Bed Bugs: Do I Need To Hire An Exterminator?

At the end of the day, when you’ve completed all your daily tasks and now you’re finally ready to rest, you take refuge in your bedroom. But what if you go to your bed knowing that unwanted creatures are crawling all over you and sucking your blood while you are asleep. This can be happening to you and you might not even know about it. Sometimes your house can be infested by bedbugs, and you might not even notice them at first glance as they are tiny and able to hide easily in small cracks. They only come out at night when everything stops moving and you are deep into your sleep. They can enter your home from outside in many ways. Sometimes you may get them from a public place or any public transport, or from your friend’s home, which has also been infested by bed bugs. So for the sake of your family and yourself, you need to take care of these pests as soon as possible as this problem only keeps growing, until it is too late and you end up throwing your mattress and bed into the garbage.

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs on your own?

get rid of bed bugs

If your house has been infested by bed bugs then the first thing that pops up into your head is how can you get rid of these pesky bugs from your home on your own. For that, you can implement several methods of bed bug extermination by yourself. You can look up some ways of handling this situation on your own. You will find plenty of bed bug killer recipes online and some of those will claim that it’s the best way to kill bed bugs but in actuality, only a few of them are effective. Most of them are just ineffective or less effective. So if you are trying to take care of this situation on your own then you have to properly analyze all those methods and then accordingly choose the one that suits you best. Even after doing all this, there’s no such guarantee that it will take care of these pests completely. So it is not a good idea to go for home remedies in case of bed bugs, especially when the infestation is at its peak.

Using pesticides for killing bed bugs

Many people are of opinion that they can easily take care of any pests by using a pesticide. But they don’t know one thing that using pesticides on your own is not so easy. The first problem in this approach is that you have to choose from a variety of pesticides, the one that will be sufficient for the job. After that, you need to properly apply it in places where you have spotted or you suspect to be infested by bed bugs. If you leave pesticides for too long on a surface then it becomes difficult to remove and if you remove them too early, then it won’t kill the bugs. And at last, after you have completely removed pesticides and bed bugs, you need to clean the area as any residue of pesticides can be harmful to your children and even your pets. On the other hand professionals like Melbourne Pest Control are experienced in this field and have so much experience that they can easily take care of these situations. So you should prefer calling professionals for bedbug pest control in Melbourne.

Why hire an exterminator?

This is a question that always pops up into every Australian’s mind whenever they have a bed bug infestation, and its reason for that is quite simple. Because hiring an exterminator can be costly for some people but if you look at the facts and figures properly then you will see that hiring professional bed bug exterminators is economic. By hiring a professional like Melbourne Pest Control, you will not just be making your property free from bed bugs but along with that, there will be so many more benefits attached to it. Here are some of these benefits mentioned, that might make you know the benefits of hiring an exterminator:

  • They are trained professionals who have proper knowledge of hiding places as well as feeding habits, which will help them in doing their work in the best way possible and using the correct measures.
  • Although there are so many species of bed bugs and you might not be able to identify them at first glance but professionals know exactly what they are dealing with and accordingly use the most appropriate tools for that.
  • After a thorough inspection, they can even tell you the reason for the Infestation and suggest measures for any future infestations.
  • They will help you in cutting the cost of buying a new mattress as the bed bug Infestation sometimes leads to mattress replacement because these bugs can be so deeply embedded inside your mattress that it becomes impossible to remove them completely.
  • They save your most precious thing, and that is time, by taking care of the situation as fast as possible.
  • After they have finished their work, they make sure that your premises are properly cleaned so that there’s not a single trace of chemicals that were used to take care of the bugs problem.
  • And at the end of the session, they will recommend to you what you should and should not do if the same problem arrives shortly.
hire an exterminator

Preventive measures

Keeping bed bugs out of your home is not an easy job but it’s also not impossible. If you take care of some things then you will definitely be able to decrease the chances of bed bug infestation by 90%. Do as suggested below by Melbourne Pest Control and your property will be free from bed bugs:

  • Try to avoid sitting on public transport seats that look unclean.
  • After coming back from a vacation or a visit toa hotel, take a bath before doing anything else.
  • After you’ve visited any place, toss your clothes into the washing machine and wash them as soon as possible.
  • Bathe your pets once every month.
  • If your neighbors have bed bug infestation then look for any cracks or openings in your home and then fix them properly.
  • Take a bath regularly and always do the laundry once or twice a week.
  • Keep changing the bed sheets and pillow covers after 1-2 months.

By following these simple and easy instructions, you can make sure that your house is protected from bed bug Infestation. But if your property has already been attacked by these bugs or you are under suspicion that there may be bed bugs in your home then call Melbourne Pest Control as soon as possible. We will dispatch our team of professionals to your location as soon as possible. The problem of bed bugs can increase within days and it becomes quite tough to take care of them when their infestation is at its peak. So without giving it a second thought, always call professionals like Melbourne Pest Control whenever you are looking for the best bed bug exterminators in the town. You, the customers, are our priority, and making sure that your property is not harmed is our foremost duty and for that, we do our best. Our workers are trained professionals who have years of experience in the field of bed bug extermination, and they also have access to the latest technology and chemicals, which help them in taking care of these pesky insects in the least time possible. So call our service providers and book your extermination session right now.


How To Get Rid Of Maggot Infestation

Out of all pests, maggots are one of the most typical and weird insects which cause health damage to animals and people. These maggots are attracted to food and also infect the animals and pests. Generally, maggots lay their small eggs on the food material and cause various illnesses and diseases. These maggots carry poisonous material which can be proving very dangerous for people and animals. Many people find it difficult as to how to handle and get rid of these maggots as they spread their infestation at a large number. Further, these maggots also bite the animals like cats, birds, dogs, cows, etc. And feed on their blood.  Due to all this, it is very necessary to handle and remove these maggots from the premises. Further people have various questions as

maggot infestation
  • How to get rid of maggot infestation?
  • Will bleach kill maggot?
  • How do you kill maggots carpet solutions?
  • How to kill maggots?
  • What kills maggots?

Don’t worry as here we Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide you with simple and most effective methods through which one can easily get rid of these maggots at home on their own. These are the natural and home ingredients-based methods that can easily kill these maggots at home. These all maggot remover methods are given as follows.

How to identify maggots?

By seeing or observing any of the following signs one can identify the maggots

Sign of maggot infestation:

One can easily find that whether their home or premises are infected from maggot infestation or not by inspecting and seeing the following signs.

