can find cockroaches or cockroach’s eggs. But while spraying boric acid be careful and keep it away from the reach of children and pets for their safety.
  3. Use of diatomaceous earth (DE): Like boric acid diatomaceous earth is also an effective pesticide that can be easily purchased from the market or online through different websites. Diatomaceous earth can be used in both liquid and powder forms for removing and eliminating cockroaches’ eggs. Simply sprinkle or spray some diatomaceous earth (DE) in different warm and dark areas of the house or things where you find these cockroach’s eggs and then wait for some time. After that, you will see that the egg case will get destroyed due to the diatomaceous earth.
  4. Us of lemon juice and vinegar: Vinegar and lemon juice are one of the best DIY ingredients that can be used for cockroaches control. Under this method, take 7-9 tablespoons lemon juice and a half-cup vinegar. Make a mixture of them and put them in a spray bottle. Now spray this solution on all the dark and hidden areas where you find the cockroach’s eggs. Repeat this spraying process 2-3 times. It will naturally destroy the cockroach’s egg case and after that one can easily dispose of these cases.

These were all about how to identify and eliminate the cockroach’s eggs on your own. But if you don’t get effective results from these cockroach pest control methods then you can facilitate professional pest control services. Experts like us Melbourne Pest Control provide the best cockroach pest control services. Our experts use different non-chemical and chemical methods to remove these cockroach-type insects. Our experts also provide residential and commercial pest control services to eliminate these cockroaches along with other indoor pests. For more detail, you can contact Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne at any time as we are 24×7 hours available with our cockroach pest control services.


Is there pest control for birds

Any living creature that causes harm to you, food, or things around you, is termed a pest. So any bird that causes any harm to your house or you or your farm then they are considered a pest. There are a variety of pest birds in Australia and differ from place to place. In coastal areas, you will see seagulls, and in urban areas, pigeons are the main pest birds. No matter what type of pest birds you have in your area, they will always cause trouble and all you will think of is how to get rid of them.

For those who are wondering if there are any ways to control these pests, there are plenty of ways and methods of keeping their population in control. You can take care of these birds on your own in some cases but when they are present in huge numbers then your best choice is to call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control who have tons of experience as well as proper equipment to make your property pest-free. No matter if it’s pigeon pest control or sparrow pest control, Melbourne Pest Control workers are prepared for everything.

There are many birds in your area but not all of them are pest birds. So before you decide to eliminate them you must know which ones are the real culprits. Here are some of the most common pest birds that you can find in your locality:

birds removal treatment
  • Pigeon
  • House Sparrow
  • Common myna
  • Common starling
  • Bulbul
  • Seagull, etc.

Many people have a misconception that shooting or killing is the only option to get rid of these pest birds but they don’t know, there are many other ways of bird pest control. You can get bird proofing in Melbourne by any professional or simply put some bird barriers in your home on your own. Some other methods to keep your home bird proof are listed here:

  • Bird spikes: this method is very effective and easily available. As you might have noticed that birds have some common areas where they sit during the daytime. You need to recognize those places and carefully put the bird spikes in those areas. The spikes will not kill the birds but they will make sure that birds won’t be able to sit there as birds like to stay in places that are comfortable for them. Some common places for applying bird spikes are porch roofs, shed roofs, balconies, etc
  • Bright laser lights: another effective way of bird pest control is the use of bright and sharp lasers. These lights are harmless to birds but when birds come in contact with bright lights, they feel uncomfortable and try to avoid them. If their eyes get hit by bright light simultaneously, then they may lose eyesight for some time so they eventually decide to relocate themselves.
  • Colorful balls: surprisingly, only a few colorful balls can get rid of birds from your yard. It can be because there are no colorful round objects in nature and due to this reason birds see them as a threat and try to avoid coming near them. You can simply hang bright-colored balls on trees or on the porch to distract the birds.
  • Electric pulses: there’s not a single living creature that does not hate getting shocked and the same goes for birds. You can place electric pulse wires in those areas where birds most likely to build their nest. As a result, when they get shocked again and again while trying to build a nest, they get scared and never come back. But keep in mind that no one else can reach them or else they will also get shocked.
  • Natural repellents:  garlic oil spray, chilly spray, or honey spray are some of the natural bird repellents that you can easily make at your home. You just need these ingredients along with some warm water and a spray bottle and the rest is up to you where you want to spray them to get rid of birds.
birds pest control
  • Aluminium foil: you can cut strips of aluminium foil and place them in the nesting areas of birds or simply hang them in your yard. This works in 2 ways, firstly, the aluminium foil will reflect light and birds try to avoid any reflective surfaces, secondly, birds also avoid walking on aluminium foil so they won’t go to places where the aluminium foil is lying.
  • Predator decoys: this method is the best way to scare away birds without causing any harm to them. You can easily get these decoys from shops and place them somewhere all the birds can see them. You can even get a mechanical decoy to scare away birds more efficiently. These decoys work similarly as a scarecrow does but more efficiently. So next time you want to get rid of birds, just buy some decoys and place them near your home.

