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Bird Pest Control Melbourne

Bird infestation and control

Birds might seem very harmless but when they are present in a large no. then they may cause harm to your property in various ways. They may damage your walls, cut the wires, block chimney, kill other species, etc. So bird infestation is a serious matter and should be handled by professionals like Melbourne Pest Control Services.

The birds are very hazardous for farmers as they damage the crops and make the place dirty with their droppings. Don’t try to get rid of them on your own and instead get Bird Pest Control Service.

bird pest control

Major pest birds in Sydney

Some of the notorious and pesky species of birds that you must look forward to are stated here:

  1. Pigeons
  2. Myna bird
  3. Starling
  4. Seagulls
  5. Sparrow

Signs of bird infestation

Following signs start appearing in case of bird infestation:

  1. Bird chirping noises
  2. Bird droppings
  3. Constant chirping
  4. Stinking smell
  5. Blockage of vent
  6. Sighting of nests
  7. Derbies (feather and nest)
  8. Sighting of birds
  9. Damaged stock and crops


As birds are not like other pests, so it takes a no. of different methods and techniques to get rid of them. Different methods are used depending on the nature of birds that are to be taken care of and the environment in which the bird infestation took place. Melbourne Pest Control Services offer a wide range of Bird Pest Control Service of non-violent methods that can be used to get rid of these pesky birds and out of these methods mostly used methods are mentioned below:

  1. Netting system

It’s the most common method of catching birds and can be used mostly for every type of bird.

  1. Optical bird scaring devices

This is the most recent method of scaring away birds. A special substance is placed on the areas of infestation and as a result, birds stop coming to that area again.

  1. Laser bird repellent

Laser light is also used by Melbourne Pest Control Services for Bird Pest Control. For bird proofing, your home, equipment is placed in windows or balcony, which emits a laser that scares away birds.

  1. Bird spikes

Birds always like to sit steadily on a plain surface so all the possible resting areas are spiked up so whenever a bird tries to sit there, it gets damaged by the spikes and it goes away.

  1. Electric shock wire system

The electric shock wires are placed near places where birds can nest or sit so that when they try to do so, they get shocks and fly away.

  1. Baiting programs

Baits comprising of sleeping pills are spread over the infested area and when birds eat them they become unconscious for some time. Melbourne Pest Control Services workers capture them and leave them somewhere far away so they cant come back.

  1. Using decoys

Just like a scarecrow, a mechanical or stationary decoy is placed on the roof, where its visible to all the birds. As a result, birds get scared and fly away.

Why choose us

Bird removal services provided by Melbourne Pest Control Services are the best and non-violent. Your place will be bird proofed when we have finished our work send you won’t have to worry about it ever again. To get undoubtedly the finest pest control services in Melbourne, just give us a call and we will be at your doorsteps to help you. We are economic as well as efficient at the work of pest control.