  • Finding maggot on the food or eatable material
  • Seeing live or dead maggot crawling in the home
  • Finding maggot around the window opening or in small holes
  • Seeing flying maggots in the home
  • Finding small eggs of maggot in the corners of the premises
  • Seeing a maggot in garbage or trash
  •  Having health issues like skin rashes, etc.

How to get rid of maggot?

Following are the methods by using which one can easily get rid of maggot.

  1.  Use of vinegar: Vinegar is a very effective DIY trick that can be used to get rid of these various insects including maggots. If you found any maggots on your dog or cat or in your home then you can use this vinegar spray on the pets or in your home to get rid of these maggots. For this simply take 1 or half cup vinegar, 5-6 tablespoons lemons, and a half cup of water. Now make a mixture of them and put it into a spray bottle. After this simply spray this solution directly on the home maggot infected area or on the maggots you find on your pet.
  2. Use of maggot killer shampoo: In the case of pets, one can also use maggot killer shampoo to remove maggots from pets. To protect your pet from these maggots one can buy these maggots killer shampoo easily from the market. These shampoos don’t include any harsh chemicals and protect the pets from maggots. It will kill the maggot living on the pets and also protect your pets from these maggots in the future.
  3. Use of bleach: Under this method take a small amount of water and bleach and make a thin paste of it. Now pour this bleach paste directly on the maggots. These maggots will die with this spray solution. One can also use this bleach solution for different places like in various corners of the house, inside the trash, etc. to get rid of these maggots.
  4. Use of boiled water: Using boiled water is also an effective way through which maggot can be removed. But don’t try this method on pests or people as it can harm their skin.  Under this method boiled some water and then pour this hot water on the maggot infected area of your home. One can also use hot water to clean the pet shelter or your pet area to make your pet’s home also maggot-free. It further also kills other different germs and bacteria.
  5. Use of vehicle chemicals: Various vehicle chemicals like motor oil, carbonator cleaner, motor oil, petrol, diesel, etc. can be used along with boil water to kill maggots. Just make a spray of any of these oils with some water and then spray these oil or chemical near the pet area or other house area to protect your pet from these maggots.
  6. Use of essential oils: Various essential oil like Cinnamon oil, neem oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera oil, olive oil, etc. can be used to kill these maggots. Simply take a small amount of any of the above essential oils and some water and spray it in the various area of your home and an outdoor area where you saw the maggots. One can also spray this solution in the pet shelter area to remove maggots and other pests. One can further directly apply this oil to pets to prevent your pets from these maggot insects.
get rid of maggot

Thus, these were all the various natural methods through which one can easily kill and remove these maggots from their premises. But in case, even after using these homes based methods, one is unable to get rid of these maggots, or if one doesn’t have much time to apply these methods or if one finds these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as one can easily facilitate the assistance of professional pest control experts. Moreover, these maggots are also very dangerous for human and animal so one need pest control services to kill these maggots. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools and techniques to remove these maggots and other insects from your premises. We provide the best Maggot Pest Control Melbourne services. Our experts provide various maggot pest control services by using various non-chemical treatments as per the customer’s needs. Our experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these maggots and remove them completely. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed maggot control and maggot removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.


Types of flies and the danger they pose

You might be familiar with flies due to their annoying sound. No one in the world cant look at a fly and not recognize it as flies are present all over the world, except in Antarctica. Flies are among those pests that don’t just cause harm to you by spreading diseases but also annoy you with their irritating habit of coming again and again near you. No matter how hard you try to make them go away, they won’t go away and again come and do the same thing that they were doing previously. It’s also very tough to catch a fly as they are very quick and are more like an escape artist. In short, having flies in your home can be annoying as well as dangerous at the same time.

Where do flies come from?

Just like any other insect, flies also lay eggs. You might have never seen their eggs due to 2 reasons, first, their eggs are tiny, even a cluster of 100-200 eggs will only be equal to the size of pee, and second, flies lay their eggs in filthy places. Most of the time they will lay their eggs in the garbage or dead and decaying organic matter. After some time the eggs hatch into maggots. The white larvae of flies are also familiar to many people as they have seen them in the garbage, at least once in their life. These maggots will continue to feed until they reach the pupa stage. Then once they have matured, they break through and enter the nearest building as soon as possible. That’s why it’s always advised to cover the garbage cans so that flies cant lay their eggs in them.

types of flies

Flies can be of different shapes and sizes depending on their species. But they all have one thing in common that is need for food to survive. For the sake of satisfying their hunger, they start flying and searching for any source of food. In their conquest for food, these flies enter your house through any small openings in the walls or doors. The flies have a very strong smelling sense and that’s why they end up near your food. So if you want different types of flies to stay away, you need to make sure no food is left uncovered. These flies can reproduce very fast and if they are not controlled properly, then they can become a threat in no in that case you must call professional pest controllers like Melbourne Pest Control.

Types of Flies

Although there are more than 100,000 species of flies found in the world, Melbourne Pest Control is mentioning here 3 of the most common species that are found in abundance in nature:

House Fly

Out of so many species of flies, house fly is the most common species. They can be found in any type of climate and can sustain life in the worst-case scenarios easily. Flies feed on anything but their favorite is sweet things as it’s easier for them to feed on sweet things. Flies prefer feeding on liquid foods as they don’t have teeth to chew their food and prefer liquid food that they can drink through their straw-like mouths. Most of the time you will find house flies near garbage or decaying food, that’s because flies can easily feed on them rather than on a solid surface of fresh fruit or vegetable.

House flies can be a big problem in your home as they can multiply very fast. A single fly can lay up to 500 eggs in its life span, on average. Flies usually lay their eggs in places where their larvae can easily get access to food and grow as soon as possible. After the eggs hatch, the larvae start feeding and reach their pupa stage in 4-5 days and eventually reach their adulthood in 10-15 days. A whole lifespan of a fly is typically 25 days after which it dies. But within this 25 days lifespan, a female fly lays so many more eggs and the cycle goes on.