So all these methods are equally effective when it comes to bird pest control in Melbourne. But if you find it difficult to get rid of them then you can always call Melbourne Pest Control for help as we are a team of experienced and well-trained workers who have many years of experience in bird pest control. No matter what species of birds we have to deal with, we are always ready so whenever the bird problem is out of your hands than without giving it another thought call Melbourne Pest Control for help and our workers will get to the site and begin their work of bird pest control. Our pest control services for birds are unparalleled and we don’t say that, our customers do so give us a chance so that you can also experience our services.


How do you kill ticks in your home?

Pests and insects in the house create a great problem for many people. There are different types of pests or insects that can easily enter our house’s indoor or outdoor areas. These pests and insects can cause great damage to house members, pets, property, food material, and other things. These insects can be ticks, fleas, termites, spiders, beetles, wasps, etc. Out of these different pests, ticks are very common pests that can be easily found in your houses. These ticks can easily enter your home through windows and doors. They can bit the human and pets which can be very dangerous. These ticks survive by feeding on pets, humans, and birds. Due to this these ticks are very dangerous and hard to remove. Many people find it difficult to handle these ticks as they also grew in numbers and class harmful damages.

tick pest control

But don’t worry as here we Melbourne Pest Control provide you with the best methods to kill these tricks naturally at home. Most people have questions as

  • What ingredients kill ticks?
  • How to get rid of ticks in the house naturally?
  • How to do tick identification?
  • How to get rid of ticks from home?
  • How to remove ticks from home? etc.

So here we Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide you with simple answers for your all questions through which one can easily get rid of these ticks at home on their own. Our experts here provide you with the best natural or home ingredients-based methods through which one can easily kill ticks at home. These are explained as follows.

Tick identification:

By observing the following signs one can easily do the tick identification in their premises. These signs are

  1. Seeing ticks crawling on the floor
  2. Finding pets scratching themselves
  3. Having allergic reactions
  4. Seeing ticks on cloth and carpets
  5.  House member surfing from skin itching problems
  6.  If pets suffering from hair fall problems, etc.

Thus, if you find any of these sign then this is a serious need of tick removal treatments. Following are the various ways through which one can easily get rid of ticks at home on their own.

tick pest control melbourne
  1. Use of vinegar: Vinegar is the best tick removal treatment that can be used to kill ticks.  If you found any tick in your house or on your cloth or carpet then you can use this vinegar spray on the cloths, carpet, or animals and humans or in your house to get rid of these ticks. For this take 1 cup vinegar and 6-8 tablespoons lemons and make a mixture of them. Now, put this solution into a spray bottle and your vinegar tick killer solution is ready. Now, simply spray this solution directly on the cloths, carpets, and the other tick-infected areas of your house. Repeat this process of spraying this solution 4-5 times to get the best results. It naturally kills and removes the ticks from your house and protects you and your animals from these ticks.
  2. Use of Neem or bay leaves oil: Neem or bay oil can be used to kill ticks. This neem oil is very powerful as it can kill different pests in your house and also doesn’t cause any damage to people, children, and pets. Under this method simply apply neem oil to your body. You can also apply neem oil on your pet’s skin to prevent them from ticks. Further, if you don’t want to use neem oil then you can just use dry neem leaves to get rid of ticks. For this, simply place neem leaves in the various corners of your house to remove the ticks.
  3. Use of salt: Salt can also be used to remove ticks in your house. Simply take 4-5 tablespoons of salt and one cup water and make a mixture of them. Get a spray bottle and put this mixture into the spray bottle. Spray this solution directly on ticks or different tick-infected areas of your house. One can also use salt with baking soda as a tick removal treatment.
  4. Use of peppermint oil: Like neem oil one can also use peppermint-based oil and leaves to kill ticks. Peppermint oil work as a natural tick removal repellent that helps in getting rid of various pests including ticks. Simply take a small amount of peppermint oil and some water and make a mixture of them. After that put this solution into a spray bottle and spray this solution in various corners, around doors, and windows, and another area of your house. One call also applies peppermint oil on their body or pets to avoid ticks. Moreover, you can also simply place dried peppermint leaves in various areas of the house to get rid of these ticks.
  5. Use of dish soap spray: One can also prepare a dish soap spray to get rid of ticks. Take one and a half cups of water and 5-6 drops of dishwashing soap and make a mixture of them. Now get a spray bottle put this solution into a spray bottle and spray this solution in various areas of the house to prevent your house from ticks.
  6. Use of herbal tick spray: One can also use herbal tick removal spray to kill the ticks. For making herbal spray take one and a half cups of vinegar, half cups of water, 4-3 tablespoons lemon juice, and 1-2 tablespoons witch hazel and make a mixture of it. Put this solution in a spray bottle. One can spray this solution directly on their skin, pets, and in different corners of the home. This herbal spray will kill the ticks from your body and home.

