How to get rid of honey bees without causing any damage to them:

Honey bees are very important and essential for various flower species. But sometimes these bees find in residential areas and buildings and cause various problems to the people living there. These bees live in colonies and each colony has a large no of honey bees. These bees are very harmful as they can bite humans and cause various allergic infections, skin reactions, vomiting, difficulty breathing, etc. Due to all this, it becomes necessary to remove these bees from the residential area. But to get rid of the honey bees it is not necessary to kill them.


So it becomes essential and necessary to remove these honey bees from the residential area without causing any damage to the. But most people get confused as to how to make these bees go away without killing them. That’s why to solve this honey bee problem we, Melbourne Pest Control provide you with various simple methods through which one can easily remove all thesebees without killing them. These home remedies to keep bees away are as following:

  1. Using smoke: One of the most effective ways to get rid of the honey bee is using smoke to drive away these honey bees. Honey bees consider smoke as a natural signal like a forest fire and the bees left that place. So one can use wood, cardboard, or paper and burn them in the open space near the honey bee nest. One should do this in the night time to ensure no honey bee bite damage to anyone.
  2. Using vinegar spray: One of the effective natural ways to get rid of bees without killing them is using vinegar spray. This method normally needs 2 cups of water and small 4 tablespoon vinegar. Now mix them well and put this mixture in a spray bottle and shake it well. Now spray this solution near the honey bee nest or outside area of your home or residential building.  For ensuring no damage to both bees and human beings do this method in the nighttime when bees are sleeping. Here one need to be careful as if an excessive amount of vinegar is used then it can kill the bees so use this method with proper care.
  3. Using garlic spray: Honey bees are very sensitive to smell and as we all know garlic has a very strong smell. So one can use garlic spray to remove these honey bees. First, make garlic juice and mix it with water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Now spray this solution near the bee nest and all around the house building. Honey bees will leave that place due to such a strong smell.
  4. Using cinnamon: Like garlic, spray cinnamon can be sprinkled near the residential place or where the honey bee nest is located. Doing this 2 or 3 times a week one can easily get rid of honey bees without killing them.
  5. Using citronella candles: The citronella candles are mostly preferred or used to get rid of the mosquitoes. In the same manner, citronella candles can be used against honey bees also. Citronella candles don’t kill or cause any damage to the bees. One can use these citronella candles to get ride these honey bees without killing them. Burn various citronella candles near the outside area of the residential place or near the bee nest.
  6. Using soda bottle trap: Another way to trap the honey bees is to use a soda bottle trap. As we all know honey bees love the sweet and they get attracted to sweet things. For this method, take a soda bottle and fill the bottle with some sweet liquid or sweet soda. Now, place this soda bottle near the bee nest. Bees will get attracted to this soda bottle. But sometimes this method can kill bees. When they come toward the sweet they may fall in it and die. So one should carefully use this method. One should try to use that type of sweet liquid that has a strong smell and try to use a very small amount so that honey bees don’t die.
  7. Using mothballs: Honey bees also don’t like the smell of mothballs. So take some mothballs and hang them near the honey bee nest. Due to this bees will leave that place. Mothballs also ensure that in the future bees can’t come near your home if these mothballs are hanged near or outside the home area.
  8. Calling a honey beekeeper: One of the most safest and effective ways of getting rid of honey bees is calling the honey beekeeper. One can call or hire a local honey beekeeper who will remove these honey bees very safely without causing any damage to them. These honey beekeepers will keep the honey bees alive and will also ensure their 100% safety.
  9. Using honey bee repelling plants: Like various string things like garlic, vinegar, etc. various plants act as bee repellent plants. Bees don’t like these plants and they simply left that place. For this method, plant these repelling plants near your home. These honey bee repelling plants include the peppermint plant, eucalyptus plant, citronella plant, etc.

Thus, these were all the various methods that clarify how to get bees out of the house without killing them. But even after using these home remedies, you are unable to get rid of these honey bees, or if you find these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as you can easily take the assistance of professional experts. The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective methods to remove these honey bees. Our experts use various non-chemical treatments according to the customer’s choice and cause no damage to the people and the honey bees. Our professional experts have more knowledge as to how to handle these honey bees and also use various effective tools. Bee pest control Melbourne’s experts provide 100% guaranteed honey bee control and honey bee removal services with 24×7 hour assistance.

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