Many people say that flies appear in their homes out of nowhere. One day there is no trace of flies and then the next day there are a lot of flies, flying around and buzzing in their ears all day long. People get annoyed because of this and assume that flies come into existence out of thin air. But in actual their larvae are always around you, roaming here and there in search of food. They are in the garbage cans, in the sink, under the fridge, or behind the cabinet wherever there is a source of food for them. They silently feed on decaying fruits, veggies, or even dead rodents, and when it’s finally time for them to break through their pupa, they come out and start flying free here and there in search of more food. In some cases, these flies may also enter your home from cracks and openings in the walls and doors. In short, you can make sure that they cant spawn in your home by keeping your home neat and clean.

fly pose

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are another kind of flies that are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. In Australia, you can easily find them and if you have any fruit-bearing plants in your backyard then chances of having these flies in your home are extremely high. Fruit flies are similar to normal house flies but the only difference is in their appearance. A fruit fly is smaller in size and is light brown with red or dark brown eyes. They also don’t have a biting mechanism in their mouth so they also have to feed on liquid foods. But unlike normal house flies, they cant feed on decaying organisms like rodents or dead animals, instead their source of nutrition is fruits and vegetables. So they search for foods that are fermented so that they can extract the nutritious liquid from them.

Fruit flies also have a lifespan similar to that of a housefly. Another common thing about these flies is that they both are attracted towards sweet-smelling things or sugar in general. So if you have cooked something sweet then better cover it before a fruit fly decides to taste it. Fruit flies also spread several diseases because the decaying fruits and veggies that they feed on have many other diseases causing bacteria on them and when these flies land on these decaying things, they attach these bacteria to their feet and mouth, and eventually when they sit on your food, these unwanted bacteria also get transferred to your food.

For the sake of your safety you must always throw away fermented fruits and vegetables as soon as possible, otherwise, fruit flies may come and even lay eggs in them. In some cases, it was found that in fresh fruits, fruit flies lay their eggs if the skin of the fruit is torn in someplace. After that, the maggots comfortably keep on feeding and eventually crawl out when they are full. The fruit seems good from the outside but it has been hollowed and infected from inside. So be sure to cut your fruits before having them.

Horse Fly

Horse flies are the third on our list of flies. They are the most dangerous species of flies as they don’t feed on  Or fruits or even decaying organic matter. Instead, they feed on horses and other mammals. Horseflies are named so because they were most of the time found near horses. Horseflies have a mouth developed to bite and tear flesh and drink their blood. Only female horse flies feed on blood whereas male horse flies usually feed on nectar and pollen.

These flies are not just deadly because of their biting ability but also because they are so big. During the nighttime, these flies can hit the passengers on two-wheeler and cause damage to them. These flies are attracted to light and because of that, they strike the windshields of many vehicles.

Unlike other flies, these flies breed in nature and usually near water sources. Their life cycle is comparatively longer than that of other flies. Once they reach adulthood, they start flying around in search of food. They can easily cover a large area by flying and don’t stop until they have found a source of food. Most of the time these flies were found near horses as horses have torn skin and it becomes easier for flies to feed.

Types of dangers they pose

You might think that what damage can these tiny flies cause. You might never even consider them as a threat but in actual they are way more dangerous than you think. The danger they cause comes in various forms. Here are some of the most common dangers caused by flies:

pest control service
  • Flies may spread several harmful diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, etc. Most of these diseases are transmitted from person to person, that means if you get these diseases then chances are that your other family members can also conceive these disease from you.
  • Some flies like horse flies have a mouth that is built for devouring skin and drinking blood, which means if you have horse flies in your surroundings then chances are that they will try to feed on you while you are asleep.
  • Fruit flies are known to feed on over ripen fruits and vegetables but fewer people know the fact that they also lay their eggs in the flesh of ripe fruits. So if you have bought fresh fruits and let them outside, uncovered then chances are that fruit flies can lay their eggs inside them.
  • Along with disease, flies are also responsible for transporting microbes and bacteria into your body, indirectly. Flies sit on the garbage and all other sorts of dirty stuff and carry bacteria and disease-causing microbes from there and then afterward when they land on your food they transfer those bacteria into your food.
  • If you have open wounds then flies can cause infection in it by sitting on it and feeding on dead skin. So you must cover your wounds and wash them if flies have sat on them.

So it must be clear by now that flies can be dangerous for you and they are present around you in different shapes and sizes. They can easily infiltrate your home and contaminate your home in a very short time. Also if you don’t take them seriously and keep ignoring them, then they can multiply within a month or two. So whenever you are in a situation of a fly infestation then you must always call Melbourne Pest Control for help. If you want to get fly pest control in Melbourne then Melbourne Pest Control should be the one that you call as our staff is the best for taking care of these situations. No matter how bad the situation is, Melbourne Pest Control workers do the work with ease and in the shortest time possible. So if you want your house to be fly-free then contact us right away.


Pest control inspection and treatment

In the process of pest control, inspection is one of the most important steps. In the inspection, a professional will look around your property and try to look for all those things that are causing pest infestation. Inspection is also of many types, depending on the size of premises or based on suspicion of our customers. The inspection will also help in identifying any areas which may lead to a future infestation. So in short you can say that without inspection, the whole pest control process is a waste of time and resources.

In some cases, people think that something is causing the pest control or suspect that there can be a pest infestation based on their judgment, but afterwards, in the inspection, it appears that it is not a pest infestation indeed. Therefore, professionals like Melbourne Pest Control are professional workers, who will inspect your property and inform you regarding these things and even save your money in case there’s no need for pest control.

In many cases, people attempt to inspect on their own but aren’t able to do it properly. That’s why you should call Melbourne Pest Control for getting your property inspected in Melbourne. Here are some other reasons why you should let professionals do the inspection:

  • Knowledge to identify pests: many times, people are mistaken by some facts and end up thinking their house is under pest attack. They see an old nest of a wasp and assume it to be active, find burrows in the backyard, and can’t figure out if it’s an abandoned burrow or not. But our workers are experienced in knowing what are signs of an active pest infestation.
  • Knowledge of pest behaviours: every pest species has its own needs and has its significant behaviour. Some things that attract one pest will repel others. Some only require shelter at your premise and some are there to invade your property, like termites. An effective pest infestation can only be done if all these things are known by the inspector beforehand and Melbourne Pest Control workers know all these things.
  • Knowledge of preventive measures: only knowledge of pest behaviour is not sufficient as the main goal of the inspection is not just identifying the pests or potential risks of pest infestation. The underlying feature of the pest infestation is eventually taking care of existing pests as well as making your premise pest-proof. This all could only be done by a trained person, who has done it regularly, and when you are in contact with Melbourne Pest Control workers then you need not go any further for professional pest control services in Melbourne.