Thus, these were all the various natural ways through which you can easily kill ticks at home. But if even after using these treatments, you are unable to get rid of these ticks, or if you find these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as you can easily facilitate the assistance of professional pest control experts. These ticks are also very dangerous for humans and pets so you should always choose pest control services to kill these ticks. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and methods to kill these ticks and other insects from your home. We Tick Pest Control Melbourne use various non-chemical and chemical treatments to get rid of ticks according to the customer’s needs. Our trained professionals also ensure no damage to the people and the pest on your premises. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed ticks control services with 24×7 hours of assistance.


What attracts ants to the home

Having ants at home is a normal phenomenon and they usually don’t cause any harm to you or your belongings. But in some cases these ants can be harmful as some species of ants can damage your property like carpenter ants. Ants can also spread some bacteria in your home that can lead to sickness or infection. These ants are so tiny that you may not notice them at first but when they start moving into your home then you will find it very difficult to get rid of them.

Ants can live in cracks of walls and floors where they dig deeper to make their colonies. Most of the time you will find them in your backyard where they get plenty of water and food without getting in any trouble. Sometimes these ants in your backyard can attack your pets or children if they are disturbed by them. So you must try to get rid of them quickly for making your family and belongings safe.

Things that attract ants

Ants in the house are usually attracted by several things or conditions, in the absence of which you won’t find them in your home. Here are some of those things that attract ants the most:

  • They are attracted to warm temperatures that’s why they mostly live in warm areas like near electric appliances, water heaters, kitchen, etc.
  • Moisture is the second most important thing that is required for the survival of ants and that’s why they try to be in places where there is no shortage of water.
  • Any source of food works like a magnet for ants. Mostly sugar and carbohydrate is the main source of their nutrition so where ever they find it convenient, they start living there.
  • Untidy or unhygienic places also attract the ants as there they find everything they want for their survival.
  • Plants like roses and clematis are among some of the plants that attract ants in the home.
  • Poor sanitary conditions or leakages in your home can also be another thing that is attracting ants to your home.
  • If you don’t empty your pet’s food after he’s done eating then it will also attract ants towards your home.
  • Ants like building their nests in decaying plants or wood. So if you have try to get rid of decaying wood or trees in your yard if you don’t want an ant infestation.

These were just some of the things that attract black ants in the house. Try to keep these things out of reach of wants, remove them or fix them if you don’t want ants in your home, or call Melbourne Pest Control to get rid of ants from your home.

Preventive measures

You might wonder how to stop ants in your home or how to prevent ants from interesting your home. To do so you must take care of things that are responsible for attracting ants to your home. There’s a well-known saying that prevention is better than cure that’s why preventive measures are more important than any other thing in case of protecting your home from ants. There are a lot of preventive measures that work quite well when it comes to an ant infestation and some of those preventive measures are being listed here:

  • If there’s a food or drink spillage in your home then try to clean them quickly as food and drinks are the things that attract ants the most
  • Always clean your home with a vacuum cleaner as it removes all the dirt along with any food particles that can be stuck in cracks of floor or in places where you can’t clean easily like under the bed, table, upholstery, cabinet, etc.
  • If you have pets at home then clean their dishes after they finish eating because their leftovers can also attract ants.
  • Always dump your garbage daily because many things in your garbage are a source of food for ants and if you don’t empty your garbage can regularly then it will work as a feeding area for ants.
  • Fix any leaks in your home or call professionals to take care of them.
  • Keep your food in cabinets or fridge where ants can’t reach it.
  • Don’t leave food uncovered as it will attract ants, cover it with something or store it in airtight containers.
  • Seal away all the entry points or cracks in walls, doors, floor, etc from where ants were coming into your home or from where they can enter in the future.

How to get rid of ants?

get rid of ants

Getting rid of ants is not that tough as you can do that with the help of some common ingredients that are present in your home. There are a lot of ways to deal with ants but Melbourne Pest Control is listing here the best ways to kill or remove ants from your property.

  • Borax bait: borax is a common ingredient that is mostly used in cosmetics and you can easily find it at any general store. It works like a poison on ants so you can make a bait from it and place it in an area where ants can easily access it. Mix a little water and sugar in half a cup of borax to make a paste. The ants will eat this and die as borax works as a poison on them.
  • Citrus juice: there are many citrus fruits present at home and the best known are oranges or lemon. Squeeze 2-3 lemons or half orange in a bottle and mix water in it and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it in every corner, cracks, near garbage cans, and any other place where you see their movement the most.
  • White vinegar: it’s a very effective product to get rid of ants. All you have to do is add 1 cup of water to 2 cups of vinegar and spray it over the areas where you spot ants. The strong smell of vinegar will break the train of pheromone left behind by other ants. You can also mix some vinegar in water for cleaning the floor to remove all sorts of trails left by ants.
  • Mint:: if you want that your yard is safe from ants then you can simply plant min in your garden as its smell is unbearable for ants and at the same time you can use it in your house in different recipes.
  • Grounded black pepper: it’s another natural ingredient that you can use to get rid of ants without killing them. You can simply sprinkle black pepper in the corners of the room or directly over ant trail. The strong smell of black pepper will distort their pheromone trail and make them confused and as a result, they leave your home.
  • Cinnamon: if you are looking for a natural ingredient to not just get rid of ants but also to kill them then the cinnamon powder is your best choice as it has natural none toxic substances in it which are deadly for ants. You can get some grounded cinnamon and sprinkle it in those areas where you spot the ants most frequently.
  • Cornstarch: you need to pour cornstarch all over and near an anthill or place of origin in your home. Cornstarch does not provide any nutrition to ants but still, they are attracted towards it and eat it. Due to lack of nutrition ants start dying slowly and in no time your home becomes ant-free.

All of the methods mentioned above work very well when you want to get rid of ants in the house. But sometimes when you don’t take care of these ants in time, they can spread at an alarming rate which may result in an infestation and an ant infestation is very difficult for you to handle on your own so you should call for professionals to take care of the infestation. Melbourne Pest Control is among the greatest pest controllers present in the market. Our employees are efficient in taking care of these pests as they are equipped with the best techniques and equipment that are used for ant pest control in Melbourne. So next time you are in a need of pest control, without any hesitation call Melbourne Pest Control.


How to Remove Dead Rat from the Roof:

Rat infestation or rat in the house or office premises creates great problems for everyone. These rats or mice in the home or office can cause great damage to the property and health of the people. Further, these rats are also difficult to find in the home or premises as they hide in the most difficult area which cannot be easily found in home or premises. Further, dealing with the dead rat or mice in the home or office becomes more difficult and frustrating for the people. Most people don’t understand how to treat or remove these dead rats from the roof or another area of the home or office. Like a living rat, dead rats can cause various diseases and health issues to the people living in the home or office premises.

Mostly People want to know about the easiest way through which they can easily remove dead rats from their roof or home and can easily get rid of this dead rat problem. Thus here we Melbourne Pest Control provide you with the best and effective rat control services through which one can easily remove dead and alive rats or mice from their premises. Before removing these rats one should know how to identify whether there is any dead rat in your home or home’s roof, or what to do when you smell a dead rat. Thus here our experts provide a complete detail about dead rats along with DIY tips for eliminating dead rat smell.

How to identify a dead rat on the roof:

Having a dead rat on your premises is a serious problem as it can spread various harmful diseases and can become a great disaster for your premises or home. But don’t worry by considering or observing the following points one can easily identify whether there is any dead rat at the roof of their house or premises or not.

  • If you find the smell of a dead rat in the corners or any other area of your home or premises.
  • Finding any other unwanted insect or pest in the home.
  • Seeing properly or food damages in the premises.
  • Finding a large number of flies flying in the particular area of your house or premises.
  • Finding small paws or footprints of rats.

What to do when you smell a dead rat:

The dirty odor or smell of a dead rat is very ugly and worst. This dead rat odor is the mixture of the chemicals produced from the dead body of a rat when the rat’s dead body decomposes. Further the larger the size of the rat or mice stronger will be the smell of a dead rat. When you find a dead rat or mice in your home or odor of dead rat or mice then do the following things.

  • Locate a dead rat: The dead rat in the roof area of your home or premises doesn’t look much effective. But when your smell the bad odor of a dead rat then first find or locate the dead body of the rat or mice. For this simply start looking for a dead body of the rat by following the bad odor of the dead rat. The dead body of eat further attracts maggots, other flies, etc. So by following their path one can also find out the location of the dead rat on the roof.
  • Removal of the rat: once you find out the clause of bad dead rat odor or once your find the dead rat body then the next step is to immediately remove the dead rat from that place. The dead rat removal process can be either easy or difficult depending upon the area of the home or premises where the rat died. Some time these rats go into the wall or ceiling of roofs where that die and the rat removal process become more difficult.
  • Removal of things: As rodents destroy or live inside various objects in your home or premises. It becomes essential to remove or disinfect all these things as these things will further create various health problems by spreading dangerous germs and bacteria, etc.