As mentioned here, the ultimate goal of the inspection is to eliminate any and every pest attack. To do so firstly, the pest control service provider will thoroughly inspect to identify the kind of pests that you have on your premise and then accordingly plan the peat control treatment, that will effectively take care of these pests. There can be a single pest or multiple pests found in the inspection and each pest control will require different ways and methods for taking care of these pests. Here are some most common types of pest control services provided by Melbourne Pest Control:

  • Professional bed bug removal: bed bugs are very common pests to be found in your home. If you clean your bed sheets and pillow covers regularly, then the chances of having bed bugs at home will be very low. Bed bugs are very dangerous pests as they hide in plain sight and feed on your blood while you are asleep. But Melbourne Pest Control takes care of them with professional cleaning solutions and industrial use vacuum, which sucks out all of them in no time.
  • Professional carpet moth treatment: there are a variety of moths and each of those moths is annoying, but usually they don’t cause any harm to your property. But the carpet moths on the other hand damage your carpets and other cloth items in the house. To take care of them, Melbourne Pest Control uses our special moth repellents, that are eco-friendly and don’t cause any harm to your pets or loved ones. In no time our workers will make your property moth free.
  • Professional wasp removal: wasps can be a nuisance for people in a lot of ways and overall their stings are the most dangerous thing as it causes pain as well can be lethal for those who are allergic to their sting. To effectively remove them, Melbourne Pest Control workers use a protective suit for their safety and smoke-based wasp removers that get rid of wasps. Another method of removing wasps is by removing their nests and disposing of them far away.

Doing the inspection and pest control on your own can be quite hectic for you as it requires a lot of experience and precision to do these tasks. So instead of getting all this work done on your own, you can simply call us for making your property pest-free. All the methods used by our employees are ecofriendly as well as reasonable price effective. The services provided by our workers will satisfy you, we guarantee that. So whenever you have a pest infestation or you think there are signs of pest infestation in your home, then just call Melbourne Pest Control and our workers will take care of these pests in Melbourne.


You need two types of a home inspection before buying a new home

Buying new accommodation presents to be one of the most significant steps of any person. Hence, under similar lines, it also becomes important to ascertain those steps of consideration that could allow us to foresee any future implication and makes us sure about the purchase. It can also be quite overwhelming for the homeowner to look for the varied pest which can possibly short problems in and around your accommodation in severe cases.

Pre emotively getting the best of home inspection done can allow one to surge for varied options to possibly eradicate the concern of pest infestation in and around the accommodation in a much structural manner. Having the appropriate inspection of the accommodation allows you to create the well-being of much-sorted evidence of the insects around the environment appropriately. Melbourne pest control is one of the finest professional units which helps to deal with any kind of cohabiting pest in a much constructive manner. Pest inspection has varied major implications, it allows us to assure that the entire accommodation is maintained in its wellbeing. The best Termite exterminator can be availed with professional help. The team of professionals places the best of processes and methods to eradicate the nasty pest from your accommodation.

Inspection when buying a home

termite pest control

We all are aware of the fact, that a new accommodation can readily attract a higher number of pests to the possible site in varied situations. Checking the exterior and interior of the property. Having learned about the above concerns of the pests in your new house, a few of the common household pests which should be seen during the course are cockroaches, earwigs, rodents, fleas and ticks, silverfish, termites, spiders. One of the most preliminary approaches to carry forward the inspection in the desired manner starts with the all-around checking concerns of the exterior and interior property associates. A few pointers which could be used to highlight the inspection of commodities include:

  • Checking for leakage of pipers
  • Traces or paths which could allow the early accessibility of the pests inside the accommodation
  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged and moist wood surfaces
  • Droppings across the corners of the accommodation which could possibly be the reason, for their marked presence
  • Checking for appropriate conditioning and cleanliness of the rooms etc.

The importance of wood-boring pest

A pest inspection is usually different from the ones which are conducted by the homeowners for other varied purposes. The most crucial of the pest problems are attributed to the structural damage being caused by these notorious pests to the household. An important point which takes mention here is about the termites, which causes irreplaceable damage to the varied household commodities by the potential pests like termites etc. A termite inspection is a much-required step while it comes to the need for inspection terms. Termites are a great threat to the furniture and household entities; hence their inspection is for sure crucial. Termite information allows us to devise the best of their removal strategy in a constructive manner. Wood termites are specific for fresh and moist wooden furniture. Tick pest control Melbourne is the strongest avenue to deal with all your ticks related issues for your household pets. Considering the crucially of this inspection procedure, usually the professional pest control owners are being hired to take care of the series of steps involved in the same.

Factors affecting the choice of termite treatment

Whenever we buy a new house, the potential attributes of any damage, pests or adversity is crucial to be taken care of. As an important step, this pest inspection step is confined to look after the appearance of all those possible pests such as the moths, scorpions, termites, beetles, snakes etc. who could potentially create much of the risk to your life in any scenario. All those common pests which could blow away the considerate amount of risk and damage to your surroundings can be dealt with this. This shall not only help you to make the best of the pest management services but shall also allow you to have a hassle-free experience in the new accommodation.

professional pest control
  1. The foremost advantage of making way for the finest pest inspection considers is capturing the very know-how of the pest. This also means that you can look for those plausible ways in which the addressing of the necessary pest related problems can also be ascertained well.
  2. Most of the time, it is also being seen that future regret can be avoided in the best terms while the pre-inspection step can make you well aware of the ambient conditions.
  3. Of course, while you know that in prospective time, these possible terms can be used to shoot a threat to us, we can look for ways of getting down the bid and present affordable negotiations.

The bottom line:

Professional help can always be sought to get rid of any relatable issues. Reach out now to our nearest professional help and make way for a pest-free environment in no time. Allow your new accommodation to be in the best verse you have always desired about.


Protecting your valued furniture with termite treatment

There are different kinds of pests found in nature, that can infiltrate your home and cause damage to you and your property. Some of these pests are dangerous for your health and can cause injuries to you and your family members, like ants, bees, hornets, etc. While some can spread diseases and annoy you at the same time like mosquitoes. But some other pests will not cause any personal harm to you but they will destroy your furniture in no time. Termites are among these kinds of pests that damage your furniture to the extent that they cant be repaired.