What things are used to dispose of dead rats from the roof?

Rodent especially dead rats are very dangerous and one needs to take serious action to get rid of these dead rodents from the home or office premises. For this one can appoint the pest control rat removal services of the experts. But if one wants to get rid of these rats at home on their own then for them here our Melbourne Pest Control provides the following ways through which one can easily remove these termites. For this first, one needs to have the following material.

  • Gloves
  • Plastic bags
  • Protective clothes
  • Respiratory makes or face mask
  • Disposable garbage bag or poly thane, etc.

Step followed for removal of dead rats from the roof:

  • Step 1: To remove the dead rat first wear a gloves and respirator or face mask to prevent infections from the dead rat.
  • Step 2:  If the rat dies due to a rodent trap then first, separate the dead rat from the traps.
  • Step 3: Now, take out the dead rat and put it into the disposable garbage poly thin or bag.
  • Step 4: After that take all the rat food, that’s nesting things or objects, and droppings and also put them into the disposable bag.
  • Step 5: Now, that properly seal the plastic garbage bag of a dead rat and throw it into the outdoor area’s garbage bin.
  • Step 6: Then properly wash off your gloves and face mask and safely dispose of them.
  • Step 7: After that properly wash off your hands with hand wash or sanitize your hand with hand sanitizer.

Thus, these were all the steps through which one can easily get rid of these dead rat problems at home or premises on their own. Further one can easily find the dead rat at a different place and prefer the above steps to remove the rat from the roof. The dead rat can be found by seeing the

• Poisoned bait, trap, or pesticide place: See the place where you last placed a poisoned bait, trap, or pesticide.

• Follow rats droppings: By following the rat’s droppings or insects flying in a different area of the house.

• Dead rat smell: By following the dead rat’s strong smell.

• Between ceiling the roof: By finding a dead rat between the ceilings of the roof area of your home or office premises.

DIY tips to overcome the smell of dead rats: By following one or more of the following tips one can easily remove the smell or bad odor of the dead rat from their home or office premises. These tips are as following:

  • Using an air purifier: One can easily eliminate the smell of a dead rat by simply using the air purifier for the whole home or office premises. It can act as the best dead rat smell eliminator. For this simply place the air purifier near the area of dead rat odor.
  • Using odor-removing bags: Though this method, one can remove the bad odors of dead rodents up to some extent only. Under this method simply place the dead rat odor removal bags in the different areas of your premises from where you are getting the strong odor of dead rat. Further, this process can also take 2-3 days for better results.
  • Using an ozone machine: Another way to remove the bad smell of dead rats is using an ozone machine. First, buy an ozone machine and simply turn on this machine. It purifies the odor from the air and removes all the odor and smell from your premises.
  • Using soy candles: Soy candles are the best dead rat smell eliminator. Simply buy these soy candles and burn them in the different areas of your house or premises. It will not only remove the odor but also make the home atmosphere fresh with a sweet-smelling fragrance.
  • Using coffee ground: Under this method simply take a bag of coffee ground and then place it in the corner or place of your premises or home from where you get most of the dead rat smell. Let it there for at least 1-2 days for better results.

Next steps after dead rat elimination:

Removing the dead rat from the roof of your home or premises is not the one solution. Rat is social pests. Once you find one alive or dead rat then there will be more rats in the house or nearby premises. So, one needs to take effective steps to stop this rat infestation. One needs to take the following preventative measures or tips to remove it eliminate these rats.

  • Properly do the repairing of your house or office premises to eliminate all the entry points of rat
  • Block or seal all the rain gutter with a proper wire so that rats can’t enter from there.
  •  If you had a garden and various trees near your home or premises then trim all the tree’s branches so that they don’t touch your home or premise’s building.
  • Properly clean or maintain your kitchen or food area so that it can’t attract the rats.
  •  Do properly disposal of your trash so that rats cannot get any hiding place.
  • Don’t trough food material outside or near your home premises area.
  • Seal all the holes of your home or premises.
  • Secure all your food in airtight containers
  • Maintain a proper garbage bin system on your premises.

Pro tips to get professional help:Thus these were all the ways through which one can easily get rid of dead rats from the roof on their own. But if you find these rats removal tips or steps difficult or if you don’t get any solution from them then you need to get professional rat control services. It’s more effective to do so as these rodents or dead rats if not disposed of as soon as possible then they can spread various diseases and further can infect the health of the people. Further removing the dead rat on your own can also prove dangerous if these steps are  not properly followed so it’s more effective to use the pest control rat removal services of professional experts.