No matter where you live, termites can reach you and make your life miserable. Some people think living on higher floors can save them from termites but they don’t know that termites were found in the top-most floors of the highest buildings in Manhattan, so you can’t be 100% sure that you are safe if you are on high floors. Termite damage has no limits and can be seen in different forms and sizes. To get rid of termites, you can hire termite pest controllers like Melbourne Pest Control, who will provide you termite control services and make your property termite-free.

termite pest control

Everyone wants to be safe and prevent a future loss if they can by any means and you must also be thinking that isn’t there any way you could protect your property from getting destroyed and eaten up by termites. To your relief, there are some ways to prevent termite infestation at your home. Melbourne Pest Control is listing them here and by doing the below-mentioned things, you can protect your furniture from getting invaded by termites or white ants

Use appropriate wood polish: to make sure your furniture is protected from termites, you need to get it properly coated with wood polish. The polish is good for your furniture in many ways. It will make your furniture look fresh and shiny, and at the same time, it will keep all the moisture out of the wood. Another thing to remember is that wood polish is anti-termite, which means it will create a barrier for termites and won’t let them penetrate and feed on your furniture. Before applying furniture polish, make sure that the polish is termite resistant, or else it may be of no use to coat your furniture with polish.

Do not keep furniture near moisture: moisture is the worst enemy of your furniture and you must always avoid your furniture from getting anywhere near moisture. If there’s any sort of leakage near your furniture then try to fix it as soon as possible. The moisture will penetrate through the cracks in paint and make gaps in wood and paint. As a result, the termites will be able to enter your furniture and make their way inside it. Once termites have entered your furniture, it will be tough for you to get rid of them on your own. Moisture will also make your furniture habitable for both kinds of termites, otherwise dry wood will only attract dry wood termites, but now it will also attract subterranean termites.

Place furniture under the sun: one of the easiest ways to keep your furniture safe from termites is exposing your furniture to direct sunlight. Termites can only live in cold temperatures and if there’s an increase in temperature, then the termites will die. Termites cant stand extreme temperatures and that’s why they always stay in humid and cold places. When you put your furniture out in the sunshine, the temperature inside the wood increases rapidly and as a result, the termites either sun away or eventually die. Another benefit of placing your furniture under the sun is that the sun rays will make your furniture warm and it will help in removing any excess humidity that might be trapped under the layer of paint. The humidity will escape the furniture and as a result, the wood will become free from humidity and increase the lifespan of your furniture.

Fumigation: Fumigation is the last resort for removing termites from your house and furniture. Fumigating your house can be done by professional termite pest controllers like Melbourne Pest Control. This practice is done when the infestation is in the advanced stage. The gas used for fumigation is poisonous to termites and other pests and that’s why it must be only done by professionals. Your house will be covered with plastic cover and then inside that, the poisonous fumes are injected that will spread all over the home and will also penetrate through all the cracks and holes. The fumes will kill termites in no time and as a result, the furniture will be free from termites. If the opening of the termite colony in your furniture is visible, then you can get a small can of fumigation and apply it directly inside those holes.

termite treatment

All these methods of saving your furniture from termites are 100% effective and fully tested by Melbourne Pest Control workers. Termites can be very tough to get rid of but if you know the correct method of doing it, then you can remove them on your own by following the above-mentioned methods. If you can complete the task on your own, well and good, but if you are having trouble making your furniture and home free from termites then call Melbourne Pest Control. Our team of experts is fully trained to make your termites’ pest free and they will also make you aware of termite prevention methods and how to make them work properly. To get the best termite pest control in Melbourne, call Melbourne Pest Control and make sure your premises are protected from any future termite infestation.


How to find and destroy cockroach nests in your home

Cockroaches are being considered as the foremost sign carrier of unhygienic attributes in and around your accommodation. Though the foremost reason that cockroaches might show up is usually in the search of food and shelter, the most prominent catch would lie for those ambient, humid, and cluttered conditions. Nobody wants these filthy cockroaches in the home as potential invaders of distress. Most of the time cockroaches prefer to hide in wooden cupboards and shelves as they are nocturnal, and this contributes them with high benefits to harbour.
As a distressing element around us, the cockroaches chooses to stay place in intimates’ spaces and in no time, make them their own. Being the potential carriers of germs and filth, they make the scenarios go even more adverse if left unchecked or are not being worked upon well in time. It is for sure, that our very own existence when not being taken good care of under cleanliness and hygienic terms lead to cause these cockroaches to even foster more.

cockroach pest control

Things to know about cockroaches

Sanitation and hygienic aspects play an important attribute while it comes to cockroach infestation. These filthy insects find it easy to flourish while feeding upon those leftovers in the kitchen. Not only, this while being subjected to such thriving conditions, they also find it easy for reproduction, On average one female cockroach lays 100-300 eggs in its lifetime. Another major concern that has been found to be seen when it comes to cockroaches is the high chances of food poisoning caused by them to the residents. To mention a few pointers which are exclusive to these pests includes the fact that:
• Cockroaches can literally dwell over anything; they can eat anything. Be it the hard-wooden furniture of the soft leftovers, to survive they can make the best use of all.
• As great runners, they can literally sleek out to even the smallest place in no time.
• As a female cockroach mating is done only once, which could furthermore lead to exaggerating their population a lot more
• Carrier of various pathogens including that of salmonella Typhi. Not only these cockroaches are also response to induce high-risk allergic reactions in many and quite often too

How to find nests

A comprehensive approach to look for the potential points of emergence of cockroaches is many. To name a few it would include the drainage pipers of the kitchens and the bathroom which are indeed one of the most common and easiest ways for cockroaches to make the best way into your accommodation. Various ways by which we can effectively work upon to look for the potential space of the cockroach infestation are:
• Appropriate inspection has a vital role to ascertain the hunt for the nest of cockroaches, in and around your accommodation
• Void treatments, where thorough checkpoints are being made in the cracks and crevices of the wall can also be looked to given desired results
• Backyards of the garden and kitchen area are also among the common areas of the cockroach breeding
How to get rid of them
While we talk about the best Cockroach removal service there could be many ways based upon the severity of cockroach invasion which has taken place to the immediate surroundings. Ranging from the low-level infestation to the higher and severe ones, the control process, and the procedure applicable to remove them effectively indeed differs. To brief about those varied ways which could prove helpful to get rid of them constructively includes:
• Vacuum cleaning is one of the most fastening approaches which could be brought into action to significantly reduce the number of cockroaches and their egg droppings.
• Making usage of some natural ways to eradicate them, which includes, baking soda, essential oils, onion peels etc.
• Using conventional ways to cockroach removal like chalk spreads
• Blocking the potential entry points with cardboard
• Using baits and traps for them
• Reaching out for the professional cockroach removal service

cockroach pest control service


Melbourne pest control is among the high-end professional cockroach pest control unit which can devise the best action plan to get rid of cockroaches in no time. Amid the suspicion of cockroaches in your space, we all seek the best Cockroach control service around us. Cockroach pest control Melbourne is among the finest professional pest control unit which effectively allows working in the best verse to take make your premise attain high ended cockroach free results with just one schedule or two.
Well with similar lines, it’s also possible to look for the professional cockroach control unit which could allow you to seek the utmost desired results of all time. For such scenarios, you are just a call away to achieve the best of cockroach control effectively in and around your premises.


The little known methods to prevent pest problems in your garden

Like your home, the garden is the best place to chill and relax. But in the garden, there are large numbers of indoor and outdoor pests are found which cause damage to the crops, garden, and soil, etc.  The pests like a rodent, mosquitoes, termites, birds, fleas, ants, beetles, etc. also spread various pests in the garden area can damage your crops, vegetables, flowers, and also other wood type materials. Along with this, these pests can also cause damage to humans as they can bite and cause various allergic reactions and serious diseases. It is not easy to deal with these garden area pests as they also grew in numbers very fast and become the reason for pest infestation.  Due to all this, these pests in the garden are becoming a great threat for most people. But don’t worry as here our experts will tell you the best and easy ways to prevent your garden from these creepy pests.

Most people doubt and think that they can not tackle these pests on their own at home and need a professional expert for it. That’s why here we Melbourne Pest Control provide you with the best ways to prevent these pest problems in the garden.  One only needs to follow these pest prevention methods. Through these methods, one came easily prevent the garden from pests naturally. Following are the various ways through which one can easily prevent their garden and home from these pest problems and facilitates pest-free gardening.

professional pest control service
  • Start with the basic: First, the basic step to prevent your garden from pests is to do proper cleaning of your garden. For this one need to fix a proper schedule to regularly clean the garden. One needs to remove all the fallen leaves, faded blooms, and flowers from their garden. All this trash attracts pests and bugs so by cleaning them one can easily prevent their garden crops. There is no need to spend the whole day cleaning the garden one just need to spend 10-15 minutes removing all these things from their garden.
  • Water your garden in the morning: Next step to maintain your garden is to water your crops daily in the morning. Watering your plant in the morning gives many advantages to your crops. It helps your garden plants to be properly hydrated in warm weather. Further, it helps them to grow faster and protect plants from insects and pests.
  • Using neem or bay leaves and oil: Neem or bay oil is a natural pesticide that can be used to get rid of pests in the garden. This oil is very powerful as it can kill many species of insects that destroy your plants and garden area and also doesn’t cause any damage to the plants, humans, and pests. For this simply take some neem oil and water and mix them well. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray this neem oil on various areas of the garden to get rid of these pests. Like bay oil, dried neem or bay leaf also work effectively to remove these pests and other insects from your garden.
  • Remove the breeding sites and hiding places: Another effective method for garden pest control is to find out all the areas or entry points of the pests from where these pests enter in your garden and then close all these breeding sites or entry points of the pests. For this moment can either simply repair the holes in the walls or pipes or can fix the cracks by fitting anything in it.
  • Use traps: One of the effective and non-chemical methods is to use traps or pest-killing traps for preventing your garden from pests. There are different types of pest traps available in the market for different types of pests. These traps attract insects or pests and the pests get stuck in these traps. Due to this, they die there. Thus, through these traps, one can easily get rid of pests in any area of their house whether indoor or outdoor. One can use various types of pests  killing traps like
  • Wash traps
  • Bait traps
  • Snap traps
  • Electronic traps
  • Live mouse traps
  • Multiple capture live traps
  • Wooden traps
  • Fleas traps, etc.
  • Bring in the pests natural enemies: Not all pests in your garden cause harm to your garden and plants. There are many pests or bugs like hoverflies, wasps, ladybugs, coriander, lacewings, etc. that help in controlling the pests. They either eat the other pests or destroy the younger pests which do damage the plants and garden. One needs to attach these beneficiary pests to overcome the problem of garden pests.
  • Use of chilli pepper spray: Like neem oil one can also use chilli pepper spray for garden plants prevention. This is the best way to control the pests in the garden area by using a normal homemade chilli pepper spray. For this take some chilli peppers like 1 dozen chilli papers, and crush them in a bowl properly. Then take 3-5 cups of water and put this water in these crashed chilli papers. Now take an empty spray bottle and put this mixture in the spray bottle and shack them well. Spray this solution directly on the plants and garden area twice a day.  This will prevent the plants and garden from cockroaches, rats, spiders, and other pests which do damage to the plants.  Repeat this process for 3-4 days a week for the best results.
  • Use the best suitable bait for pest traps: One can also simply use various pest-killing baits to fool the pests like cockroaches moths, rodents and to catch and kill them easily. Normally one only needs to use that type of pest-friendly food as bait that pests have eaten in your garden or home area. These pest bait traps are the best trick to get rid of the pest. These baits attract the pests by offering them their favourite food material and kill them.
  • Place the traps at the best effective place in the garden or outdoor area: Mostly pests like bees, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, spiders, ticks travel and hide in the corner place of the garden near walls. They simply avoid common open spaces and move along walls or dark areas. So one should need to set their pest bait trap in the right direction so that these pests can be easily caught. For example, the best spots for rodent traps can be enclosed spaces, closets, behind woods or plants, and inside cabinets, etc.
  • Using mothball for the pests: Most of the pests don’t like the smell of mothballs. So simply take some mothballs and either place or hang them near the places where you saw the pest in the garden. Due to these mothballs, the pest will leave that place and will not come back. So mothballs also ensure that in the future these various pests can’t come near your garden and home area if these mothballs are placed in the corners of your garden. One can easily purchase these mothballs from the near market and they also don’t cost much.
  • Introduce companion planting or doing resistant varieties: This is another easy and most preventing tip for protecting your garden against pests. Under this method, simplest grew those plants in your garden which are naturally resistant to the pests.  For example, the plant or seed named tromboncino squash is one of the most resistant varieties which infect the pests negatively. One can use these types of plants in their garden to get rid of the pests in the outside area of your house.
  • Using chemical Pesticides: One can also use various chemical pesticides to kill the pests. If in your garden the pest Pesticides are the kind of position which is normally used to kill pests. If the pest population in your garden is very high and other methods and prevention tricks are also not working one can use these chemical pesticides. But one needs to be careful as for this one need to follow proper directions as to how to use or apply these pests to kill rodents.
  • Use food-based diatomaceous earth: Another way to prevent your garden plant is to use food-based diatomaceous earth. Simply purchase some diatomaceous earth from the near market and place them near the garden area or near plants and other things. Pests like cockroaches, rats, etc. will come and eat these chemical-based balls and will die. This diatomaceous earth is one the most effective product which doesn’t cause any damage to your plants like chemical spray does and simply kills the pests which damage the plants.
  • Maintain healthy soil: Another way to prevent your garden and plant is to maintain healthy soil in the garden. Healthy soil heals the plants and also helps them in their growth. Further healthy soil gives strength to the plants and also ensures the healthy life of your garden plants. One can use soil fertilizers to make their gardening perfect and to protect your garden plants and grass from creepy pests.
Termite treatment