Final thought: The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove both dead or alive rats and rodents from your home or office premises. Further, we provide the best Rodent Pest Control Melbourne services in Melbourne. Our experts use various chemical and non-chemical treatments to remove these rodents from your home permanently according to the customer’s needs. Our trained professionals also ensure no damage to the people and the atmosphere of your premises. Our professionally trained experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these dead rodents and remove them completely without spreading any infection. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts further also provide 100% guaranteed rodent control and dead rodent removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance


How to identify and remove bed bugs

Bedbugs are tiny blood-sucking pests that are commonly found in or near beds and couches. They live in places that are near to a host, from which they can easily get blood to feed. Bed bugs are brown oval-shaped insects, having a size similar to that of a grain of wheat. They are flat before they start feeding and gradually become rounded in shape and become reddish-brown with time.

You need to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible as they reproduce at an alarming rate. They reproduce up to 4 times a year and lay hundreds of eggs each time. Their eggs hatch within months and after that start searching for food. They feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal and humans are also one of their favorite hosts. Another fact that you should know about bed bugs is that they are very difficult to detect at first so as soon as you spot any bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs, without wasting any time call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control to take care of these pests.

Now first things first, you should know about what are the things that you have to keep your eyes open for in case of bed bug infestation. Melbourne Pest Control is going to mention some of the things that will help you in identifying whether your house has been infested by bed bugs or not. Following are some of the signs of bed bugs in your home.

  • If you get sudden itching in the morning after you wake up then this can be due to bed bugs.
  • Visible bite marks that can be anywhere on your body will also confirm your doubt of having bed bugs in your home.
  • Pets scratching themselves can also be an obvious sign of beg bugs infestation as dogs are also a potential source of food for bed bugs.
  • Now if there are bed bugs in your bed then they will bite you and as a result, you may have blood spots on your bedsheets.
  • Having dark or brown stains on your walls, carpets, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. can be the waste secreted by these bugs. Their waste is not visible to the eyes but with time it leaves spots on the surface, it was secreted.
  • Eggshells or shredded skin of their nymphs can also be an obvious sign of bed bug infestation.

Once you have completed your inspection and found evidence of bed bugs in your home, your next thought would be the best bedbug removal treatment that you can use to make your home bedbug free. That’s what Melbourne Pest Control is here for, our team of workers has tested many different methods of bedbug treatment and made a list of the best methods that can be used by you to remove bed bugs from your home. If you are also interested in knowing about how to get rid of bedbugs permanently then go through the following list and select the method that suits you best:

  1. Heat and cold treatment: it’s the very first method on our list as it is the most common one. Bed bugs are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, which means they can’t withstand very high or very low temperatures. You just need to get all the infested stuff and pack it up inside a plastic bag and then either toss it inside the freezer or inside your car during a sunny day, this will kill all the pests in no time.
  2. Vacuum cleaning: firstly, get a brush to scrub your beds, cushions, sofa, etc. to loosen the grip of bed bugs. After that get a vacuum cleaner and clean every area on and around your bed, couch, cracks, paintings, carpets, pet’s bed, etc. where there’s a chance of having bed bugs. Once you’re done, you’ll be amazed by the number of bedbugs you might have collected in your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Natural ingredients: there are many ingredients available in your home that you can use to kill bed bugs very easily and Melbourne Pest Control will be mentioning them here. All you need to do is directly spray or sprinkle any one of these things over the infested area to kill the pests in no time:
  4. Baking soda
  5. Diatomaceous earth
  6. Rubbing alcohol
  7. Essential oils
  8. Cayenne pepper
  9. Baking powder
  10. Tea tree oil

All these are equally effective in killing bed bugs but only if the infestation is in the primary stage. After you have sprayed or sprinkles them over your affected area, let them stay there for an hour and then remove them with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Steam cleaner: it’s the most direct approach to get rid of bed bugs hiding inside the mattresses and cushions. Steam is so hot that it instantly kills any bedbugs that come in direct contact with it. Another thing, it goes deep inside fibers and ensures killing them as well as their nymphs and eggs too.
  • Getting professional help: when the infestation is at its peak and you can’t handle the situation on your own then it’s wise to call professional bedbug killers like Melbourne Pest Control. Professionals are trained workers who have experience and equipment that help them in getting rid of these pests in no time.

Melbourne Pest Control is an emerging name in the field of pest control and next time you need to get bedbug pest control in Melbourne then call us and our workers will be at your service. We work to make your lives better by making your house pest-free, so consider contacting Melbourne Pest Control next time you require pest control.