Thus these were all the best ways to control the pests in the garden. Through all these pest prevention methods you can easily get rid of the entire pest in your garden area on your own. But if even after using these different methods or ways you are unable to remove these pests or if you don’t have much time to use these methods then don’t worry as you can simply contact our Melbourne Pest Control’s professionals. Our experts provide the best garden pest control services in Melbourne. Our experts will not only kill these various types of garden pests but also ensure in the future there will be no pest infestation in your place or garden. Moreover, Melbourne Pest Control also provides these pest control services at cheap and normally at an affordable rate. Professionals like us Termites Pest Control Melbourne use the effective tool and pest removal kit to remove and kill these pests. Further, our experts also offer 24×7 hours expert’s pest control services for their customers at an affordable rate so to get the best pest control services to contact us right now.


How to get rid of mice and rats in the home and garden

While you suspect the presence of any kind of rodents in and around your accommodation, the most prior step comprises of the fully-fledged inspection of the premises to ascertain the most probable and targeted place of the rodents. On this inspection, the visible traits of nibbling food grains, eatables etc. is something carried by the species of mice, while on the other hand if we see the signs of crumbled food particles, it is something more often carried with the probable traits of rats inside the house. The nesting area of these rodents can be found surrounded by cardboard, rags and papers. While we ascertain the propensity of the pests to dwell in our immediate accommodation, there could be many of them who would choose to stay back in the area which could provide them with a ready source of food and shelter. Among which the probable species of Rats and mice is something threatening to human mankind especially with the loss they cause. The very destructive tendency of the rats to destroy the food items and other objects make the scenario even more concerning if the infestation of the rodents is not checked wisely under given timelines.

get rid of mouse

Not only in the commercial areas but these Rodents are also found to cause deleterious effects on the commercial fields and food grains units as well. Besides, this major threat which is being posed by the rodents is of the hazardous effect on health. They readily lead to be one of the most prominent reasons for the spreading of communicable diseases. The fur and a salivary smear of the rats and mice contaminate the food and the surroundings immensely leading to worsening the health-related susceptibility to greater concerns. To mention, widespread adversity of the same is the incidence of plague, which happened to take place in as a huge pandemic and took the lives of many. One of the deleterious effects on these pests is found to be seen on the immune system with associated severe symptoms of headache, fever, sore throat and even chills.

While we discuss the varied rodents which could be possibly seen in and around our accommodation few of the rodent’s species are quite easily traceable too. Enlisted are a few of those species to mention:

  1. Norway rat: The Norway rat species is among one of the most commonly found rodent species to encounter. On average their life span ranges from 9 months to 1 year. This Rat species is highly active in its activities. While being good runners and diggers they readily can hide and disperse around. While talking about the innate characteristic of the Norway rat, they are generally omnivore in nature and can feed themselves upon both plant and animal matter.
  2. Roof rat: The commonly found Black rat in and around our accommodation is also another commonly found Species of rat which can be observed to be as the potential pests of the residential areas. Their life span is quite similar to that of the Norway rat. One of the most important facts of these rat species is their good climbing activity due to their well-equipped claws. As mentioned earlier the foremost reason for these rodents to reside in and around the human area is only for the search of food and shelter.

The life cycle of Rodents:

As rapid breeders, the rodents make it even more difficult to be addressed properly as in how they should be tackled with the best pest management practices. Round the year breeding of the rodents leads to their overpopulation is very less time. The male rats are highly attracted by the females due to the release of the specific pheromone by them, after the sensation of which the ultrasonic mating is being carried out as an important part of their reproduction process. The entire process of laying the rodent by the female counterpart takes approximately 7-8 weeks post which they reach the maturity stage. The overall duration in which the rats live is about 1 year or more

Well, having discussed all those probable factors which make these rodents capture our area, let’s now read about more as to with what ways and how could we make these rats and mice disappear from our area with probable means:

  • Peppermint oil: The usage of essential oils in pest control activity has always allowed us to take the upper edge advantage while it comes to pest control activities. The antibacterial action of peppermint oil makes it a duly actionable way to resist rodents in a very natural manner. The offending smell of the peppermint oil makes it difficult for the rodents to breathe in properly as a result of which they tend to leave the very space with immediate effects.
  • Mothballs: Mothballs have the characteristics of smell due to the phenolic constituents as a result of which the rodents are not able to respire in and duly perform their gnawing activities. The mothballs are highly equipped with the anti-astringent property as a result of which it becomes easy for us to eradicate the rats and mice much efficiently.
  • Mouse and rat baits: As a very nominal fact, the baits act as one of the most prominent modes of rodent capturing technique especially when it comes to targeted areas of their capture in a much efficient manner. These baits can be used to attract rats and mice in a much easy manner. Admixed with the eatable items, these baits can be used to exert a poisonous effect on the rodents and can allow you to expel these rodents effectively.
  • Clean out the source: Cleaning of the premised area is something which can lead to expelling the pests as well as also allow the pests to stay away from the specified area.
  • While we talk about the very fact of cleanliness and hygienic aspect allows the pest to stay away in an accordable manner.
Rodent Pest Control
  • Create barrier: There could be various ways in which an efficient barrier can be created to keep the rodents away. Stainless steel trap, wire meshed net, hard cardboard walls etc. As suggested by the name itself these barriers would constrict the passage of the rodents inside the accommodation, as would make the rats refrain away from the very area.
  • Get help from your cat: Well, this step work likes more in a way where owning a pet can make you tackle in a much prompt manner with the pests of concern. As we all know to drive in the best of ecological balance, the cats can be opted to feed on the rats which can also work in a much better manner to keep a check on the hostile rats being getting dwelled in the accommodation.
  • Pest control: We all are aware of the fact, that despite taking into action all those do’s and don’ts of pest control still we might need the best of professional care only to tackle down these in a much-sought manner. For similar purposes scheduling the visit of the professional pest control services can make the procedure get accomplished without greater hassle. During which a series of steps can be taken into consideration namely, the inspection, correct identification of the pests, treatment, cleaning and much more. Another important aspect that plays a crucial role during this all is the chemical-based treatment which should only be brought into action with the help of professionals.