What kills maggot on animals?

Out of all pests, maggots are one of the most typical insects which cause various health problems to people and animals. Maggots are attracted to food and also cause damage to the animals or pets in the home. They lay their eggs on the food and spread various diseases and illnesses. These maggots can be very dangerous as they carry a poisonous material which neither into the human body through eating the maggot contacting food. Maggot bits the animals like dogs, cats, etc, and sucks their blood. Most people find it difficult to handle these maggots as they grew in numbers and cause harmful damages. Moreover, people also have various questions regarding maggot and Maggot Pest Removal Melbourne like

  • Will bleach kill maggot?
  • How to identify and get rid of a maggot?
  • Where do maggots come from, etc.

But don’t worry as here Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide you with simple and most effective answers to all your problems through which one can easily get rid of these maggots at home on their own.

Where do maggots come from?

Melbourne Pest Control experts here provide the list of where one can find these maggots in their home and can ensure proper prevention from these maggots.

  1. Maggots can easily enter your home through small cracks and holes.
  2. Uncovered food left outdoor or indoor also attract maggot. And maggot easily gets enter into your home.
  3. Extra pet food leave for overnight also become the main cause of maggot infestation.
  4. A large amount of garbage or trash left near the home or outdoor areas are one of the main cause from which the maggot get entered into your premises easily.
  5. Further, your pet’s poop also serves as a decent breeding area for maggots.

How to identify and get rid of maggot?

By seeing the following sign one can identify the maggots and further using any of the following methods can get rid of maggots from the pest.

Sign that your home is maggot infected:

One can easily find that whether their home or office premises are infected by the maggot or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

  • Seeing maggot on the food material
  • Finding live or dead maggot in the home
  • Seeing maggot around the window opening or in small holes
  • Finding flying maggot in the home
  • Small eggs of maggot found in the corners
  • finding a maggot in garbage or trash
  • Skin rashes, etc.

How to get rid of maggot?

Following are the methods by using which one can easily kill maggot.

  • Using vinegar: Vinegar is also a very effective DIY trick that can be used to get rid of these maggots. If you found any maggots on your pets or in your home then you can use this spray on the animals or pets or in your home to get rid of these maggots. For this simply take half cup vinegar and 3-4 tablespoons lemons and ¾ cup of water and make a mixture of them. Now take a spray bottle and put this above-made solution in this spray bottle. Simply spray this solution directly in the home maggot infected area or on the maggots you find on your pet.
  • Using maggot killer shampoo: To protect your pet from these maggots one can use this maggot killer shampoo on their pets. These shampoos will kill the maggot living on your pets and also protect your pets from these maggots in the future.
  • Using bleach: Take a small amount of water and bleach and make a mixture of it. Now pour this bleach directly on the maggots. These maggots will die with this solution. One can also pour this bleach solution inside the trash to get rid of these maggots.
  • Using boiled water: Using boiled water is one of the very effective ways to get rid of these maggots. Simply boiled the water properly and then pour hot water on the maggot infected area of your home. One can also use hot water to clean the pet shelter and nearby area to make your pet’s home maggot-free. It further also kills other germs and bacteria.
  • Using vehicle chemicals: vehicle chemicals like motor oil or carbonator cleaner or motor oil or diesel, etc. can be mixed with hot water to kill maggots. Simply spray these oil or chemical near the pet area to protect your pet from these maggots.
  • Using salt: salt is the substitute for diatomaceous earth which can be sprinkled near the pet area as it doesn’t cause any harm to pets. For this just take a small amount of salt and sprinkle it in the trash or corners of the home or directly on the maggots.
  • Using diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is a common pest killer that is used to get rid of a large no. of pests like cockroaches, ticks, maggots, bees, ants, etc. Simply take diatomaceous earth in powder form and directly sprinkle it on the maggots to kill them. One can also sprinkle this diatomaceous in the trash or other area but keep it away from the pet or pet areas.
  • Using essential oils: Essential oil like Cinnamon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc. can be used to get rid of these maggots. Simply take a small amount of any of the above essential oils and spray it in the various area of your home and an outdoor area where you saw the maggots. One can also directly apply this oil on maggots to prevent your pets from these maggot insects.

Thus, these were all the various methods through which one can easily identify the maggot and can naturally get rid of these maggots. But in case, even after using these home methods, one is unable to get rid of these maggots, or if one doesn’t have much time to use these tricks then don’t worry as they can easily facilitate maggot killing services of professional experts. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove these maggots and other insects from your home. We provide the best Maggot Pest Control Services in Melbourne. We Maggot Pest Control Melbourne experts provide various pest control services by using various non-chemical and chemicals treatments according to the customer’s needs. Our trained professionals also ensure no damage to the people and the animals. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed maggot control and maggot removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.


How to get rid of silverfish without hiring professionals

Silverfish is a nasty pest that you come across all the time. Most of the time you will find them near your old newspapers or in bookshelves as they feed on paper very often. These pests don’t look harmful at first but if they are present in a large no. they can cause a lot of damage to your home as they can eat anything that comprises starch, sugar, or protein, and most of the things present in your home are made up of these things. They can survive for so long without food and can destroy books by chewing through the glue and pages of books.

silverfish pest control melbourne

Why do I have silver fishes in my house?

Before Melbourne Pest Control tells you how to get rid of silverfish, let’s first inform you about the facts that contribute towards the appearance of silverfish in your home. Silverfish requires a moist and dark surrounding to survive so you will mostly find silver fishes in those areas where there is a source of water. Silverfish need to keep themselves hydrated all the time that’s why they are mostly found in and near sinks, dustbins, bathrooms, washrooms, etc. where there’s plenty of water present to keep them hydrated. Also if you don’t have proper ventilation in your home then you will find silverfish all over your home as humidity will stay in your home all the time. So keep your windows open for proper ventilation.

How to get rid of silverfish (home remedies)

Silverfish is a sneaky pest that can’t be easily seen as it is very fast and always stays in dark. As soon as it gets detected by someone, it runs away and hides in shady places. That’s why it becomes quite difficult for people to get rid of them. But Melbourne Pest Control is here to help you get rid of silverfish in no time. You can use any of the following methods to get rid of silverfish in no time. Adopt any one of the following methods:

  1. Wet newspaper: it’s one of the oldest techniques used for getting rid of silverfish. You just need a newspaper for this method. First of all, get a piece of newspaper and put it in water to make it wet. Now wrap that wet piece of newspaper in a dry newspaper. Put this newspaper in a dark place and let it stay there overnight. The next day you will find silverfishes crawling inside the newspaper. Pick the newspaper and throw it away in the garbage.
  2. Orange peels: silverfish can’t stand the fragrance of citrus fruits. They stay away from those places where citrus fruits are there. So you can place orange peels in the corners where you have spotted silverfish in your home. Within days you will see that silverfish movement will be very low. Just keep replacing dried-out peels with fresh peals.
  3. Diatomaceous earth: if you want to dehydrate silverfish and make them die, then this white substance will be your best choice. Just sprinkle diatomaceous earth near the infested areas and as a result, the silverfish will start dying due to dehydration after coming in contact with the powder.
  4. Salt: Salt works just like diatomaceous earth as it also dehydrated the exoskeleton of silverfish. Sprinkle salt over the places where you find silver fishes or directly over the silverfish. Salt takes time to show results but you won’t be disappointed with the results.
  5. Sticky traps: you can find sticky traps at your local store for catching silverfish. All you need to do is place some sugar or bread in the center of the trap and in no time all the silver fishes will be attracted towards it. Sticky traps are most prominent pest control technique as it traps not just a single type of pest but all types of pests.
  6. Camphor tree or plant: camphor trees can be grown in your front yard to get rid of any pests in your yard. Pests do not like the smell of camphor and as a result about coming near this tree. You can place your garbage cans near the tree and there won’t be any pests or silverfish near it.
  7. Cucumber peels: it’s another natural silverfish repellant on our list. Silverfish hates the smell of cucumber and can’t stand it. You can keep cucumber peels in those places where you find silverfish and within days they will disappear. Remember to replace dried-out cucumber peels from time to time.
  8. Boric acid: it’s a harmful poison for silverfish as it kills them if they eat it. All you need to do is sprinkle some boric acid or borax in moist and dark areas. It will work in both ways as it will kill silverfish along with their eggs.
  9. Essential oils: there are so many essential oils present in the stores that you can use to get rid of silverfish. Essential oils are usually used to make your home smell fresh but the same fragrance works as a repellant for silverfish as it can’t survive in the presence of strong fragrances.
  10. Silica gel: it’s also a dehydrating agent in our list. You have to scatter some silica gel in the shady areas. When a silverfish comes in contact with the gel, the gel gets attached to the skin of the silverfish and starts removing all the waxy coating of silverfish.

All these simple tricks and techniques help get rid of silverfish in your home but still if you see silverfish in your home then call Melbourne Pest Control for help. Melbourne Pest Control will provide you the best silverfish pest control in Melbourne and that also at a reasonable price. Before the infestation reaches its peak, act wisely and call us for fixing your appointment for silverfish pest control.