The bottom line:

Pest control measures have always played an important role to assure that the pest of concern are being always are being kept in control and due check. Melbourne pest control is one such professional pest control unit that helps one to achieve all those possible ways of Rodent Pest Control Services Melbourne. The teams of professionals are just a call away and when they reach out to your specified premises, all your worries indeed ends there. The assertive steps being taken by the professional team will indeed suffice altogether to give away a pest-free arena as much needed by one. Moreover, the follow-up session being carried out post the treatment session would work in more like assuring your very accommodation would be pest free and would not get subjected to the visit of these rodents ever again. So wait no more and let your space be entirely yours now! Stress-free and relaxing as you always look towards it to be.


7 easy home remedies to get rid of houseflies

Houseflies can create quite a nuisance in your home if you don’t get rid of them in time. Flies are harmful to your home in many ways. But no matter how careful you are or how clean you keep your home, flies always find their way into your home. That’s why you need to know some ways by which you can easily get rid of flies in your home.

Many people wonder how to get rid of house flies as they appear even if you keep all the doors and windows closed. So Melbourne Pest Control will mention here some easy and effective ways that will answer your question, how to get rid of flies in the kitchen or anywhere in the home.

house flies pest

1. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a natural ingredient that is used to get rid of many pests in your home. It can be used to get rid of flies also. You can use it in different ways and forms, whichever suits you best. Speaking of its use to get rid of flies, you can use it in 3 forms.

  • Cinnamon sticks: you can get them from a general store and place them in places like near bins and in other places where flies are mostly seen.
  • Essential oil: cinnamon essential oils are also very effective in doing away with flies. You can put the essential oils in a spray bottle along with 1-2 cups of warm water and spray it all over the house. It will not just help in removing flies but also make your home smell good.
  • Incense: incenses are the most sophisticated way as you can simply place them in any room and after burning it, its smoke will spread the fragrance of cinnamon all around.

2. House plants: you can get some plants and put them inside and near your home to avoid flies at your property. There are plenty of plants that repel flies and some of them can be planted inside your home. These plants will not just help you keep your home flies free but also energize and refresh your mood. Here’s a list of some plants that you can place inside your home to get rid of flies:

  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Tansy
  • Marigold
  • Lavender
  • Citronella
  • Rosemary

3. Natural and essential oils: essential oils are another tool for dealing with flies. There are plenty of essential oils in the market and most of them are good for getting rid of flies. The most effective essentials oils are peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. You can either use them separately or mix them if you want to get the best results. These essentials oils will remove any flies in your home along with any unpleasant smells that might be there inside your room.

4. White wine or vodka: you can create a harmful bait that will kill flies and especially fruit flies. All you need to do is mix some vinegar in white wine and leave it out in a bowl, in a place where flies are found frequently. This mixture will kill every fly in that area as the vinegar is harmful to flies and when they drink it, it works as a poison for them. In case you want to get them away from your home without killing them, then you can simply use vodka for that as flies hate the smell of vodka. Pour half a cup of vodka in a sealed plastic bag and poke a hole on top of the bag after sealing it. Hang it by the hole near windows or in the cabinets where flies are most likely to contaminate your food. Flies will simply stay away from the food because of the smell of vodka.

5. Apple cider vinegar: if you are thinking about how can I get rid of flies in my house using a natural, non-toxic substance then apple cider vinegar is your best choice as it’s another easily available ingredient that can be used to remove flies from your home. You can use it in two different ways and Melbourne Pest Control  has explained them both here:

  • ACV spray: put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and add 2 spoons of your favourite essential oils in it along with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Spray this mixture all over your home and especially in those areas where flies are most active. The strong smell will get rid of flies in no time.
  • Bottle trap: in a glass, put some apple cider vinegar along with 2 spoons of dish soap. Mix it well and then cover the cup with transparent plastic wrap. You can use some rubber bands to tighten the grip of plastic wrap on the cup. Use a small pointy object to poke holes in the wrap. This trap will work in two ways, firstly, the flies will be able to enter inside the wrap but won’t be able to exit the holes, and secondly, the flies that will try to feed on vinegar will be stuck inside the liquid due to soap present in the solution.

6. Cayenne pepper: cayenne pepper is another strong fly repellant. Simply mix 1-2 spoons of cayenne pepper in 2 cups of warm water. Now you need to spray it in all those places where flies come and sit most often or you can simply spray it over the flies. The smell of pepper will make the flies sense weak and as a result, some will die and others will go away and never come back to that place. Be sure not to spray it on someone and also avoid inhaling the vapours of the spray. Flies can’t stand the cayenne pepper smell and eventually go away from your property.

flies pest control service

7. Flypaper: you can make your sticky flypaper or buy some from the store. To make your flypaper you need to mix water, corn syrup, and sugar in equal quantities. To mix them well put them in a pot and heat the mixture until it all mixes well. Now let it cool down and then dip some pieces of cloth or pieces of a paper bag in it. After this set aside these stripes until they drip dry. Check them by touching the surface, if the surface is not sticking to your fingers that means it’s good to go. Now hang these strips in areas where flies are present. When flies will land on them to eat sugar, corn syrup will start working and stick their feet as well as wings to the paper and trapping them eventually.

Preventive measures

All the methods mentioned here are only useful if your house is not heavily infested by flies. In the scenario of peak infestation, it can be pretty tough for you to get rid of these flies so in that case professionals like Melbourne Pest Control are your best choice. For best flies control in Melbourne, you should rely on Melbourne Pest Control as we are the most trusted and well-known fly terminators in the area. No matter what species of flies we have to deal with, we are always ready. Without any hesitation, you can get in touch with Melbourne Pest Control workers and explain to them all about the situation you are in. Your safety and wellbeing are our priority and for that, we do everything possible. So next time you are in a need of flies pest control then call Melbourne Pest Control and we will be at your doorsteps in no time.